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20 Secrets The Producers Of ‘Hairspray’ Hid From Fans

It’s been nine years since the release of one of the most popular musical movies of our time. With an all-star cast, Hairspray the movie was guaranteed to be a hit. Relive the glory days with these little-known facts about the film.

20. Amanda Bynes’ Father, Who Is A Dentist, Was Worried About Her Teeth

Amanda’s father was concerned over her eating 40 suckers a day as character Penny Pingleton in the movie. However, the actress told her dentist dad she was not really eating the sugary snacks, even though she most definitely was consuming the dozens of lollipops.

19. Zac Efron Made Out With A Photo Of Tracy For Over An Hour

Zac was forced to make out with the photograph of Tracy for over an hour while rehearsing “Without Love,” the song in which he professes his love for her.

18. The Cast Referred To The Song “You Can’t Stop The Beat” As “You Can’t Stop To Breathe”

The cast joked about the fast paced song claiming it never gave them a moment to catch their breath. However, Queen Latifah had no issues with it thanks to her background as a rapper.

17. It Took John Travolta Four Hours To Become Edna Turnblad

Actor John Travolta was dedicated when it came to turning into Edna Turnblad for the role. He wore a 30 pound fat suit and silicone face prosthetics throughout the movie.

16. Michelle Pfeiffer Didn’t Realize Her Character Was Racist Until After Filming Began

Actress Michelle Pfeiffer was worried about her reputation when she realized her role was racist, but director Adam Shankman was able to calm her fears.

15. There Was A Subtle Reference To John Travolta’s Role On ‘Pulp Fiction’

Edna Turnblad, Travolta’s character, has a line that references a scene from Pulp Fiction: “Look, if you want to be famous, learn how to take blood outta car upholstery.” This refers to when Travolta shoots Samuel L. Jackson’s character on accident while in car.

14. Both Meryl Streep And Madonna Were First Considered For The Role Of Velma Von Tussle

Before casting Michelle Pfeiffer as the blonde, both iconic actress Meryl Streep and singer Madonna were considered for the role.

13. The Movie Was Set In Baltimore, Maryland But Was Filmed In Canada

While the movie was set in 1962 Baltimore, the filming actually took place in Ontario, Canada.

12. The Movie’s Costume Designer Used Real Vintage Clothes For Some Of The Scenes

Rita Ryack, the costume director, found vintage clothing in thrift shops for some of the scenes in the high school.

11. Robin Williams Was Also Considered For The Role Of Edna Turnblad

The late comedian and actor Robin Williams was considered for the role of Edna before it was officially given to John Travolta.

10. The Dress Amanda Bynes Wore In The “You Can’t Stop The Beat” Song Was Made From Curtains In Her Room

Amanda’s character, Penny, wears a dress made from the curtains in her room during the “You Can’t Stop The Beat” song.

9. Michelle Pfeiffer Changed Her Script To Include A Song

“Big, Blonde And Beautiful” was added into the movie instead of a scripted scene to give Michelle the chance to sing.

8. Actress Nikki Blonsky Celebrated Her 18th Birthday On Set

The movie marked both Nikki’s film debut and her 18th birthday, which she celebrated with friends and family on set.

7. It Took Two Hours To Style Amanda Bynes’ PigTails

Stylists worked for two hours to achieve the perfect Penny Pingleton look.

6. Aretha Franklin Auditioned For The Role Of Motormouth Maybelle

But she lost to Queen Latifah.

5. Director Adam Shankman Offered Zac Efron A Role After Seeing Him On ‘High School Musical’

He was so impressed with his skills that he offered him the role of Link Larkin.

4. It Was Screenwriter John Waters’ Only PG-Rated Movie

Waters was shocked when Hairspray was rated PG as most of his movies are R-rated. He even has NC-17 and X-rated movies, so it’s no wonder he was shocked by this family-friendly rating.

3. Stockard Channing Turned Down A Role In The Movie

Writer and director John Waters says being rejected by Stockard Channing for a role in Hairspray is still at the top of his list.

2. Several Original Actors Starred In The Remake

Jerry Stiller, Ricki Lake, and John Waters all had roles in the remake after having starred in the 1988 version.  

1. John Travolta Would Sing ‘Grease’ Songs On Set


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