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15 Absurd Rules Ellen Pressures Her Audience Into Following

No one can deny that the Ellen DeGeneres Show is one of America’s most beloved talk shows. It’s no secret, and no surprise, that tickets can be incredibly hard to come by, however, other stories about what goes on and what the audience needs to be aware of have surfaced over the years.

Ellen has some surprising rules and regulations for her audience members. Some feel that these rules are too strict or harsh, while others think they make sense. Take a look at the following rules that Ellen’s audience needs to abide by and make up your own mind. 

While no one will stop you from taking a million photos before the show, while waiting in line, or browsing through the gift shop, no photos are allowed to be taken once you step onto the soundstage itself. 

If you decide not to heed these warnings and break the rules, you will quickly find yourself facing one of Ellen’s team. They will take your phone from you and proceed to delete any offending photos that you may have taken. Best to just obey the rules.

It’s not unreasonable to expect that those who are lucky enough to be a part of the taping of a show might want to get Ellen’s autograph. However, if you’re hoping to get something autographed you are sadly out of luck. Filming for the show adheres to an incredibly tight schedule. This schedule sadly doesn’t allow Ellen the chance to mingle with her fans and audience. 

While this might sound disappointing, it is also important to remember that you are not the only person there. If Ellen gave one autograph, she’d have to give autographs to all the people there, more than 300 per show.

Audience members are also given a list of items that are not allowed when visiting the set. Some of the items might seem a bit odd to be something someone would bring with them, however. These include things like sharp objects such as knitting needles, knives, scissors, or any other similar item.

Fortunately, you don’t need to get the full list of items if you just use a little common sense. A simple way to ensure you’re not bringing anything you’re not allowed is to think whether or not it is allowed on a plane. If not, you can’t bring it to the filming.

If you manage to secure a spot in the audience, you will need to pay attention to your outfit. While you’re not expected to wear your Sunday best, you are expected to put some effort and thought into your attire.

This rule might sound a bit unreasonable, however, like the rule about autographs, there’s actually a pretty simple reason for it. As an audience member, it is most likely that you will be on camera, no matter how briefly that might be. That’s why audience members are expected to look their best. Besides, do you really want to look bad on national TV?

Audience members are also given a list of items that are not allowed when visiting the set. Some of the items might seem a bit odd to be something someone would bring with them, however. These include things like sharp objects such as knitting needles, knives, scissors, or any other similar item.

Fortunately, you don’t need to get the full list of items if you just use a little common sense. A simple way to ensure you’re not bringing anything you’re not allowed is to think whether or not it is allowed on a plane. If not, you can’t bring it to the filming. 

The rules regarding clothing don’t end there, however. Audience members are not only expected to dress up, but they are also not allowed to sport any logos. That means no band or superhero t-shirts, or any other text or images on your clothing, not even an Ellen logo.

Going a step further, audience members are also asked to wear bright, bold, solid colors and are warned about wearing busy patterns such as paisley for example. This is because such patters can cause a visual ‘buzz’ on camera. 

You might be surprised to hear that once filming starts you are not allowed to go to the bathroom. While you may go freely while waiting to check-in or once the show is over, setting foot on the sound stage changes that. 

While filming is in progress you will only be allowed to go to the bathroom at specifically designated moments. That means that if you don’t want to sit there in discomfort, you better go before it gets started. 

Dancing is such an integral part of the show. You can’t think of the show without thinking about Ellen, her guests, and her audience dancing. It’s as much a part of the show as Ellen herself. However, that dancing isn’t as spontaneous as you might think

The audience isn’t merely allowed to sit around during breaks. Each row is expected to come up with and perform a dance. While you might not fancy yourself much of a dancer, this is one time when you have no choice,. Who knows, you might get picked as best dancer as there is usually a contest to see who in the audience is the best dancer.

Another one of those ‘harsh-but-understandable’ rules is the one that prevents audience members from bringing any food or drink to the filming. Much like bathroom breaks, eating and drinking are only allowed outside of the soundstage before and after the filming. 

Not only does it take only one person to make a mess, but having snacks during filming could actually cause a problem. It is also there to make sure that nothing distracts from her guests. We all know that if you saw an audience member eating you would focus on them and not the guests.

The show is well known for its amazing guests and it’s more than likely that one of your favorite celebs will be featured on the show. However, there is no way for you to know who the guest will be when you go for filming.

