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19 Secrets You Probably Don’t Know About Malia And Sasha Obama

You may have heard a bit about President Obama’s two daughters, Malia and Sasha, but how much do you really know about the presidential family? Test your knowledge with these little-known facts about Malia and Sasha Obama.

The Secret Service Taught Malia How To Drive

Malia learned to drive during her father’s term as president, and while that may not come as a surprise, the fact Secret Service agents helped teach her is a bit surprising. It seems the security team does more than just protect the family!

Sasha Worked At Seafood Restaurant In Martha’s Vineyard

The 15-year-old got a taste of what hard work really means when she spent her 2016 summer working the takeout window of Nancy’s, a seafood joint in Martha’s Vineyard. Of course, there were plenty of secret service agents around to help her out.

Michelle Obama Practically Forced The Girls To Play Tennis

Fifteen-year-old Sasha Obama is quite active at her private high school, Sidwell Friends School, where she is a cheerleader, basketball player and tennis player. Big sis Malia (pictured) also played tennis during her high school years. It seems both girls got into tennis when mom Michelle insisted they play after she started a campaign to encourage youth to be more active. Michelle said tennis is a life-long sport that she never got the opportunity to play while growing up in south side Chicago.

Malia Is Fluent In Spanish

Malia accompanied her father during his first official trip to Cuba this year, where she acted as his translator. They’re pictured here at a restaurant in Old Havana. How cool is that?!

A Toy Company Made Both Girls Into Dolls

Ty Inc., the company which makes Beanie Babies, made two dolls in honor of Malia and Sasha in 2009. Of course, the dolls were given special names fitting of the First Daughters: Marvelous Malia and Sweet Sasha.

The Girls Have Secret Service Code Names

As is tradition, the Secret Service has provided both girls with code names. Malia’s code name is Radiance, and Sasha’s is Rosebud.

Malia Was An Intern On TV Show Girls

Back in 2015, Malia was hired as an intern on the set of Lena Dunham’s HBO comedy Girls. Her exact duties are unknown, but a few photos of her working on set have leaked. Her involvement is a little surprising given Dunham’s controversial actions.

President Obama Doesn’t Want The Girls To Date Yet

When asked if Malia or Sasha were dating yet, Obama said “no,” but he’s noticed guys looking at his older daughter in a way that did not make him happy. However, it’s been reported guys are too nervous to ask out the sisters. It seems Malia and Sasha will have to wait a bit for that first date. Obama is probably happy knowing he gets to keep his little girls for now, or at least until his term is over!

Sasha Was ill As An Infant

When Sasha was a baby, she suffered from a serious case of meningitis, which causes inflammation of the brain and spinal cord. The illness took a toll on the entire Obama family as they worried she wouldn’t make a recovery.

The Girls Once Sang With Justin Bieber And Jennifer Hudson

Malia and Sasha were part of a choir that sang alongside celebs such as Justin Bieber and Jennifer Hudson at the 2011 Christmas in Washington concert. Being the president’s daughters does have some perks!

Obama Promised The Girls A Puppy If He Won The Election

Prior to winning the 2009 election, Obama promised his daughters a puppy if he were to win. Keeping his word, he gifted the girls a 6-month-old Portuguese water dog named ‘Bo.’

The Girls Made A “Most Influential Teens” List In 2014

Malia and Sasha Obama were cited as two of “The Most 25 Influential Teens of 2014” by Time Magazine. However, Michelle Obama went on to say that she doesn’t believe either girl is that influential. ”They’re not influential, they just live here,” Michelle said during an interview on Live With Kelly and Michael. Apparently their mom doesn’t think following rules and focusing on school is anything to call “influential.”

Sasha Was One Of The Youngest Kids In The White House

The two girls were extremely young when Obama became the 44th President of the United States. Malia was 11-years-old and Sasha was just eight. Sasha is the youngest child to live in the White House since John F. Kennedy, Jr. lived there as a child in 1961.

Both Girls Were Not Allowed To Have Social Media, Until Now

Back in 2013, Michelle Obama revealed she disliked social media and that her daughters weren’t allowed to use it. However, three years later, Obama let it slip that his daughters are on Twitter. Good luck trying to find them though, they’re probably using code names.

Malia Also Worked On Extant

Malia must be hoping for a career in the entertainment industry, because she also spent a summer working on Halle Berry’s sci-fi drama Extant. The internship was supposed to be top secret, but it was eventually leaked by The Wrap.

The Family Will Stay In Washington For Sasha After Obama’s Term

It’s no secret that Obama’s term in office ends in January 2017, but the family will be staying in Washington D.C. for Sasha, who is still in high school.

Malia Wants To Be A Filmmaker

Malia is an aspiring filmmaker and has reportedly looked into attending New York University, which has one of the top film-making courses in the US. However, she is also contemplating on attending Harvard in 2017, after she takes a year off.

Sasha Went To A Job Interview With Michelle

Michelle has revealed that before Obama was called in as president, she took 4-month-old Sasha with her to a job interview at the University of Chicago Medical Centre. Michelle later went on to become one of the hospital’s vice presidents. It seems baby Sasha was on her best behavior during her mom’s interview!

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