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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dr. Oz

At some point or another, everyone has tuned into Dr. Mehmet Oz’s talk show. We’ve found a few facts that viewers will find interesting, whether you’re a big fan of the doctor or not.

10. Dr. Oz Is Indeed A Real Doctor

Dr. Oz is more than a TV personality— he’s a well-respected cardiac surgeon. He has also taught in the Department of Surgery at Columbia University since 2011. How’s that for credentials?!

9. His Parents Emigrated To The States From Turkey In The 1950s

A medical resident scholarship brought Dr. Oz’s father to the US in the ‘50s.

8. Oprah Is To Credit With Dr. Oz Getting His Own TV Show

He got his start with appearances on Oprah’s show before the media mogul started The Dr. Oz Show.

7. He Once Had An On-Air Colonoscopy Where A Precancerous Polyp Was Found

Dr. Oz went through a live colonoscopy to show his audience the process. While this may seem extreme, he got his point across as a precancerous polyp was discovered during the routine procedure.

6. He Served In The Turkish Army To Maintain His Dual-Citizenship

He was born in Cleveland, Ohio, but has a dual citizenship that he apparently highly values.

5. He Does Yoga And Calisthenics Every Morning

He does a yoga mix with calisthenics every morning for seven minutes. He also encourages relaxing techniques to audience as a lifestyle.

4. He Practices Transcendental Meditation

Dr. Oz practices transcendental meditation, which promotes harmony by detaching oneself from anxiety. His natural healing beliefs are evident on his show as he promotes homeopathy and organic products.

3. He Attended Harvard During His Undergrad And University Of Pennsylvania For His MBA And MD

There’s nothing pseudo about his education or surgical experience.

2. He Lives In New Jersey With His Wife And Children

He has four children and a 1-year-old grandson.

1. His Show Does Provide Legit Medical Information Despite Being Considered “Pop Medical” Advice


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