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20 Things To Have On Hand For Power Outages

Taking steps now to prepare for a power outage avoids the inconveniences and even dangers that could arise when there is no electricity. Power outages can result from storms or natural disasters, and the effects could last for several days. Here are 20 things you can do to make sure you are safe during an electrical power outage:

1. A Coleman Stove and Plenty Of Propane

A stove that you can use indoors will make your life so much easier during a power outage. Never cook indoors with a propane portable stove. Its important to keep plenty of propane on hand so that you can use your outdoor grill to cook food. If you have a gas stove, lucky you. You will be fine in a power outage to continue to cook indoors.

2. Lanterns (Battery or Oil)

Having lanterns at night during a power outage will make it less scary, especially if you have kids. It gets pretty dark when there’s no power so a lantern will help you move about at night.

3. Extra Oil For The Lantern

Make sure to stock up on some extra oil in case the power outage lasts for a few days. This will ensure that you have light whenever you need it.

4. A French Press or Camping Coffee Pot

You may go crazy during an outage if you don’t have your morning coffee! Having a french press on hand will come in handy especially if you are dealing with keeping kids occupied.

5. A Stash Of Pre-Ground Coffee

A french press or coffee pot wont be of any use unless you keep a healthy stash of pre ground coffee. You will be thankful for this tip since electric coffee grinders wont work without power.

6. Batteries

Cs and Ds seem to power most lanterns but you will want to make sure you have AA and AAA as well. You never know what will loose battery during the storm.

7. Flashlights

LED flashlights have a huge advantage over incandescent models. They allow batteries to last much longer (typically about six to 10 times as long).

8. Candles and Matches

Use the long-burning ones but remember to never leave them unattended. Having matches around is a must as you will need them to light your candles and lanterns.

9. Ice

You need lots of ice and a cooler to keep the contents of your fridge cold. It will be imperative that you refrain from opening your refrigerator whenever possible.

10. Powdered Milk

Stock it if you have kids or even if you just like milk. You can buy rice milk and store it in your cupboards as a cheaper alternative if you prefer.

11. Whiskey

Everyone needs to have a bottle of this on hand. You will not regret keeping this handy in the instance of a power outage.

12. A Car Cell-Phone Charger

This one is a life saver! after a day or two of a power outage, your phone is sure to need a charge. Using your car to charge your phone will come in handy.

13. A car Inverter

These things can run power off of your engine. You could check your email in your car, recharge your computer, etc. A power inverter turns DC current from your car into AC current for electric gadgets. Larger ones can power a fridge or power tools.

14. A cord phone

Cordless phones lose power and won’t work when the power goes out. Keep a cord phone in case your cell phone’s dead and you need to make an emergency call.

15. Canned Goods

One of the most important things when it comes to a power outage is having enough to eat! Depending on the time of year, think warm chili, soups, or creamed corn.

16. A Weather Radio

Get one that is either self-charging or runs on AA batteries. You can get all the news you need from the local station. If phone and Internet systems go down along with the power grid, a battery-powered radio may be your only source of weather and emergency information. Some models have a solar panel or a hand crank for recharging, so you don’t even need

17. Board Games

Keep a supply of books, board games, playing cards and other items available to keep you entertained and amused during a power outage. These will make a hard experience more bearable.

18. Treats

Have some chocolate, cookies, or some other sweet things around. The little things help your psyche a lot.

19. Sleeping Bags

You will be thankful for some sleeping bags especially if its cold. They also come in handy in case you have to go to a shelter or you bunk at a neighbor’s house.

20. Baby Wipes


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