That’s because the guests aren’t revealed until the filming has begun. Tickets to the show only contain the date and time of filming. That’s because a guest might not be able to attend and another guest might replace them at the last minute.

Something that is as much a staple of the show as the guests and dancing is the fun and quirky games Ellen plays with her audience members. Much like the dancing, however, this isn’t quite as spontaneous as you might think. 

During the check-in process, the production team assesses the audience members and pre-picks those whit the right kind of enthusiasm. Those people are then given in audition to determine who are the most suitable candidates for the games. 

Many people bring along gifts for Ellen. These could be anything from thank you cards to paintings to baked treats and stuffed toys. While this is permitted, don’t expect to give it to her yourself.

Gifts for Ellen are collected by the production staff before being sorted and carefully checked to determine whether or not they are safe and suitable for Ellen. We don’t know what happens to those that aren’t but it’s safe to assume that Ellen never sees them. 

While audience members are whipped into a frenzy by the warm-up guy and asked to be as loud as possible when Ellen and her guests step onto the stage, there will be big trouble if they shout out after the introductions are complete. 

If you’ve noticed, there is never anyone shouting out something like “I love you” or any other kind of comment during the Ellen show. Yelling out from the crowd — even if just to compliment Ellen or her guests — is a huge no-no.

An unnamed insider described exactly what it’s like to be an audience member on the Ellen Degeneres Show in a report for Australian website news.com.au. One of the many secrets discussed was the security measures Ellen insists on having in place.

The anonymous source revealed that anyone entering the studio has to pass through a metal detector before they are allowed inside. This of course goes hand in hand with the list of banned items mentioned earlier.

With all the bright lights in the studio, you’d expect the temperature to be toasty, but you’d be wrong. Ellen insists on having the air conditioner blowing on full-blast throughout the show. In fact, audience members have been advised to dress for chilly weather to keep warm. 

But, as the audience is expected to constantly bust out their best moves, the cool air may come as some relief.

Audience members have been advised to arrive at the studio in the biggest cars they can find. Why? Well, more legroom means more space for freebies! That’s right, make sure you have enough space to take home a lot of other items. 

Those lucky fans who attended the Mother’s Day episode in 2017 were able to leave with a mountain of gifts – including high chairs, strollers, car seats, as well as an Amazon Echo each.

While some audience members are lucky enough to live within walking distance of the Warner Bros. set, others have traveled thousands of miles just to become a member of the audience in The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 

However, if you are willing to travel to the set, don’t expect any special advice or favors from the behind-the-scenes team. It’s best to find and organize your own accommodation.

While The Ellen DeGeneres Show tries to be inclusive and accessible to fans from all walks of life, fans with special requirements must contact the show’s organizers to let them know in advance. 

In fact, these guests will need to alert the show’s producers a full two weeks ahead of time so that arrangements can be made. While some rules sound harsh, this just proves how much Ellen actually cares about her audience and delivering a good show. 

The Ellen show is well received by fans all over the world and of all ages. However, even so, you have to be old enough to be a member of Ellen’s audience. Unfortunately, if you’re under the age of 14, you are not allowed to be a member of the audience on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

And don’t even think about trying to sneak in — anyone who doesn’t look old enough to drink needs to bring along an official legal document stating their age in order to get into the studio

People try hard to get tickets to the show. Many don’t just buy themselves tickets but also for their friends and family. While some of The Ellen DeGeneres Show fans are lucky enough to bag tickets for both themselves, some are not as lucky. 

You might have tickets for you and up to two of your nearest and dearest and may even be allowed to enter the studio together, there will be no guarantee that the entire group will be able to be seated next to one another.

A writer for News.com reported on a day in the life of an audience member for Ellen. It was no surprise that dancing was an important part of the show and took up a big chunk of their time. That’s because the dancing isn’t exactly spontaneous.

In fact, the reporter revealed that fans are even encouraged to become choreographers during the show’s taping. Each row of fans was asked by the warm-up act to devise a unique dance move and to perform it in unison.

Being Ellen DeGeneres’ number-one fan is reportedly not enough to bag you a prime spot in the audience. That’s because you apparently also need to be up to date with the current U.S. Hot 100.

Those in the coveted “Dance Row” must pull double duty. Not only do they have to bust their best moves, but they also have to sing along to the hit that’s playing at the time Ellen makes her appearance.

