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20 Celebrity Siblings Who Failed To Make It In Hollywood

Hollywood has plenty of famous celebrity siblings, yet many siblings to A-listers have tried and failed to share the spotlight. Check out our gallery and see which celebrity sibling just couldn’t make the cut in Hollywood.

Daniel Baldwin

Any of the Baldwins– other than Alec, of course– could probably make this list, but Stephen and Billy both have relatively successful careers of their own. But Daniel, especially, tried and failed to make it in Hollywood. He got a role in the 90s TV show ‘Homicide: Life on the Street’, but ended up struggling with the “fame” and ended up using cocaine as a way to cope with it. “I thought, ‘My God, I’m gonna make $15,000 a week for 13 weeks,'” Baldwin said. “What would I do with that kind of money? You know, I had never seen anything like that before in my life.”

Haylie Duff

Despite starring in the film ‘Material Girls’ with her sister Hilary, Haylie never could reach the A-list status of her sister. Hilary had a mega-successful television series on the Disney channel followed by an equally successful singing career. Haylie, however, had neither.

Andy Lawrence

The Lawrence brothers were a package deal on the Disney channel, but oldest brothers Joey and Matthew Lawrence appeared to be more successful than Andy. Joey and Matthew each had hit television shows of their own, ‘Melissa & Joey’ and ‘Boy Meets World’, but Andy never could make it in anything noteworthy. Andy tried to get his foot in the door but nothing has worked out so far.

Frankie Grande

The 34-year-old brother of Ariana Grande will seemingly do anything to stay in the spotlight. But it’s nearly impossible to pass his sister in the fame department. These days Frankie is a tv personality and occasionally works red carpets, but will always truly be known as Ariana Grande’s brother.

Ashlee Simpson

Jessica Simpson was one of the top selling pop artists of the early 2000’s, but her sister is a different story. While Ashlee did get a little taste of fame for her album ‘Pieces of Me’, most of the world dismissed her after she was caught lip-synching on Saturday Night Live.

Jamie Lynn Spears

Being the sister of Britney Spears would make it difficult to follow her lead. But for a while, Jamie Lynn Spears seemed to be making her way up to A-list status during her show ‘Zoey 101’ on Nickelodeon during the mid-2000s. However, once she got pregnant at the age of 16, the show had to be canceled and so did Jamie Lynn’s fame.

Braxton Sister

Toni Braxton’s sisters Trina, Traci, Towanda & Tamar have all tried to get their own foot in the door to become famous themselves. After Toni’s breakout self-titled album debuted in 1993, her sisters decided to come onboard, forming a girl group known as The Braxtons, which never worked out too well.

La Toya Jackson

Michael Jackson isn’t the only famous Jackson. His sister Janet has made a successful run as a pop singer on her own. However, Michael’s other sister, La Toya, has tried and failed to make a name for herself. She released nine studio albums, but nothing worth noting.

Dannii Minogue

Kylie Minogue is an internationally famous singer, and her sister tried her hardest to match her fame. Dannii released her own album two years after Kylie released her first, and five after that, but never quite reaching Kylie’s level of fame.

Andrew Wilson

Both Owen and Luke Wilson are wildly successful in Hollywood, but their forgotten brother Andrew is not. He started acting just a few years before his now-famous brothers, but he only landed small roles in movies such as ‘Never Been Kissed’ and ‘Charlie’s Angels’.

Ray J

Ray J reached the pinnacle of his fame when his sex tape with Kim Kardashian was published. He tried to become a famous singer like his sister Brandy, who has sold millions of albums, but he has fallen far short of his sister’s overall success.

Julio Iglesias, Jr.

Usually the younger brother looks up to the older brother, but in this case, the older brother desperately wanted to be like the younger one. Julio Iglesias, Jr. is the older brother of singer Enrique Iglesias, and he saw a good amount of success overseas with his first, and three following albums but never could reach the success of his younger brother.

David Hudson

Very few people know that Katy Perry has a little brother, let alone one who tries to be a singer. David Hudson has released a few singles to iTunes but no contract means no studio album.

Austin Swift

Within the last few years, Taylor Swift’s little brother has tried to get into the acting world, even grabbing a role in Ben Affleck’s passion project, ‘Live By Night’. The movie was a big flop to the dismay of both Ben and Austin, but he’s still trying to make his way into the Hollywood A-list.

Ali Lohan

Ali tried acting early on with uncredited roles in the 1998 adaptation of ‘The Parent Trap’ and ‘Life-Size’, both movies Lindsay starred in. However, she didn’t make it much further in acting after that even after trying to gain a few more roles to boost her resume.

Luke Hemsworth

Chris and Liam’s older brother Luke has been trying to make it in Hollywood for quite some time now but with little success. He’s worked on a few roles in Australia and most notably HBO’s Westworld, but he has yet to reach the fame of his younger brothers Chris and Liam.

Michael Buscemi

Steve Buscemi has been in the spotlight for decades, so it would be hard to surpass that as a sibling. Michael has done some acting himself, but never to the level of his brother. The Buscemi boys now star together on Steve’s AOL series, Park Bench, which is a short-format interview show in the style of Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. You could say he’s still trying.

Brett Harrelson

Similar to the Lawrence brothers, Brett Harrelson got his big break in 1996 when he basically played himself after getting cast as Larry Flynt’s brother, Jimmy, alongside brother Woody Harrelson in The People vs. Larry Flynt. However, there hasn’t been much more added to his acting resume since that’s notable.

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