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20 Babies Who Look Exactly Like Celebrities

We’ve all seen doppelgängers of celebrities that make us do a double take, but who would’ve thought there would be so many babies out there that strikingly resemble full-grown adult celebrities? Take a look at our gallery and see the crazy resemblance between these babies and their unrelated celebrity look-a-likes.

Eric Stonestreet

Best known for his role as Cam on Modern Family, Stonestreet’s fancy collection of clothing has gotten him a lot of popularity. But who would have guessed if you put a baby in miniaturized Cam costume they would look so similar?

Nathan Lane

Does Nathan Lane have a baby face, or does this baby just look like a full-grown adult? This Tony Award winner should consider doing a Broadway play about celebrities and their pint-sized doppelgängers.

Michael Cera

It only makes sense that there is a baby out there that looks like Michael Cera. He already looks like a baby himself. We’re not sure if it’s the baby’s striped shirt or the worried look on his face that makes him look so much like his awkward counterpart.

Phil From ‘The Rugrats’

Although Phil is a fictional cartoon character, this baby still looks exactly like him. It’s almost as if this baby was the inspiration for the animation of Phil.

Patton Oswalt

It may come as no surprise that Patton Oswald has a baby doppelgänger as he looks like a giant baby. But who would have thought there would be a baby with such a keen similarity to this comedian?

Kevin From ‘The Office’

Everything about the looks of this baby says Kevin from ‘The Office,’ but we think Kevin would be proud to know that there’s a baby out there who resembles him so much. Hopefully, this baby will grow up with bigger aspirations than working at Dunder Mifflin.

Gordon Ramsay

Unlike Kevin from ‘The Office,’ we think Gordon Ramsay wouldn’t be so proud to know there’s a baby out there who looks just like him. Ramsay would probably lose his temper with the poor baby.

Simon Pegg

With a smile like that, It’s no wonder this baby resembles this upbeat British actor and comedian. This baby could play a mini-me for a new Simon Pegg film.

Jamie Oliver

It’s like this baby has the best hair for its age. Seriously, what baby has this much hair? Thanks to its mane, this baby looks just like celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

Chris Farley

This baby’s shirt says is all about its resemblance to Chris Farley: “totally.” From its shirt to hair and smile, everything about the looks of this baby mirrors Chris Farley.

Prince George

It may be due to their similarity in age, but the Baby looks identical to Prince George of Cambridge. It looks like this baby thinks he is the one on the cover of this magazine. We won’t tell him he’s not, though. We don’t want to rain on his parade.

Conan O’Brien

This baby’s hair perfectly resembles that of Conan O’Brien’s. We think Conan would benefit from having this baby take over his show in a few years when he learns a few more words to his vocabulary.

Ja Rule

There’s just a really uncanny resemblance here between this baby and the famous rapper Ja Rule. We’re not sure if this resemblance is due to Ja Rule having a babyface or this baby looking a little too old for its age.

Wallace Shawn

The most obvious reason this baby and Wallace Shawn look alike is the shape and position of their lips, but we think it’s more than that. We think their noses, ears and hair are also why these two look identical.


With its wrinkles and thin hair, this baby looks the same age as Gandolf. This mini-me of Gandolf will probably star in the remake of Lord of the Rings in about 50 years if he continues to look the way he does.

John Legend

John Legend, is that you? This baby looks more like John Legend than John Legend looks like John Legend. These two share the same eyes, hair, smile. Well, they share the same face.

Vladimir Putin

This baby shares the same seriousness of Vladimir Putin. With that intensity on its face, this baby could make a career in Russian politics if he continues to look like this.


R&B singer Usher has a certain sweetness to his look, as does this baby doppelgänger. We’re just hoping with such a sweet face like this that this baby doesn’t grow up o break as many hearts as Usher has already done.

Victor Garber

This baby is just as dapper as Victor Garber. It’s hard to tell if this baby is just a baby picture of Victor Garber in his younger days, or if this actually a completely different person.

Danny Devito

If this is the most adorable thing, we don’t know what is. This is our favorite on the list because it looks like this baby is just as enthusiastic as this eccentric actor and comedian.

Alfred E. Neuman

The only thing that would make these two look more similar would be to switch his blue tie out for a red one. Although this cartoon face is the fictitious mascot and cover boy of Mad, he looks identical to this baby.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from ‘Ghostbusters’


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