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15 Things That’ll Put A Smile On Your Face As The Whole World Is Panicking Right Now

There is a lot that people can learn from animals and, sometimes, it is helpful to take a look at cats. Have an innate ability to sense the emotions of other people and animals. When cat siblings are feeling down, they will take care of each other. 

Cats will go out of their way to provide food and warmth to animals and people in need. Sometimes, cats will even lay down next to each other just to share body heat. It is this type of love that people need to show for each other as well. There is so much that people can learn from animals.

Some people might not even be aware that libraries still exist; however, they are still around in nearly every city in the country. Those who are looking for something to do during the Coronavirus pandemic should consider paying a visit to the local library. They are some of the kindest and most generous souls on Earth. 

Recently, a librarian decided to expand the number of books children can check out during the Coronavirus pandemic. The shelves ended up being a mess but with so many people quarantined to their homes, this is a great time to learn about something new by reading a book!

It’s no secret that parents aren’t exactly the best at texting; however, they still know how to put a smile on people’s faces. Many parents are just now learning about emojis and this comes at a time when new emojis seem to be rolling out by the hundreds. 

Therefore, in the midst of all this panic, take a moment to appreciate those texts from parents during the Coronavirus pandemic that are laced with emojis. This can really put a smile on someone’s face.

This is not exactly a great time to be going to the grocery store. During the Coronavirus pandemic, there are stories everywhere of people being unable to find the necessities including toilet paper and frozen. Fortunately, there was also a positive story from the grocery store. 

As someone was walking into the grocery store, an elderly couple was in need of assistance. Instead of these people simply rushing in for themselves, they took the time to help the elderly couple find what they needed. There are still good people in this world.

There are stories being published of people seeing their dead relatives on Google Maps. Google Maps uses actual images from places to generate their maps. Sometimes, they catch people walking down the street. 

For many people, this is like taking a trip back in time. They can see elderly relatives who have since passed away on the screen of their phones and computers. With time to kill, why not take a look at some familiar places? People might be surprised at what they find.

It’s not exactly a secret that toilet paper is turning into a valued commodity. There are stories of people dropping toilet paper off on their neighbors’ doorsteps as a sign of goodwill. This is a particularly good idea for those who might be unable to leave their homes. 

In the midst of stories of people stealing toilet paper from stores and restaurants, it is nice to do something kind for someone else. Oh, and please stop hoarding toilet paper. It is completely unnecessary.

Of course, during times of crisis, people need to learn from dogs. There was a story published recently of a dog that couldn’t find its way home. It couldn’t figure out how to get back to its owner. 

Therefore, the dog took itself down to the police station and decided to report itself missing! If this isn’t a heartwarming story, it’s hard to imagine something better. Oh, and the dog was safely returned to its family.

Recently, a story was published about a mom who has having a very hard day. Her husband was out of town, leaving her to fend for herself with just her three children. She didn’t even have time to make food for her family. 

Her story must have gotten around the neighborhood because a kindhearted soul from next door brought over a stew from his home country. He simply did this because she thought she might be having a rough time and could be hungry. This is exactly what neighbors are for. More of this is needed during the Coronavirus pandemic.

It is great that people are being more willing to spend time with people who have disabilities. In this time of the Coronavirus pandemic, more of this is needed. Recently, a girl was feeling down and her date had recently canceled on him. Then, all of a sudden, a boy was staring at him. Then, he passed him a note saying that she thought he was beautiful. 

This was enough to bring this person to tears. Sometimes, all people need is a compliment. This is enough to boost anyone’s mood, particularly during the Coronavirus pandemic.

A heartwarming video was published recently of a teacher returning to school in the middle of her fight with cancer. As she walked into the room, her entire class burst into song as they started singing “Amazing Grace” for her. 

She was reduced to tears at the thoughtfulness of her students, showing that a simple gesture can go a long way.

There was a story published recently about a child who was having a hard time since his grandfather passed away. One of his favorite pictures was of him holding a fish with his grandfather that they had caught together.

 This child was awarded a stuffed figure matching his grandfather’s appearance in the photo. The stuffed figure was even holding a fish in its hand as well. This is enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

These are uncertain times with the Coronavirus pandemic causing everyone to wonder what is next. The mere sight of empty shelves is enough to make anyone question what they are going to do next. 

Well, one neighborhood decided to start a support group to help those who catch the virus. Instead of trying to stockpile everything, why not band together and help those who get sick? This is a great way to help everyone get through the Coronavirus pandemic and these uncertain times.

Some people might end up having a lot of time on their hands with the Coronavirus pandemic. Well, one person decided to use it to bring a smile to the faces of others. 

He published a beautiful poem about the difficulties of the Coronavirus pandemic followed by an adorable video of his hedgehog. With many people scrolling through the internet looking to kill time, this video is sure to pop up and make people smile.

Sure, some people might not like to see raccoons; however, it is nice to see them enjoying their time with so many people inside. Recently, a video was published of a raccoon going for a swim in a local pond. 

No, he wasn’t eating the fish. He was simply enjoying himself. There are great videos of animals enjoying the abandoned streets. This is one of them. It is heartwarming to see animals banding together as well.

These are only a few of the many stories that are coming out of the Coronavirus pandemic. This is a time of crisis and everyone needs to band together so the healthcare system isn’t overwhelmed. People have a duty to help those with disabilities, those who are elderly, and other people who might have compromised immune systems. 

While this means remembering social distancing, handwashing, and other health precautions, this also means simple acts of kindness. Never underestimate the power that a simple gesture can have.


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