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These 18 Celebrities Look Worse With Age

Some celebrities seem to get better with age., Not only have their skills improved, but they look great. For others, the price of fame and age is a steep one. The years have not been kind to these celebrities, as their looks in their old age are a far cry from how they looked when they were famous. Check out these celebrities who aged worse than all the rest.


Poor Macauley Caulkin is proof that those awkward teenage years can actually last forever. The adorably annoying and clever kid became a big star with his Home Alone series. But then he entered that awkward teenage stage of life and his acting career fizzled out. Today he tours with his band The Pizza Underground and is thoroughly enjoying life. He’s smart to focus on living his life and not worrying about the limelight, as he’s past his prime for the acting scene.


It is always hard to see those heartthrobs get older, some more than others. Mickey Rourke was the action star that had women racing to the movies in the 80’s and part of the 90’s. But it’s clear to see that the turn of the century has not been to kind to him. Maybe it’s due to all those years taking blows to the face that led to his appearance today.


Ozzy is a shining example of what sex, drugs and rock and roll does to you if you manage to reach your golden years. Ozzy looks nothing like his younger self and it is apparent that his partying and wild lifestyle have taken their toll. Of course, as the beacon of the heavy metal crowd, he is still able to release music, but while it might be okay to listen to, you might want to skip the concert on this one.


If too many male rock stars have fallen victim to drugs then it’s the female singers that tend to fall victim to plastic surgery. Throughout Lil Kim’s attempts to stay in the limelight she has used plastic surgery to apparently try and look like every other ethnicity but her own. This once stunning African American beauty has changed her looks to appear Asian and then even Caucasian, and now it’s clear she should just try and be herself…what’s left anyway.


This child celeb blew onto the scene with a fresh, beautiful face and a great talent. But it wasn’t long before troubles at home and her own drug problems took their toll. She started modeling at the age of 3 and now at the age of 28 it’s hard to imagine anyone wanting her for a model. It’s also plain to see that her attempts to get back her youthful glow through plastic surgery failed.


During the height of his career there weren’t many women who didn’t want to be saved by the gorgeous action star Val Kilmer. It was worth being chased by villains in Batman or Russians in The Saint if it got you a few minutes in his arms. Now he’s more like the guy you’d run from instead of running toward. His unkempt look and the amount of weight he’s put on have left him looking nothing like his former self.


It’s incredibly shocking to have someone that is in their 20s on this list, but it is apparent that Miley’s growing pains came early and they came hard. She’s going through her wild and crazy phase of self-discovery and it is far from flattering. This stunning young beauty turned into a train wreck that you can’t wait to look away from. Here’s hoping she comes out the other side and improves with age.


Sharon Stone was the sex goddess of a generation. Who knew that watching a woman cross her legs could be so alluring? But sadly the years were not as kind to Sharon Stone as she was to teenage boys. It looks as if she has been using drugs or alcohol, and she has aged rapidly and badly as a result. Whatever she is doing it isn’t working and her fashion sense has also been lost with time.


Axl Rose is the only remaining member of Guns N’ Roses and, his singing ability is unparalleled. Unfortunately, he does not seem to have aged as well as his music. He claims that he never became hard core into drugs, saying that he would not allow himself to develop a habit but he would indulge once in a while. He continues to play as the only remaining original member of Guns N’ Roses and the original lineup of the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


Bruce Jenner’s bad aging has little to do with the fact that he has decided to transition and everything to do with his extensive plastic surgery. There have been reports of so many nose jobs and lip injections that he is prone to sores and can barely breathe through his nose. His plastic surgery disasters are only accelerating his aging and disfiguring him.


Edward Furlong broke onto the scene as the adorable John Connor in Terminator 2: Judgement Day and gained awards and acclaim for a number of films in the 90s. However, his career dropped off after that, so much in fact that another actor was cast to play John Connor in Terminator 3. He had a long hard battle with drugs in his twenties along with a number of court battles over domestic violence.


Goldie Hawn was definitely a stunning leading lady in her prime, but now the years have started to take their toll. She has had some amazing plastic surgery to try and turn back the clock but she is still getting old and her body is showing it. Her skin is fading and showing age spots and wrinkles are still there despite her recent facelift.


Kelly LeBrock has never been a huge success. She came into the movie scene with her role in The Woman in Red, which she followed up with Weird Science. There have been more small roles over the years, including that of Morgana in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Interestingly enough she was one of the few celebs to own her own hyperbaric chamber and start her own homeopathic line…unfortunately none of it seems to be working for her.


Carrot Top was never a handsome comic. He always had his own quirky style and his signature hair. Most celebs mature into a more subdued appearance as they age, but unfortunately Carrot Top did not. Now as an old madman sporting wild orange curls he looks more like a nightmarish clown in a horror film than a comedian. Please don’t pull out a giant prop chainsaw or we’re running for the door.


Carrie Fisher was the girl that every boy had on their wall, locker, and quite possibly in their wallet. There was no resisting the slave Leia outfit. However, after Star Wars and all the fame that came with it, Carrie Fisher turned to drinking. It was a move that ruined her career and her figure. The years of drinking took their toll and she is no longer the beauty she once was.


Keith Richards lived the life of rock and roll in ways that most people, even other rock stars, cannot even begin to imagine. As an original member of The Rolling Stones, drugs and partying were a way of life for Keith Richards for far too long. In fact, he probably still hasn’t stopped. So even though he’s pushing 70, with those wrinkles he looks like he’s pushing it all the way to 100.


One of the first supermodels and a woman whose beauty allowed her to model for decades, Janice Dickinson looks like her lips are staging a coup against the rest of her face. Her desire to hang onto her youth and beauty have prevented her from aging gracefully. So instead of looking like an elegant older woman she looks more like the logo for a Rolling Stones album.



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