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20 Amazing Makeup Tricks Every Woman Should Know

If there was a way to make perfecting that winged liner easier, wouldn’t you want to know about it? These 20 makeup tricks and tips will have you rocking that cat eye in no time!

20. Add Contact Solution To Mascara To Reduce Clumping

Save your favorite mascara with this great makeup trick: add a few drops of contact solution to the tube. A couple drops of olive oil will also work if you don’t have contact solution. After adding a few drops, simply shake the tube to rejuvenate your mascara!

19. Use A Lighter To Turn An Eyeliner Pencil Into Gel Liner

Heat the tip of your eyeliner pencil for one second, then let it cool for 15 seconds. This changes the consistency into a gel-like formula, which is easier to glide on and smudge.

18. Use Part Of A Toilet Seat Cover To Dab Excess Oil From Your Face

Don’t panic next time you’re out and notice some excess oil on your face! Just grab a toilet seat cover and use it to dab off the oil. It works just as good as blotting papers!

17. Heat Up Your Eyelash Curler With A Blow Dryer To Better Curl Lashes

Spend a few seconds heating up your eyelash curler with a blow dryer to help them not only curl better, but last longer.

16. Rub Vaseline Onto Your Wrist After Spraying With Perfume To Make It Last Longer

Seal your perfume into your skin by applying Vaseline after spraying your wrist.

15. Use Balm And A Disposable Mascara Wand To Exfoliate Your Lips

A great and simple way to refresh your pout.

14. Use An Old T-Shirt To Dry Damp Hair Rather Than A Towel

Shirts are not only more absorbent, but they’re also less damaging on your hair.

13. Use White Eyeliner To Cover Your Lids In Order To Make Shadows Last Longer

Covering your eyelids with white liner will help your colored shadows “pop.”

12. Apply Under-Eye Concealer In The Shape Of A Triangle

Appliyng the concealer down the cheek rather than just under the eye allows you to better blend. Plus, it helps brighten your entire face and draw attention to your eyes.

11. Contour Using The Number “3” To Help Guide Product

Remembering where to place bronzer and highlighter is as easy as remembering the number “3!”

10. Use Extra Loose Foundation Powder To Catch Eyeshadow Fall Out

A little extra loose powder under your eyes helps catch the eyeshadow fall out and makes it easier to wipe away.

9. Use Peppermint Oil To Plump Up Your Lips

Mix a few drops of peppermint oil to your lip balm to help give your pout a boost.

8. Apply A Bit Of Concealer To Your Lips To Even Out Tone

If your lips have red or pink tones, pat a small amount of concealer on them first to create an even canvas for lipstick.

7. Melt The End Of Broken Lipstick To Reattach It

Instead of tossing out that high-priced lip color just because it broke off, simply melt the end and reattach for many more uses!

6. Dab Powder On Tissue Over Your Lips To Help Lipstick Last Longer

After applying lipstick, place a tissue over your lips and dab with translucent powder. It helps lock in the color by transferring a small amount of the powder.

5. Warm Up Your Mascara To Apply It More Evenly

Use your body heat to warm up your tube of mascara to apply it more evenly.

4. Clean Out Your Hair Dryer Vent With A Toothbrush

It’s important to keep the back vent of your hair dryer clear for better results. Use an old toothbrush to clean any debris.

3. Use A Plastic Spoon When Applying Mascara To Bottom Lashes

Using a disposable spoon will help stop mascara from getting onto your skin and keep you from wiping away foundation.

2. Mix A Bit Of Moisturizer To Too-Dark Foundation

If you find yourself using a foundation that’s a shade or two too dark for your skin tone, simply lighten it by adding a bit of moisturizer and blending before applying.

1. Use A Spoon To Plan Out Your Perfect Cat Eye


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