If you’re chewing gum, chances are you might not even get past the studio door. Chewing gum is completely frowned upon for The Ellen DeGeneres Show and is a big no-no. This may be because gum-chewing doesn’t appear particularly attractive on the screen. 

It could also restrict audience members from singing along to the pop hit that plays when Ellen steps onto the stage.

Be prepared to spend a lot of time waiting around in line. On your ticket, it will tell you the time to arrive and check-in with the show. Keep in mind that the show usually books around 300 plus people a show. 

Be prepared to spend a lot of time waiting around in line. On your ticket, it will tell you the time to arrive and check-in with the show. Keep in mind that the show usually books around 300 plus people a show. 

The show’s start time can vary throughout the week, so check the weather accordingly. Although Southern California tends to be full of endless sunshine, occasionally it rains; and you may be waiting outside without any covering, so dress accordingly. 

The audience coordination team will do their best to keep you comfortable, but they can’t control the weather.

Ellen is infamous for the various giveaways on her show, but don’t take advantage of her generosity. Each audience member only gets one of each item, unless otherwise stated. However, there are always a few opportunists. 

Don’t try to take more, or Ellen will make fun of you on national television. Just ask the audience member Nancy about her experience.

Trying to get tickets for The Ellen DeGeneres Show is extremely difficult. Many people apply for years before they finally get the golden ticket. Others have yet to find success. All that we can say is keep trying. 

Ellen has at least three seasons left of her talk show, so there’s still plenty of time.

The audience coordination team always overbooks the audience. The reason is that if some people can’t make it, then there will still be plenty of people to fill the seats. The show never wants an empty seat on-camera. 

If people at home see an empty seat in the audience, they’ll write in to the show asking why they didn’t get tickets if there was still availability.

Every once in a blue moon, Ellen will have some extra time and do a question and answer segment with the audience. Sometimes, this airs on TV, and other times it happens off-camera. If this opportunity arises, take advantage of it.

But please do not ask for hugs, selfies, autographs, or for tickets for “12 Days of Giveaways,” it’s rude and insensitive to other audience members.

Contrary to popular belief, tickets are never available on the day of filming. There is a number that you can call on the Ellen Show’s website to try to get tickets on the day of the taping. Nowadays, the phone number is only for last resort purposes.

The phone number was more helpful during the earlier seasons of the show when it wasn’t as popular.

The length of a taping of an episode of Ellen’s talk show varies. Typically, it runs like a well-oiled machine, as the show has been on the air for 17 seasons. However, there are occasional delays with the late arrival of a celebrity guest or technical errors while playing a game. 

With that being said, a taping is typically about an hour but can go much longer.

During filming, you are to remain seated in the audience at all times. You are not allowed to get up during filming and walk around. It’s a safety hazard since the camera and crew members are moving with heavy, expensive equipment.

If you have an emergency, you have to wait until a commercial break for someone to assist you.

Ellen loves surprising or even scaring her guests. So come prepared to a taping with the expectation that anything can happen. A lot of times, there is usually a surprise guest or a fun item that you get to take home. 

Luckily for audience members, Ellen generally decides to stick to scaring her celebrity guests, or her producer Andy. 

Before the taping of an episode, rehearsals take place. Ellen rehearses her opening monologue, the production team runs through any games, and the musical guest rehearses their song.

When all of this is going on, the audience is not allowed in the soundstage. If these rehearsals take a long time, then it means the audience is sitting outside longer, in the rain or shine.

Any bags or purses that you bring must be able to fit underneath your seat. This is an extreme tripping hazard as there will be tons of dancing during commercial breaks. Also, don’t forget that some celebrities enter from the back of the house and walk down the aisle.

The last thing you would want to happen is have your purse cause Brad Pitt to trip and fall down the stairs.

Ellen loves running her show on schedule, though she also loves being ahead of schedule. Occasionally, filming moves to an earlier time slot with limited notice.

So be cautious of the plans you have before attending the taping of the show to ensure that you have plenty of time to get there.

Everyone loves Ellen’s merchandise and wants to be able to have time to shop. Ellen’s Shop is in her soundstage in the space popularly known as “The Riff-Raff Room.” 

If you are a VIP guest, you will have time to shop before the taping of the show, which we recommend to avoid long lines. All other audience members will have to wait until after the show.


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