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15 Incredible Things No One Knows About The Ocean


Around 2/3 of all marine life remain unidentified

No one can figure out what made this “bloop” sound

There is a good chance that there is a halibut larger than this, even though it broke the record at 515lbs

We haven’t identified eight whale and dolphin species

Approximately 90% of the ocean is still unmapped

We haven’t explored 95% of the ocean

There are mysterious rivers and lakes that exist underwater…with creatures found nowhere else

Most likely, there are more new deep-sea shark species – this one turned up last year

South of New Zealand, someone caught this 39-foot-long Colossal Squid (which we don’t know a lot about)

During the Triassic period, the Kraken may have eaten bus-sized Ichthyosaurs

We know of seven underwater waterfalls, but there could be more

It’s unclear how many valuable minerals are hiding out in the water

Just off the coast of Cuba, some researchers discovered a possible lost city

No one knows what this rock structure is doing here…?

The biggest unknown is: how the h*ll do we study it?!


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