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How Would You React? 20 Of The Most Epic Pranks Ever!

Everyone loves a good prank, as long as it isn’t on himself. These pranks are perfect for April Fool’s or if you just like to tease your friends. They are harmless, but they are so hilarious that will leave you out of breath from laughter. Make sure to try every single one of them and especially my personal favorites, #13, #11 and most definitely, #4!

This prank is both funny and yummy! Your friend will be so surprised to walk into a room with flying sausages and after you laugh at them, then you can have a nice meal and continue laughing at them while eating. That’s perfect! 

Tired from work, just wanting to take a shower and have a delicious snack. Well, not exactly. If you don’t like your friends very much and you don’t have a problem with them not talking to you ever again, that’s the way! Just take their Oreo’s, throw the cream away and replace it with some toothpaste. Evil!

You are about to go to work. You take your keys and leave the house and when you arrive at your car you see two hands grabbing your weel. What do you do? Well, it’s a great day to ride your bike, or walk or just crawl to work. No one would get into that car ever again. 

Just imagine waking up in the middle of the night to drink some water and as you open the fridge half asleep, you see this thing on your butter. Isn’t your first thought to start running for your life? Well, this will also be your friend’s reaction, so you should make sure to tape the incident and have a great laugh all together later. 

Well, if you don’t lose your friends with the Oreo and toothpaste prank, this prank will do that for sure. Look at this yummy chocolate dream waiting to be eaten after a long day at work! I’m pretty sure that this is considered a crime. Just stop messing with my food Erica! 

Do you want to make your friends feel special? Make sure they have all eyes on them! So, that’s not a scary prank, but is really funny and you don’t risk to lose your friend. You will both have a great laugh and a good time. 

That’s genius! See how it goes. You take your friend’s soap and you paint it over with some clear polish so he doesn’t see a difference and then you wait for him to go and wash his hands. The polish will prevent the soap from making the foam and your friend will not be able to wash his hands. 

For this prank, you will need some objects that can be easily balanced on top of each other, a camera and an asleep friend. So, you wait for your heavy sleeper friend to fall asleep and then you start balancing objects on top of him until he wakes up. That’s crazy! 

This prank will give everyone the chills! For this one, prefer a friend who really hates spiders and just wait to see his reaction when he realizes that the spider that was supposedly inside the cup, not only was really strong to make a hole on it, but no one knows where it is now. 

This one is also evil. Just make these and take them to a party. But, be careful! Don’t offer them to people, just leave them on the table with the rest of the food and enjoy people’s faces of disgust while you laugh like a bad guy from a movie. 

That’s so funny. well, you will need a FAKE lizard or a snake and you will place it inside your friend’s groceries. But, you have to place it in a way that it doesn’t seem fake. You could also use other fake animals, like mice or spiders. 

That’s another scary prank and for this, you will also need a scary fake animal. Just buy a very scary looking fake animal and place it inside your friend’s mailbox. Imagine his look when instead of his mail he sees this creature. 

That’s a classic! Do you want to embarrass your friend in front of everyone? If the answer is yes, just do this. It will make the loudest noise ever and everyone will stare at him! 

This one is simple and genius. You take many cotton balls and you dip then in water. After that, you place them on someone’s car and they stick on the car giving a hard time to his owner to clean that all up! Do it in winter because it needs to be cold for this to work. 

This is the perfect prank to do at school. However, it needs to be done by many people as it takes a lot of time. We just hope that you and your friends won’t be in trouble after doing that and that everybody will laugh. 

For this prank, you will need a fake creepy arm or something like that and you have to place it inside the fridge, but somewhere that isn’t too obvious. Then, you wait for someone to open the fridge and you laugh at them as they scream when they see it. 

Now, this prank is the best for some people that drive really bad and don’t care about anyone else. So, you buy many sticky notes and you cover the whole car. The owner will have to spend a lot of time cleaning this mess up, and he hopefully learns his lesson. 

Is this a prank or a work of art? Well, it depends. But how do you do that? Find your friend’s or coworker’s keyboard and throw some seeds between the keyboard keys. You should do it while the owner of the keyboard is on vacation for the seeds to grow. 

This is perfect for anyone who likes croquet. However, this prank needs a lot of preparation and you have to make sure that your friend will be gone for many hours in order to transform his room into an impromptu croquet field.

1. Another School Prank 

Well, this is another school prank that someone could do, but for me, the previous is better. the point here is to give a hard time to everyone who wants to wash their hands. However, that is just a waste of food.


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