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15 People Who Need To Learn How To Gym

Everybody wants to be healthy, and to most people, all you need is a healthy diet and moderate exercise. And to a lot, going to the gym is a necessity. Unfortunately, some people just don’t know how to gym… Here are 15+ pictures of people who shouldn’t be let into a gym.


 When Embarrassed…Just Run

This guy’s having a rough day. Not only did he fail at the treadmill, but he lost is pants and dignity in the process!

 Overestimated Yourself A Bit Huh?

 Worst Spotter Ever

If you’re going to be a spotter, don’t let the weights drop on the guy’s neck! Come on, man! Needless to say, these two probably aren’t friends anymore…

 Almost there…and…nope.

 I Don’t Think You’re Using That Right…

There’s too much wrong with this one. First of all, how are the three of you in the background just going to stand there and watch as this person clearly has no idea what they’re doing? As if it wasn’t obvious enough that they were going to get hurt purely based on how they were setting up. And secondly, to the dummy laying down…seriously, what are you trying to do?

 “Let me show you how I exercise my face!”

 Stealing The Show

Our hat is off to this pup who saved us from watching another failed attempt to work out. Instead, we get an interrupted scoot session that brought everyone to their knees!

 Preparing For A Date…?

 Man vs. Bar…. The Bar Lost

It’s literally iron. The man outperformed an iron bar that’s meant to hold all of that weight. Seriously, our hat is off to you sir…or monster…or whatever you are.

 Off Like A Rocket

 Tearing Down The House

Why would you try to install a bar that’s supposed to hold the weight of your body onto your ceiling made of panels? Don’t do drugs people…it’ll slow down your thinking.

1. Wildlife in the gym

She must’ve not read the sign by the entrance… NO WILDLIFE IN THE GYM.

2. Batman works out too…

Hasn’t Batman seen the Incredibles? As Edna Mode says… NO CAPES.

3. Broken ankle alert

She apparently subscribed to the “look good feel good” ideology.

4. Maybe try an ipod

The bigger the device, the BIGGER THE GAAAAAINZ.

5. Come on kid, you’re blowing it out there!

That baby is totally not wearing proper gym attire.

6. Training to be Bruce Lee

Gym level: ninja.

7. Somebody’s Going To Get Distracted And Hurt

Gym attire level: unsecure.

8. Gym hacks

Workout Level: Wall-E Space Station

9. When your veins are popping out of your skull, put the steroids down

Don’t do steroids, kids.

10. We get it bro…you cycle.

I think this guy knows something we don’t know about cycling…

11. What’s going on here?

This photo has me asking many questions. Why is this man crying? Bad form? Bad spotter hand placement? Summoning demons? AND LOOK AT THAT MAN’S EXPERT PHOTO BOMB.

12. Interesting design…

Apparently, it wasn’t Leg Day…

13. Don’t worry, he’ll understand…

Bros before hoes apparently doesn’t apply here…

14. Have to start them early

When babysitting doesn’t hold you back from GAAAAIIIINNNZZZ.

15. She’s got the right idea!

“I heard in a Facebook post that ice cream is a GREAT source of protein.”

16. This can only end in tears

This is just a broken femur waiting to happen.

17. Granny bulkin’ up

When you have a hot date at 3, but want to get in THEM GAINZ before.


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