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The Most Hilariously Awful Haircuts Of 2022

Kodak Black is known for its vivid and daring fashion sense and style. His outfits seem to match his hairstyles as well. So when he debuted this one, we knew 2022 had arrived with a bang.

His hairstyle is an example of why you should never let nature be a source of inspiration. I guess he loved Christmas so much that he decided to shape his hair in that way, or he took inspiration from Sideshow Bob and became a starfish.

When you love horses so much that you want them on your head every day, you walk into the salon and ask your stylist to give you an imprint of a shoe horse right in the front of your head for the world to see.

Of course, the customer is always right, so he has no choice but to oblige. When Jim was done, he left the salon thinking what an epic hairstyle this would be, and boy was he right.

Athletes are known for showboating. They always want to be the first in everything, the first to score a touchdown or be the MVP. David Beckham was famous for his hairstyle during the world cup, and ever since then, hairstyles have been a trend.

So when Miller showed up with his hairstyle, everyone was trying to figure out if there was a message in it or just a lousy hairstyle went wrong.

This hairstyle gets points for innovation. Jim probably got so tired of brushing his hair that he decided to try something new, and he looked happy in the picture, so it does not matter if the hairstyle came out wrong or not because his face was saying yes.

It is also worth noting that the before and after pictures tell a different story. Jim looked good in the after photo and happy.

The internet is filled with memes and pictures begging to be turned into memes. This picture is the perfect example of ‘call your manager’ was a hairstyle; it would look like this.

I am confident that when the year began, Suzy wanted to inspire her students with motivating words and something classic that would give them hope; however, she gave them something more. The perfect meme to create and laugh at all year long.

Everyone online knows that the latest hairstyle phenomenon is baby hair. People just can’t seem to get enough of creating them or forcing them to pop out.

So when Sally went to the salon, she asked for the ultimate baby hairstyle, and we think she took it a bit too far. At least she now free reign to create whatever hairstyle she wants.

Red is a beautiful color, and most people who love it know this for a fact; however, sometimes red does not belong everywhere, and this hairstyle was a prime example of that.

I guess John loved fire so much that he decided to add it to his 2022 goals, he just walked into the salon and asked for a picture of a fire, and the stylist nailed it.

Peter wanted his hairstyle to pay homage to all of his childhood cartoons or wanted his look to resemble all of his cartoon characters.

The square-shaped hair is the perfect hairstyle in cartoons, and everyone knows how classic it looks. I don’t think it was meant for a human head, but where the is a will, there is a way.

This hairstyle was one of those moments where a hairstyle was a combination of everything you love. First is your favorite superhero, Storm from X-Men’s color, second is your famous punk rocker artist, and last is minimal work.

I am not sure if this hairstyle is futuristic or just innovative, but either way, Mary would be the talk of Sunday service.

The Island Boys wanted to be ready for when the mothership arrived, so they made sure to get their antennas prepared for when that day came.

Either way, they always have crazy hairstyles that don’t make sense or define gravity. The hairstyle looks like a firecracker just waiting to explode but not the celebratory kind.

Oliver Tree is anything but boring, and so to promote his new album ‘Cowboy Tears’, he decided to take it to the next level and do something creative.

The hairstyle was missing a few inches and looked like a hat gone wrong, but it got people talking and celebrating at Oliver setting the trend of what styles not to do or get in 2022. He took one for the team.

Being in the military is a discipline-focused job in that everything they do is always prim and proper. They fold and pack everything to precision. However, we were not sure what had happened to his head.

Rumor has it that air control called him about an emergency, and the last thing on his mind was finishing his haircut, so he decided to just throw his hat on it and went to work. Either way, we do not approve.

Lockdown was so intense that most people were forced to stay home and become self-sufficient. We could not go to the salon or do the everyday things we usually do, so people started getting smart and turned to YouTube.

James was a prime example of not letting Youtube or your wife do your hair. Half his hair was missing, and the other half looked like it was on vacation.

This classic hairstyle is an excellent example of being like Elsa and letting go. We are not sure if it was intentional, and that makes the whole thing that horrible to watch, the fact that we don’t know what is going on.

Half of his head is empty, and it looks like a football stadium is going through a dry season that is not ending anytime soon.

Everybody loves filters, they are the next best thing since breakfast, and they assist in those days when you just don’t feel like getting your face done. However, there are days when too much of a good thing can be your worst nightmare, which was the case with Derek.

He got way too excited and ended up looking like Christmas morning, and that did not flatter his face at all.


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