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20 Photos That Almost Broke The Internet

The photos here are not only funny, perfectly timed and can make anyone turn their head in confusion at times, they are also the very same photos that nearly broke the internet with their viral sharing. The photographers behind the lens perhaps did not intend for these photos to turn out quite like they did, but the world is a better place for it and we are sure glad they were taken. These photos have been around the digital sphere many times over thanks to just how perfectly wrong the placement was, or how perfectly right it was depending on how you view things. There are photos here that will make you laugh, others that will make you confused until your eyes focus on them properly, but all of them are genius in how the timing and the placement were serendipitously together. 

This guy way more than he bargained for during his vacation nap. He seems to be completely oblivious, as is the girl, as to how this image looks like from the angle that this photographer was snapping from. We wonder if they had any idea that this photo was even being taken but the guy taking it sure got a good laugh in on his own perfect location and timing. Take it as you will, perhaps this guy is getting a little extra attention on his vacation.  

Figure skaters use their bodies to glide over the ice in the most graceful of ways. However, there are angles at which these athletes do not look their best and this is exactly one of them. The way this photographer snapped this image makes it look a little too much like the female figure skaters head is coming out of the others rear. This is definitely a laugh out loud moment for us, but if they saw it we wonder what they would think! 

How unfortunate that this woman was photographed during a hot dog or sausage eating contest (handless we assume) with mustard all over her. She entered this contest with a friendly spirit and someone took that to the next level by photographing it and putting it online. We thank you kind sir for doing so for our entertainment purposes, how else would this perfectly timed photo be shared with the masses? 

Professional wrestling on television is staged almost all of the time. However, even so it is very cool to see a photo such as this one where you see the second before someone gets thrown down onto the floor by their opponent. The girl was talking to another and seemed to have no idea that her opponent was right before her, feet in mid-air and all hell was about to break loose. 

Gymnasts are downright alien in what they are able to make their body do. They flex, bend, warp, and shift more than us regular people. This is the perfect example of this ability as this gymnast managed to bend her head so far back that in this photo it looks like she does not even have one. The photographer here must have done a double take when he looked at what he had snapped – the headless gymnast. 

This poor unassuming woman at a music festival or concert was snapped a mere second before a giant cup full of water would land on her head. We have no idea who would be so cruel as to do such a thing to this girl but the photo itself is very cool considering the image stopped time for a moment and you can see the water and the girl all in one, before disaster struck. 

We are going to give this guy the benefit of the doubt and say that the girl to the right of the photo just happened to be in the shot and that he was seeking a photo of the fire fighters who were there due to a call to the scene. However, we are pretty sure that the girl being in the photo is no coincidence and whether she is a victim or suspect, she also caught the eye of the photographer. 

These two crazy kids should not be smiling but they are as they run for their dry lives from the truck that is about to dump gallons of water all over them. If we had to guess, we would say that these two are on a date and this is an unexpected twist to their romantic stroll along the river. They did not expect to literally be soaked as if they jumped right in. 

Yes, your eyes are playing tricks on you – this is not a fish with human arms, despite the fact that the first thing your mind tells you is that that is exactly what you are seeing. This photographer did not know it at the time but the photo they just snapped had the perfect placement for the fish and the swimmer right next to it. Perhaps this is what they think is Aquaman? 

Who said women in politics have to be all buttoned up and square? This woman is a member of the Israeli parliament and is showing the world that you can be politically inclined as well as physically attractive. She did not notice someone snapping this photo but even in the middle of tying her hair she is looking very much like a woman you would stop and stare at outside of a stuffy government building. 

We had to do a double take when we saw this one. At first glance, it looks like this baby has massive adult legs and a baby upper body, but if you look again you will see what is really going on over here. The baby is sitting on another adults lap and is giving up all the illusion of giant baby lower body. Nicely played, baby, nicely played. 

This young woman thought it would be a good idea to pose very seductively with the alien figure. We are not sure if this was a figure that was stand alone or a cosplayer which means that there is a man inside the costume. Perhaps there is a guy in there and he jumped out at her when she made this pose for the camera, now that is something we would have loved to see. 

Leave it to a photographer trying to capture a seagull to make him also look like he is giant. This optical illusion is a great one, imagine if there really was a giant seagull on the loose in the world wreaking havoc on us all as a result of years of not getting bread to snack on. Tiny man, giant seagull, this could end badly for humankind if this were the case. 

We are pretty sure that a friend of this guy was trying to snap a photo of his or her friend doing a flip when a plane decided to be at the right place at the right time so that this photo could be taken. People went bananas when they saw this since it is so rare for such perfect moments to happen in photography and for the world to enjoy it thanks to the web. 

All we can say about this one is that we sincerely hope that this man did not make any sudden movement when this photo was taken as well as afterwards. All he wanted was a photo of the fish he snagged, but this bear had another thought in mind when she saw her lunch holding a fish, perhaps she thought it was a two in one special. Hopefully the photographer managed to get away. 

We are not sure how this incident even happened but someone managed to capture it and we are forever grateful to them. This man somehow managed to fall back into this fountain and the woman he was with went forward to try and help him out. Perhaps she thought it was funny and was taking her time to get to him, but this guy’s day was not going as well as he would have hoped. 

Onlookers got a show when watching this woman slide down a hill. The photographer in the crowd got this gem of a photo with the woman in mid-air holding on for dear life as she slides down, snow covered everything. This was not the best day for her to wear a skirt we think but luckily her tights are there to warm her up as well as make her more appropriate. 

Sheep riding is a thing in certain places in the world. This photo managed to grab the perfect moment when a kid was riding her little sheep and was kicked off of it just like she would a bull, just a little softer. We see the look on the girls face and cannot help but feel bad for her, that could not have felt very nice to drop, duck and roll like that in front of everyone. 

The moment before someone takes a fall is a great moment to capture. This photo not only stopped time before this girl slipped her way down, but also before she slipped her way down onto a giant puddle of dirty water. The moments following this photo must have been a messy and wet bunch of minutes. Thankfully, we will always have the before photo to see the second before a mess. 


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