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15 People Reveal The Creepiest Thing That Ever Happened to Them

“This was probably 13-14 years ago. I was working as a delivery driver for an auto parts store, and I’m taking a shortcut through a neighborhood. It’s during the winter, which, in my state, gets mid-level snow but it’s extremely cold.  Suddenly a toddler in just a diaper bursts out of the front door of the house next to me, covering his ears and screaming at the top of his lungs. He runs about 20 feet and disappears into someone else’s backyard. I immediately call the cops and start making laps around the block, trying to find him because, again, it’s winter, and the kid is in damn diapers. Cops show up and take over, but I’ll never forget the look on his face or the sound of him yelling.” -Reddit user VinceIsWellCool

“This one weirded me out a bit: A few years ago, I woke up to two text messages from my girlfriend and a friend of mine. Both asked if I was alright. Apparently, they both had a dream that I had been struck by a red truck at an intersection I routinely took. The two of them weren’t close, and I had no reason to suspect that they were playing a prank. It was just really spooky that they both had the same dream, the same night, with the same details.” -Reddit user boogaly

“My wife and I had just bought a new house. After we took possession of the keys, we stopped by to look it over and plan some projects. I noticed the faucet in the kitchen dripping. I took it apart to change the washer but couldn’t get it put back together. I was really frustrated, and my wife was impatient, so I just left it with all the parts scattered across the counter. When I came back the next day, the faucet was fully reassembled and wasn’t leaking anymore.” -Reddit user Kjfitz

“I was 15 years old. I was at the local mall by myself. I noticed an older guy looking at me in a store. I walked out of the store, and the guy followed me. For the next hour, wherever I went, he was within sight. At one point, I walked out the door of the mall to the curb. He walked up to me outside and asked me if I needed a ride anywhere. I lied and told him I was waiting for my mom to get off work from Sears. He shrugged and went away. This was back in the 70s. Things were different then. Stranger Danger wasn’t really a thing back then. I probably told my parents about this, and they shrugged it off as most parents back then would. It was a different world.” -Reddit user Kjfitz

“When I was little, I used to sleepwalk, and it seemed to get out of hand when this happened: I had a dream that I watched myself (in third person) get up and go to the bathroom, and my mom was standing there asking why I was awake so late. I explained that I had to go to the bathroom. I then went back to sleep. The next day, I felt the urge to bring up the dream, so I asked her about it. She was certain I slept-walked and that I wouldn’t remember a thing (I usually didn’t). I actually watched myself in third person.” -Reddit user (deleted)

“I think I was 9 or 10. My mom and I were pulling into the driveway on a really wintery/snowy day. The house across the street had been vacant for quite some time, but we noticed there was a police car out front. As we started to shovel the driveway, the cop came over and asked, “Can we borrow your shovel? We have to get the body out of the garage.” It turns out the real estate agent died in the garage and was there for an undetermined amount of days. That night, my cat decided to walk on the piano keys for the first and only time.” -Reddit user millertimeTGIF

“I once was driving in the murder capital and stopped at a red light, someone tried to open my door to get into the car.” -Reddit user Quick_man

“I had a woman I did not know walk right up to me at a playground, stand creepily next to me without looking me in the eye, and say, “Your two children are so beautiful. They are the kind of children that get taken.” I grabbed my kids and basically ran away. Scared the crap out of me.” -Reddit user standardpoodles

“Not really as creepy as everyone else’s, but a few years ago, I moved to a different part of town. Not that far, but far enough to start going to a new set of stores, restaurants, etc. I started noticing at more and more places I went, everyone kept recognizing me and kept calling me Dan (which isn’t my name). Like at restaurants, at first, the servers didn’t take my order, bought me some random dish, and told me, “Here’s you’re usual.” I might have a long-lost twin I might not know of.” -Reddit user (deleted)

“I was driving to work one morning and stopped at the gas station first. There was a guy going to his car as I walked in. He sat in his car until I came out, then pull out onto the street. I turned behind him and ended up at a red light waiting to make a left turn. The dude gets out of his car and motions for me to follow him and then got in his car and drove off. Needless to say, I did not follow.” -Reddit user savethebroccoli

“I had a random girl show up at a dance with an 8 x 10 photo of me, asking me to sign it for her friend’s birthday. Never seen this girl before.” -Reddit user jsoftz

“When I was walking home from school. I was about 13-14, I walked down a different street, and this guy was sitting outside his house. He shouted out to me and asked my name, and stood up. I think I may have shouted out a random name, and he started walking in the same direction as me across the street and kept yelling across and asking questions. I hightailed it to a group of people playing in a nearby schoolyard (they were older) and just told them to pretend I was with them. Seriously creeped out.” -Reddit user Seviceth

“Late to the party. My former girlfriend passed away in a car accident (got hit by a DUI, and I was unfortunately in the wreck too). A few days after she died, I got a Skype message from her account that just said, “Hi :(” I’m still spooked by it today.”
-Reddit user Narudatsu

“Last fall, I was watching a movie while I couldn’t sleep in bed. Both of my dogs are at the foot of my bed, sound asleep. Simultaneously, they both perk up and stare at the adjacent blank wall. Then, again in unison, they slowly turn and gaze towards the opposite wall. No growling, no raised fur. Just a very calm, tracking motion, done in perfect rhythm. Whatever it was, they both saw it.” -Reddit user HocketyPockety

“I was walking around Target, minding my own business, and I walk past this young mother with a child about three years old. When I walk past her, the little girl says, “Mommy! I know that guy! I saw him in my dream last night.” Very creepy.” -Reddit user (deleted)


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