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20 Celebrity FaceApp Transformations You Won’t Believe

The FaceApp has taken the world by storm and celebrities are no exception to that. The app shows you what you would look like as an elderly person – is that something we really want to see? Apparently it is considering the fact that everyone has been all over this app. After millions of people downloaded and used the app, posting it to their social media feed to show it off as well, it was said that the Russian government was using the app to get information on voters for the 2020 election. Whether that is true or not, the world did not stop using the app regardless of the threat and now we have endless funny images of people as they would look like in a few decades. Celebrities were just as curious as us regular folk and took to the app and then to their socials to show us them as old people. We collected some of the most unbelievable transformations celebrities underwent thanks to the FaceApp. 

Lance Bass of NSYNC took to his Instagram to show the world what the entire band would look like in a couple of decades. He captioned the image with a funny line about what the band would look like the next time they got together since getting them all in a room is not as easy thing. A fan responded by saying how emotionally traumatizing it is to see them this way. We agree, we totally agree. 

Nick Jonas, who we consider one of the better looking Jonas Brother (sorry, guys!) took to FaceApp as well and posted this old looking yearbook photo of himself in his golden years. He captioned the image “OMJ. Old man Jonas.” That is indeed a sight for sore eyes. Honestly, if he looks anything like that as an old man then he is good to go in our books. Team Nick all the way over here! 

From just Nick to the whole Jonas Brothers brood. The three brothers posted this image of themselves using the FaceApp. Even here Nick looks incredible, while Joe and Kevin are a little worse for wear. They captioned the image “when you take a trip to the year 3000,” which is exactly what it looks like. Fans loved this post and seeing their boy band all grown up and mature, pun intended. 

Jared Leto took his photo from this year’s Met Gala (the theme of which was Camp) and put it through the app to see what he would look like in a few decades. The app managed to capture both of his heads, both the real one and the fake on that he is holding. One fan wrote on his post that there is no way he would age as Leto is like a vampire in his youth.

The Jersey Shore girls, Snooki and J Woww, are a dynamic duo who give sass and class when it is needed. These two are absolutely going to be friends until they are as old as the app made them look and we cannot wait until they sit on their porch together, drinking iced tea, talking smack about the people that they used to know. The FaceApp did not age them well but hopefully that is not a real indicator. 

Oh Cardi! FaceApp did not do our dear rapper justice at all. Luckily for us all, Cardi loves making fun of herself and posted the photo onto her social media account for her fans to see and enjoy. There are many who have used the app who stated that they noticed that the app is harder on the women than the men, would you agree? We have to say that there is something to that.  

There is no way that Drake will ever look bad and this photo through FaceApp proves it! He captioned this photo “best caption wins ovo tickets,” and so naturally everyone on his Instagram started captioning this image with lots of funny options. His fans are some of the most loyal bunch out there, so they will stick with him until the day he really does look as old as this. 

Kevin Hart loves making the world laugh so this was a good one. He captioned this photo “strong old man face and upper body.” We have to agree here with Kevin as he looks like a mighty fine version of an older Denzel Washington. He also wrote that FaceApp “make everybody look like Morgan Freeman.” Either way FaceApp did you good, Kevin, that is for sure. We wonder what the Russians would do with this one. 

We do not know where to begin with this one. Singer Sam Smith has the voice of an angel but when it comes to aging, he is not looking too hot, literally. Being very open about his gender fluidity, Smith captioned this one “Grandma or Grandpa? I’ll take both.” You know what, we would also take both as he looks absolutely fabulous. Many of his commenters would agree with us as well. 

James Charles did not do this to himself but rather a fan of his took to Reddit with this image of the You Tube star’s face through FaceApp. There were many who came to the stars defense saying that if he took as good a care of his skin for the rest of his life as he does right now then he will look much better than what the app thinks he will. Fair enough. 

The country rapper is all the rage these days, so it is natural that an interest in his old man face will come up. The man sings about an Old Town Road so his old man face must have been curious. He captioned the photo “Feeling cute might delete later,” which we are laughing our little behind over since that is also the face he is making. He also kind of does look like a shorter version of Morgan Freeman! 

Well now, Diplo does not hold back as per his normal way of life. The musician took to his Instagram to post his version of the FaceApp transformation but allowed his fans to see a whole lot more of his body than just his face. He captioned the image “felt cute might die later.” We certainly hope he does not because even as an older gentleman he is a far cry from unattractive. 

Lebron James throws himself into the FaceApp ringer with this one. He captioned the image “Man I don’t care what y’all say I’m taking ‘load management’ game off tonight! I’ve earned it, and my bones have too!” Sir, you certainly have and we thank you for your service to the game of basketball. He will make a very good looking older man, and we are sure that he will always have that swagger. 

Carrie Underwood said it herself, “everybody’s dong it…” and while we do not always agree on being sheep, in this case we will give her and her husband a pass because they made us laugh out loud and feel much better about ourselves. Celebrities are beautiful people but even they age, later on when we all look back at these it will be interesting to see who turned out the closest! 

The mighty Stephen Curry got swept up by this FaceApp trend as well and took to Instagram to show his transformation. He captioned the photo “Been #dubnation since day 1.” He looks very dapper in his suit and tie but man he did not age well here according to the app. Do you think Ayesha would mind that her man is not gong to age as well as her (because she is perfect!)?

Gordon Ramsay is already not looking as youthful as he could, but this is downright hilarious. He captioned the photo, which he posted on his Twitter account, “Me hosting Master Chef Season 50.” Gordon in a kitchen will always send a shiver down our spine as he is so mean to all in there, except perhaps children, which is a nice change of pace. Does he kind of look like a news reporter to you?

James captioned his FaceApp transformation “Sorry it’s been a while since I last posted.” While this is very funny, we have to complain to James that he does indeed not post enough on his social media as we cannot get enough of the actors life. The serious face he makes here is making the app just that much more effective – we wonder if he will really look like that, with all that hair too! 

Music mogul Scooter Braun may have had some beef with Taylor Swift but that did not stop him from taking part in the FaceApp phenomenon. He captioned the image “Last couple of weeks have really taken a toll on me,” which we assume is an ode to Taylor Swift and her drama with Scooter. You do you Scooter, we think you will always look and be the baller that you are. 

Bobby Berk of the Fab 5 of the Queer Eye Netflix revamp took to Instagram to post this hilarious image of the five guys as older men. We are almost 100% sure that they hated Bobby for posting this but it is too good to pass up. He captioned the image “#nomakeup tag your besties that you’ll grow old with.” While that is true, there is no way Jonathan Van Ness is okay with this. 

Iggy did not do the transformation herself but a fan did it for her. She later saw the images and retweeted on her Twitter account that the images were of her at 50 years of age and not 80 like the fan eluded to. The world now has these incredible images to look at forever and remind themselves that even celebs get old and wrinkly and that there is only so much that can be done before we are all the same. 


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