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20 Celebrities That Look Far Better Than Their Partners

Everyone loves to see celebrity couples. Most of the time, the famous couples are stunning and when they walk on the red carpet, they leave everybody speechless. However, some celebrities seem not to care about looks as far as their partner is concerned, and they choose to people that don’t follow exactly the beauty standards. Make sure not to miss #16, #14 and #13! You will be shocked! 

So here is a relationship that goes beyond looks and age! Even though Hugh Jackman is considered as one of the most handsome actors worldwide, he fell in love with the charming, but still not as good looking in comparison with the actor, Deborra-Lee Furness. Moreover, she is 13 years older than him, but the couple has been happily married for 23 years!

Even though the split, these two had a stormy relationship, getting married in 2010 and getting a divorce in 2011. Despite that, the famous singer Katy Perry didn’t seem to be bothered at that time by the fact that she was more good looking than Brand. However, someone can say that even though he is not as beautiful as the singer, he is charming. 

Well, I’m sure that everyone knows Beyonce. The famous, talented stunning and successful singer started her relationship with the famous rapper Jay Z in 2008. Even though Jaz Z can’t be described as stunning, Beyonce doesn’t seem to be bothered and these two seem to be pretty happy. Click next to see another surprising couple! 

Everyone knows that Julia Roberts is a very famous, successful and one of the most beautiful actresses in the world. So, the marriage to Daniel Moder came as a surprise. However, these two have been happily married for about 17 years.

The famous actor Pierce Brosnan, is considered as one of the most attractive actors worldwide. However, even though he is very popular to women, he chose as his one true love a girl that isn’t like a model, as we would have guessed, but she is charming and she has a beautiful smile. The couple has been married for about 17 years! 

Well, even though he’s tough and not so attractive looks, Mike Tyson was once married to the beautiful actress, Robin Givens. They got married in 1988 and they divorced after just one year. It is said that Mike’s unique character is what attracts women.

Lord is a very beautiful and successful singer that is known for her distinctive voice. However, despite her looks, her ex-partner, James Lowe wasn’t as good looking as her. But, James was a nice and talented guy and the two stayed together from 2013 till 2016. 

In contrast with her role in “Sex and the City”, where she played a very selective woman, Sarah Jessica Parker, proved to be the opposite of that. Her partner, Matthew Broderick, isn’t exactly the prince charming, but he is really smart and they have been together for about 22 years!

The Famous Victoria Secret’s angel, despite her looks, in 2009, she got married to the basketball player, Marco Jaric. I think it is clear who has the looks in this relationship, but the couple seemed to get along pretty well until their divorce in 2014. 

Well, this was definitely an odd couple. Marilyn Manson, a famous singer known for his eccentric style was once engaged to the singer Evan Rachel, who looked nothing like him.

Salma Hayek is undebatable, a stunning actress, but surprisingly she chose as her life partner someone that isn’t as good looking as she is. However, she explained that looks don’t matter for her and that she wanted a mature and wealthy man to settle down. The couple has been married for 10 years.

Well, at first no one could believe that this amazingly beautiful actress would marry a man that is not as stunning. She was every man’s dream, but yet she chose to marry a not so traditionally beautiful. Regardless that, the couple seems to be great together and they have been married since 2013. 

Another shocking moment was when one of the most beautiful American actresses, Clare Grant married the petite actor, Seth Green. However, Grant doesn’t seem to be bothered by Seth’s height, as the couple has been married for almost a decade! 

A true beauty like the actress Catherine Zeta-Jones would be expected to marry an equally beautiful man. In contrast, she married the famous actor, Michael Douglass, who is more than 25 years older than her. They have been married for 19 years!

The famous actress, Tori Spelling, is married to the Canadian actor, Dean Mcdermott and even though these two are not on the same level considering looks, they love each other and they have been married for 13 years! 

Well, it’s clear to everyone that the actress Elizabeth Banks doesn’t care much about looks and pays more attention to personality! So, that explains how this beauty married the sweet, yet not handsome Max Handelman. They have been married for 16 years!

So, here is another odd couple that made everyone wonder when they got married. The Swedish supermodel Paulina Porizkova married the singer Rick Ocasek in 1989 and all hell broke loose. Not only did Paulina was clearly more stunning in comparison with the singer, but she was 16 years younger than him, too. The couple divorced in 2018. 

It came as a surprise when this couple announced they were getting married. The actress, Mary-Kate Olsen, and the banker, Olivier Sarkozy, got married in 2015 and the couple seemed happy. However, Sarkozy is 17 years older than Mary-Kate and not exactly attractive. 

This beautiful and elegant actress decided to marry the screenwriter Lee Kirk after her heart was broken by her previous marriage. They have been together for 9 years and Kirk must feel very lucky to call such a beauty his wife!  

Even though the famous actress Christina Hendricks is so beautiful, her husband and fellow actor Geoffrey Arend doesn’t exactly reflect the beauty standards. The couple has been married for a decade. 


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