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Video: 20 Bizarre Facts About OJ Simpson You Didn’t Know

The murder trial of OJ Simpson has been analyzed with both facts and opinions from every aspect, but there are several interesting things about the case that are rarely discussed today. Check out our gallery, we’ll show you 20 of the most compelling facts about OJ Simpson and the murder trial that you never knew existed.

Off To A Rough Start

OJ cheated on his first wife with Nicole. His first wife, Marguerite, was also his high school sweetheart from San Francisco, and the couple eventually had two children together. In 1977, OJ met Nicole Brown while she was working as a waitress in Los Angeles, and soon after, they began having an affair while his wife was pregnant with their third child.

New Alibi

A struggling actor named Kato Kaelin who had been staying at Simpson’s Brentwood house during the time of the murders was meant to connect the smoking gun to OJ. Instead, he ended up being an unreliable source. The public exposure did, however, benefit Kato’s acting career because he would later become a guest on MADtv.


Nicole suspected that she would be murdered by OJ. Years after the trial, Kris Jenner told reporters that Nicole admitted to her at one point how she believed things were destined to become fatal between her and OJ. Nicole told her, “Things are really bad between OJ and I. He’s going to kill me and he’s going to get away with it.”

Anger Issues

Oj was furious when he found out that Nicole was with another man. Even after the pair had separated, Simpson couldn’t calm down. Many sources believe that Simpson’s friend Marcus Allen was another person that Nicole has an affair with, but it hasn’t been 100% corroborated.

It Wasn’t Instant

When Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown were murdered, it wasn’t quick and painless. Photographs from the scene emerged and they don’t look good. Both Nicole and Ron’s bodies were brutalized with stab wounds all over. Nicole was left at the foot of the stairs leading into her Brentwood condo, with her head nearly decapitated. Goldman, Nicole’s friend, was left in similarly poor shape in the backyard.

Conspiracy Theory

In one of their defense tactics, Attorney Johnnie Cochran floated the theory that Colombian drug lords had killed Nicole and Ron while searching for Brown Simpson’s cocaine addict friend Faye Resnick. One of the main impetuses for this claim stems from the fact that the victims were stabbed in the style of a “Colombian necklace.” The detective on the case dismissed this opinion, stating, “the fact that every bit of evidence that I have in this case points towards the defendant has a lot more to do with it.”

Fake Gloves?

In 2012, a veteran of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office named Christopher Darden spoke out against the glove examination portion of the trial. Darden claimed that Johnnie likely tore the lining of the gloves to ensure that OJ’s hands could not slide all the way in them.Another member of OJ’s legal team from the trial, Alan Dershowitz, went against it saying that Darden should be disbarred for making such a claim.

No Panties

LA district attorney told defense attorney Johnny Cochran: “she’s not wearing any panties.” In Dershowitz’s 2013 memoir, he alleges that LA District Attorney Marcia Clark told him, “when you’re up , I want you to think of only one thing: I’m not wearing any underwear.”

Known Violence In The Relationship

Nicole Brown wrote about instances of violence by O.J. According to Nicole’s diary, OJ would beat Nicole during sex and would kick and pummel her when she laid on the floor. If that wasn’t enough, he emotionally abused her for gaining weight following her first pregnancy. One entry in Nicole’s diary stated a struggle that involved her spending hours trying to crawl to their door to leave.

Late Apology

According to Kris Jenner, O.J. Simpson said “sorry” over Nicole Brown’s casket during her funeral. Kris still feels guilty over the death of her friend, considering their families shared a good friendship. One particular time that drew Kris’s attention was a New Year’s trip to Hawaii where Nicole documented the domestic violence. Nicole wrote, he “put bruises on arms and back. The window scarred me – thought he’d throw me out.”

Ride In Style

Believe it or not, the infamous white Ford Bronco OJ was seen in during his high-speed chase with police is now a party bus. Purchased by Michael Pulwer for $75,000, it is currently being offered as a party rental. The owner claims he has only put about 20 miles on the vehicle since his purchase and is primarily holding onto the infamous Bronco as an investment.

Back To The Scene Of The Crime

After he was acquitted of the murders, OJ returned to the crime scene. This is just one of his many slip ups when he returned to Nicole’s condo for reasons unknown. There’s an old adage that criminals like to return to the scene of their crimes, so maybe that explains it.

Stolen Evidence

Simpson’s attorney Robert Kardashian allegedly held back evidence from the court room. After the murders, Kardashian was photographed carrying Simpson’s large Louis Vuitton bag away from the crime scene. He never addressed the contents of the bag nor would he bring it to the courtroom at all.

All Grown Up

Although these kids went through so much trauma when they were younger, they live fairly normal lives now. At 30, Sydney is living a quiet life in Florida, While her brother is 27, living in Los Angeles. Both have managed to stay away from the spotlight, and for good reasons.


Kim Goldman, the sister of victim Ron Goldman, is understandably upset over the verdict. One day while driving, she noticed OJ crossing the street in front of her car and nearly took the opportunity of a lifetime. In an interview with NBC’s Savannah Guthrie, Goldman said that she had her foot on the gas pedal and figured she could take him out while “nobody would ever know.” Common sense got the better of her and she simply watched him walk by.

False Statement

When Johnny Cochran famously told the jury, in reference to the glove, “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit,” he was giving them false information. What jurors failed to take into account is the fact that gloves shrink when immersed in liquid, which includes blood.


Months after the trial, a serial killer named Glen Rogers admitted to the murdering Nicole and Ron. At the time of the murders, Rogers says he was a freelance house painter in the L.A. area, which would put him in the same place. Rogers had been held in a Florida prison for other crimes when he came out as the perpetrator of the murders. However, skeptics believe he did this to get transferred to a California jail, where he preferred to live. Rogers currently sits on death row.

Public Interest

Nearly 150 million viewers watched the OJ trial, which is equivalent to 75 percent of all adults in the United States. It was among the most watched live television events of all-time and has since been eclipsed only by Super Bowl games.The Nielsen rating indicated a 49.2 audience share, but most analysts believe the viewership was far greater because it failed to take into account the millions of people watching at in public areas such as bars, restaurants, and airports.

Protection From The Public

Ironic as it may be, OJ Simpson required protection from the LAPD after he was acquitted. This came as a surprise to many because LAPD officers were just embarrassed on a national level, which seemed like a slap in the face to many.



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