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16 Unexpected Animal Friendships That Prove Love Has No Boundaries

There are a few good reasons most people prefer to hang out with animals than with fellow humans. Animals are far more kind and accepting than we could ever hope to be, and that makes them great friends. These precious bonds prove love has no boundaries in the animal kingdom!

16. Kate And Pippin

Kate the Great Dane and Pippin the deer have been friends since Pip’s fawn days. Even though Pippin has gone back to live in the wild, she still stops by to say “hi” to her adoptive mom, Kate.

15. Bea And Wilma

Bea the giraffe and Wilma the ostrich are roommates at Busch Gardens, and they’ve got along quite beautifully. The share quite a large enclosure, which means these two pals have decided they like hanging out together.

14. Kangaroo And Wombat

These two orphaned babies shared a pouch together at a wildlife rescue in Australia. They’ve been inseparable since growing up together!

13. Bubbles And Bella

Bubbles the elephant met her new BFF Bella when she was brought to a safari reserve.

12. Toad And Mouse

This tiny mouse caught a ride with a friendly toad during a 2006 flood.

11. Deer And Bunny

A photographer caught this adorable moment between a wild deer and rabbit.

10. Milo And Bonedigger

Litte dog Milo met his lion friend when Bonedigger was just a cub. Now, several years later, the two remain best pals

9. Sahara And Alexa

Cheetah Sahara and Alexa the Anatolian Shepherd grew up together at the Cincinnati Zoo and love giving one another sweet kisses!

8. Mani And Candy

Mani was found alone and hungry in a field as a piglet. He was taken in by Candy’s family, and the little Jack Russell immediately adopted him as her own.

7. Leo, Shere Khan, And Baloo

This lion, tiger, and bear trio were brought to the Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary after being found in abusive conditions.

6. Tinni And Sniffer

Tinni the dog came across a red fox, now named Sniffer, during an excursion in the forests of Norway. The pair became fast friends to turn into a real life version of Fox and the Hound.

5. Themba And Albert

Albert the sheep provided much needed comfort to orphan baby elephant Themba. Themba reportedly wouldn’t even eat until he was introduced to his new therapy sheep friend.

4. Suryia And Roscoe

Suryia the orangutan and Blue Tick Hound Roscoe live together as friends at an endangered species reserve.

3. Chimpanzee And Tiger Cubs

Anjana helps an animal reserve take care of two orphaned white tiger cubs.

2. Torque And Shrek

Dog friend Torque adopted Shrek when he was just a baby owl.

1. Fred And Dennis


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