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10 Reasons Any Household Should Buy a Drone RIGHT NOW

Drones are everywhere these days. In the sky surveilling our cities, in war zones helping win wars, and in our parks and public areas, helping humans reach views never before accessible to the common consumer. Drones are cheaper than ever these days, with some professional drones as low as 499 USD, and they are getting cheaper and cheaper as the new models come out. They also more accessible than ever, with some drones having fully automated controls, taking out the needed to pilot one. But why do YOU need a drone? Well let’s look at some reasons!

Reason #1: They are a useful surveillance tool.

Say that you live on a property with a long drive way. Something triggers your motion-sensor-equipped light at your entrance gate, and seeing that there have been a string of robberies in the area, you want to check it out. But it’s also 2am and you don’t feel like going outside.

Reason #1: They are a useful surveillance tool.

Instead you opt to walk out on your back porch and launch your drone to do some remote reconnaissance. Turns out it was just a stray deer, but you now have the peace of mind
Without walking away from your house.

Reason #2: Upping your selfie game.

There are slew of new drones on the market that are ultra portable and are able to be pulled out and launched right from your hand within seconds. One of those drones, the DJI Spark, will even launch from your hand!

Reason #2: Upping your selfie game.

Once in the air, all you have to do is do the “selfie” or “rec
ord” gesture and you are capturing timeless moments from a very unique POV. No selfie stick necessary.

Reason #3: They make surprisingly good leaf-blowers.

Most drones, particularly the larger ones, need a pretty high RPM to operate, and all that horse power results in some pretty strong blowing power. I mean just look above!

Reason #4: Checking out hard-to-reach places without a ladder.

As long as the location that needs to be looked at is outside (or with the smaller ones, you can even fly inside with propeller guards), you can use your drone to reach places that you might not be able to normally (or that are difficult to reach). Don’t want to climb on the roof to check your solar panels? Fly your drone up that and take a peek!

Reason #5: Get a real-time aerial map of an area.

Don’t trust google maps? The google aerial view of your property is a little out of date? Fly your drone above your property and snap some photos. In the USA, the FAA restricts non-commercial flight to nothing over 400 feet, but that’s plenty of altitude to get some great aerial shots.

Reason #6: Jump in ahead of the technology curve.

Drones are looking to be a mainstay in the tech-world for years to come, so why not jump in now? With the DJI Spark sporting a 499 USD pricetag and having more than enough capability than the average user will need, there is no better time than now to dive into the drone market. And if you are willing to spend a little more, the DJI Mavic is only 999 USD, and the Mavic does everything you would need as a hobbyist AND a professional user.

Reason #7: Drones are harder than ever to crash.

The technology now onboard of drones is really a marvel in modern engineering. With most touting 6+ different kinds of sensors on all sides, drones are a breeze to operate these days. For instance, the new DJI drones will recognize obstacles around the UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) vicinity and with correct it’s path accordingly, without any input from the user.

Reason #8: Capture dynamic action shots with the touch of a button.

Say you want to capture little Timmy during his soccer championship game, but have a shaky hand. You could put your point-and-shot on a tripod, but those shots will be boring. Well with a drone, your shots will NEVER be boring.

Reason #8: Capture dynamic action shots with the touch of a button

With ActiveTrack technology on the DJI drones, you can literally keep your subject in the center of the shot, Little Timmy in this case, all while keeping a steady shot and the ability to circle around to get different angles. All of the soccer dads will be jealous.

Reason #9: For aerial adventuring.

Fancy yourself an adventurer? Well what better why to scout out new areas than the sky? Seeing that the FAA restrictions in the area permits, drones are FANTASTIC scouting tools. With some having ranges of up to 4 miles and 25 minutes of flight time, your drone can reach far lands without even stepping a foot.

Reason #10 : They are just fun to fly!


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