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20 Things The Producers Of The Goonies Kept Secret Until Now

You don’t need to be an ‘80s kid to know and love The Goonies. This 1985 film is a cult-classic even today. These hidden secrets and little-known facts will have you shouting “the Goonies never say die!”

20. The Actors Didn’t See One-Eyed Willy’s Pirate Shipping Prior To Shooting The Scene

The actors were not allowed to see One-Eyed Willy’s pirate ship as it was being built. Their reactions to it were genuine, however, because they all were so shocked by the sight of it, they started cussing. The scene had to be re-shot.

19. There Is A Subtle Reference To The Gremlins Movie When Chunk Calls The Police

Executive producer Steven Spielberg and screenwriter Chris Columbus worked on both Gremlins and The Goonies. A subtle reference to the first can be heard when Chunk calls the police, and the officer brings up his story about “little creatures that multiply when you pour water on them.”

18. Coffee And Real Blood Was Used To Make The Treasure Map Look Old

The prop department didn’t have red paint, so the production designer cut his own finger to sprinkle real blood on the map. They also used coffee to stain the paper to help age it. The effort was worth it as the treasure map appeared to be over 300 years old in the film.

17. Sean Astin (Mikey) Accidentally Calls Brolin (Brand) By His Real Name In One Scene

Whoops! In one scene actor Sean Astin, who plays Mikey, accidentally calls Josh Brolin by his real name instead of his character name “Brandon” or “Brand.” The mistake takes place in the scene after Chunk breaks the water cooler in the abandoned restaurant.

16. The Langford Surf Coaster Corporation Built The Slide That Led To One-Eyed Willy’s Ship

The slide the Goonies gang rode down to One-Eyed Willy’s ship was an actual waterslide.

15. The Actor Who Played Chunk Went On To Become An Attorney

Jeff Cohen, the actor who played the role of “Chunk,” left the movie industry and became an attorney. After The Goonies, he went on to play high school football, which helped him lose weight. He’s hardly recognizable in this then-and-now photo!

14. The Story Of One-Eyed Willy Was Practically Improvised

Director Richard Donner told actor Sean Astin the story of One-Eyed Willy just before filming the scene where Mikey tells his friends about the legend. Donner wanted the scene to be as natural as possible, and the improv helped make the scene seem original.

13. The Actor Who Played “Sloth” Was Actually A Retired NFL Player

John Matuszak, the actor who played the role of “Sloth,” was once a NFL player for the Oakland Raiders. He pays tribute to the team in one scene with a Raiders shirt.

12. Sloth’s Superman Shirt Is An Inside Joke Amongst The Movie Crew

Director Richard Donner got his start in the business by directing Superman: The Movie in 1978. Not only does the shirt work well for the scene when Sloth rips his vest off, but it’s also an inside joke with the crew.

11. The Photo Of Chester Copperpot Is Actually Actor Keenan Wynn

Actor Keenan Wynn was set to star in Donner’s Superman, before dropping out due to exhaustion. It’s said it’s his photo that is used to portray Chester Copperpot, the treasure hunter who went missing while searing for One-Eyed Willy’s gold.

10. There Were No Bats Actually Used In Making The Movie

The “bats” seen flocking in the caves were actually just bowties and black paper mache being blown out of air cannons.

9. It Took Five Hours To Transform John Matuszak Into The Character Of “Sloth”

The makeup artists needed plenty of time to transform Matuszak into the character of “Sloth.” And lots of makeup.

8. The Movie Sloth Watches While Chained Up Is Captain Blood From 1935

It was only fitting for Sloth to watch a pirate movie while chained in the basement.

7. The Movie Was Shot Mostly On Location In Astoria, Oregon

It took five months to shoot the film on location in Astoria, Oregon. However, some scenes, such as the tunnels and cave, were shot in Burbank, California with help from sound stages.

6. The Goonies Was Josh Brolin’s Big Break

Playing big brother Brand in The Goonies was Brolin’s first movie role. He went on to star in movies No Country For Old Men, Men in Black 3, Milk, and American Gangster, to name a few.

5. Owners Of The Goonies House Have Shut It Down Due To Tourists

The owners of the house that appears in the movie have “shut it down” due to rude tourists flocking to get a glimpse. They complained people were leaving trash on the property before they covered the windows with tarps, effectively hiding the house from view.

4. Steven Spielberg Was The Director For Two Scenes In Addition To Being The Executive Producer

Spielberg directed two scenes of the movie: When the kids bang on the underground pipes and the wishing-well scene.

3. The Goonies’ Real-Life Parents Were Allowed To Film In The Last Scene

When the kids are reunited with their parents at the end of the movie, most of the adults are their real parents.

2. A Scene Involving An Octopus Was Cut From The Movie, But Still Mentioned By “Data” At The Ending

Data mentions a scary octopus when talking to reporters at the end of the movie, however, the scene involving the octopus didn’t make the final cut.

1. Actor Robert Davi, Who Played The Role Of Jake Fratelli, Sings “Madame Butterfly” Opera To Sloth And Chunk


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