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10 Incredible Relationships Between Animals And Humans

The world is full of all sorts of animals that can be exceedingly friendly as well as dangerous. Here we’ll delve into some amazing relationships humans can have with animals that you might no expect.

From reptiles to mammals, to insects. There are some pretty cozy relationships that people share with animals that just shouldn’t work on paper yet they are inseparable.

Here’s an animal that shows up in a lot of people’s nightmares. The Giant Centipede can make someone have chills down their spines in seconds. But for some, they’re just another animal…

There are more people than you’d think that keep these insects as pets. They care for them just like someone would care for any exotic reptile or mammal. Imagine having all those legs running over your arm. We don’t see the appeal personally!

Wolves are ferocious hunters. If you see one in the wild, generally you should keep your distance. Well, that’s exactly the opposite of what a woman named Anita did. She met a pack of wolves at the Polar Zoo in Norway and befriended the wolves there.

For two years, Anita came to the zoo to say hello to the friends she’d made. The wolves always enjoyed seeing her. But after two years of consistent visits, Anita stopped for two months. The wolves had wondered where she went and clearly missed her. When she came back they were overjoyed to see their friend and run up to lick her just like a domestic animal would.

Here’s a stunning image of a wild cobra drinking from a water bottle. It had good reason to trust these humans. In Karwar, India, during a year-long drought, many animals were suffering from dehydration. 

This cobra wandered into the city looking for help and these zoologists sure didn’t disappoint. They took the snake to safety away from the village and then gave it as much water as it wanted. That’s something we don’t see every day!

Gorillas and Apes in general can be very clever and are often misunderstood. Koko the gorilla was born in the San Fransisco Zoo in 1971 and lived a long and happy life there. During her lifetime she interacted with the zookeepers and learned something incredible.

Koko learned more than English words in sign language and communicated to the zookeepers her needs, and even had more in-depth conversations. This incredible relationship that Koko had with her caretakers shows how clever and kind gorillas can be.

Just like wolves, lions are much more unpredictable than their domestic counterparts. Well, Kiara seems to be a special case. She was hand-reared by a man named Adolfo and even though she lives in a sanctuary now she will always recognize him when he comes to visit.

When Adolfo approaches her enclosure she gets so excited and when the two are finally face-to-face she jumps on him and gives him a huge hug. She certainly won’t ever forget who her foster father was.

Su Yun was vacationing and thought that they’d found themselves the perfect pet for their family. Su Yun’s daughter desperately wanted a Tibetan Mastiff, and this is what She believed it was. When she brought the “puppy” home the whole family noticed that the pet ate an impressive amount of food. 

As the “puppy” grew older they started noticing odd behavior that was anything but dog-like. They would start walking on their hind legs and soon it was apparent that they didn’t adopt a dog but a bear instead. The family still loves them all the same.

An elephant calf got stuck in a muddy hole by the river and couldn’t escape. The herd tried desperately to help but realized there was nothing they could do. They had to call on the help of humans.

The people save the elephant calf by getting a digger to dig it out. The calf managed to escape and the herd acknowledges this act of kindness by turning back and waving before walking back into the forest. We’re sure the herd understood and was grateful for the humans.

Cher is a reticulated python and is stigmatized especially when people see her with a 7-year old girl. But this 7-year -old girl is Emi and she knows how to respect Cher and always treats her with compassion and love. She’s been friends with her pet snake for five years now and there have never been any incidents.

Her father does say that she’s not allowed to play with her unsupervised and she can only feed her when she turns 16. With these ground rules set her father’s confident that there will continue to be no incidents and says that Emi is lucky to have such an amazing animal as a pet. 

During World War II among the ranks of the Polish troops, there was a Syrian brown bear named Wojtek. The bear was adopted by the army at a young age and was even officially drafted as a private in the army. He would help carry artillery that weighed over 50 pounds to the battlefield to help the troops.

Everyone in the company felt that Wojtek was like a brother to all of them. When the war ended and the company was disbanded he was taken to the Edinburgh Zoo where he lived out the rest of his days. His old Polish company would often come visit him. There’s even a statue in Edinburgh commemorating his life.


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