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15 People Who Quit Their Jobs With Style

“A co-worker of mine at Subway when I was working during college. It’s the lunch shift of one of the busiest shops in the area. Guy gets halfway through making a sandwich, looks at the customer, and then our manager and says…”Til next time, bro,” and just walks out. Never came back, not even to pick up his final paycheck. When I left to go back to school, I left 100 sticky notes in random places throughout the store that said “Til Next Time” -Reddit user (deleted)

“I really like my supervisor but hated my job. He was a real cut up, so that made it livable. I got a new job and handed him my written two weeks notice. Just my luck it was April 1st, and he didn’t believe me. Every day I’d remind him how many days were left. He started getting testy, he’d played a long game himself, but this was too much. Apparently, he was quite surprised when I stopped showing up!” -Reddit user Frugalista1

“Working at Walmart, after a couple of years of being a mindless goon, I save up my 2-week vacation and put in for it. Told them I was seeing family. On the last day of work before my 2-week vacation, I put in my 2-week notice. Took the manager a min to do the math “So…you’re not coming back?” “No. No I’m not. Take care” -Reddit user dusk27

“My cousin got bored and frustrated with his job and decided to leave. Searched and interviewed for a while. Landed a new gig. Friday morning, he was going to put in his two weeks notice with his boss. That same Friday, she told him, tears in her eyes, that his entire team was being laid off, and it was their last day. He got three months’ severance pay.” -Reddit user jasonthomson

“My dad went into the boss’ office during lunch and said, “I have been contacted by the mothership. I have to return to my home planet. Thank you for the job”. Shook the guy’s hand, left the building, and never contacted them again.”

-Reddit user PIP_SHORT

“So I was managing an IT group in a fortune 50 company. At this time, I was trying to figure out how to keep my retirement benefits and retire way early. I have a nice sailboat and took rather long vacations with unpaid time too.

One of my guys and his wife came over for an evening and asked a ton of sailing questions. Later I was gone sailing for nearly 3 months. When I returned, there was the usual lineup of folks needing to talk. The first guy in line was the one who had taken an interest in sailing.

They had gone to the Caribbean and took sailing lessons. He gave me his notice with a huge smile. They went back to the Caribbean and bought a boat. He managed to beat me out of the door by a couple of years. We are both still cruising.” -Reddit user endlessbull

“I was just out of college and had got a “real” job, so when I had to quit the job I had been at for like a month, I wrote them an email and told them I was leaving to join Scientology in LA and to send my check to my mom at XXX address.

I knew I would never go back there or use them as a reference, so I told them some off-the-wall story. It was stupid, but I still laugh about it.” -Reddit user PeterBernsteinSucks

“A host at the restaurant I worked at put in her two weeks. On her second to last day, her and my crazy boss got in a huge fight about something very trivial. The girl looks my boss in the eyes and says, “what are you going to do? Fire me?”

-Reddit user trashlordalex

“Walking out at the end of my last day of a retail job I had in college, I was cornered by a customer who kept asking me where to find things. I explained that I was off the clock, and not actually an employee any longer. Despite this, she kept badgering me. Eventually, I figured out she wasn’t going to be let down easily, so just told her: “Look, lady, I get paid by the hour, not by the b*tch, go find your own damn sweatpants.” And walked out.” -Reddit user probablyclickbait

“I worked for Disney. It was long hours with little pay, and I was struggling to both pay my bills enough that I wasn’t homeless and eat. I didn’t qualify for food stamps or government aid because I made too much money. I found a new job after working there for a year and a half, so at the end of my last shift, I turned in my ID and told my least favorite manager I was quitting. Since almost everyone I liked there was on Facebook, I posted my goodbye message on my feed. No regrets though old coworkers do occasionally say they miss me working there despite understanding why I left.” -Reddit user gothiclg

“Worked at a shady testing lab. After years of overworking and being promised promotions that took years to happen, I handed in my notice and accidentally let slip that I could get the place shut down by multiple authorities. The next day was escorted to my desk to clear it out and told I was being given 3 weeks of garden leave before Xmas.”

-Reddit user wental-waynhim

“I always did my job efficiently and quickly, much to the envy of others. I found out my manager was promoting the person below me to my level, and instead of moving me up, I would now have to compete with the person who used to report to me. My manager told me this news, smiled, and asked me what I thought of the new plan. I smiled and said I thought it was excellent. 2 weeks later, I accepted a job for almost twice as much money. I handed my notice in, and my manager said “oh, you really ruined my plan”. To top it all off, the other employee was totally incapable of matching my performance, and the department has spiraled since my departure.” -Reddit user (deleted)

“Guy working near me asks me to watch his stuff, he “has to go NOW,” I thought he was going to the bathroom. Nope, he left, never to be seen again. They mailed him his last check, and it got returned. He had recently got out of jail, so who knows what happened.”

-Reddit user disreputablegoat

“Old coworker of mine left a post-it note on the general manager’s desk that said, “yo [managers name] I quit.” And signed his name.”

-Reddit user (deleted)

“It’s not very dramatic, but in a quickly scribbled resignation note from a retail management job, I once wrote, “I enjoyed working with some of you.” -Reddit user BatmanandReuben


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