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21 Funny Restaurant Signs That Will Surely Make Your Day

Restaurant signs are placed in front of the building for good reasons. They are often helpful in letting customers know what they’re serving. Also, it serves as a reminder for workers to provide the best service possible. But what if restaurant signs have an unexpected purpose? Instead of sticking to the old rules, these restaurants found another use for their signage. Make sure to check each one. I bet it’ll make for one pleasant day. 

This Texas restaurant is famous for its classic jokes and puns. It has always been a head-turner in the community. Continue reading and you’ll understand why. 

When they posted this sign, I’m sure everyone did agree with a naughty grin of course. But who would really want a small taco after all? Whenever you see such a sign, I’m sure they might have heard of El Arroyo at least once. 

Sometimes the best intentions can get mixed up. Therefore, it totally loses its meaning. Just like this Wendy’s sign. We truly understand what they’re saying but a little of line spacing might have done the job spotless-perfect. 

Wendy’s just wants to tell people how much they appreciate their staff. In addition, they will go to great lengths to express their appreciation. 

Memes have been having a lot of exposure in recent years. They’re everywhere. They sure make people laugh. Others, however, can be agitating. This restaurant decided to use classic Velociraptor in a very amusing way. 

For $1 per slice, you can get this super-delicious pizza. The raptor was wondering why other brands are selling at a higher price. We’re not exactly sure how their message came across to their customers. But what I’m sure of is whoever drew the raptor sure did a good job. 

Hands down, this is how every customer should behave. I think before getting rude to the waiter, patrons will think twice before doing that. Unless they’re so drunk that they can’t think straight. This will benefit the customers big time as long as they practice good manners. 

Politeness is a good value to carry around no matter where you are. With this great offer, we hope this will help rude clients get their act straight. We people will continue to carry on the value with or without rewards.

This restaurant has a good way to remind people of the dangers of smoking. Smokers would walk outside to puff some smoke. Other customers appreciate some fresh air. 

Let’s talk about some facts. Research shows that 9 out of 10 smokers started before they actually turned 18. That means 90% of smokers began smoking as teens. In addition, about 3,200 teenagers under 18 puffed their first cigarette. Here’s good news, if you’re 26 and you haven’t smoked congratulations. You’ve got a lower chance of becoming a smoker. 

The person who thought of this restaurant sign is a genius. They not only persuade customers to come and drink they actually came out encouraging. “Did you know that 2-3 glasses of wine per day can reduce your risk of giving a shit,” is a sight to behold and it’s true. You might want to take extra precaution since you might regret other things the next day. 

Research shows that drinking red wine good for you. That’s because red wine is rich in antioxidants. It lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases and type-2 diabetes. Just remember, Drink Moderately.

There’s no arguing with Casey’s bar and restaurant. “The fact that there’s a highway to hell and only a stairway to heaven says a lot about anticipated traffic numbers.” What they said is actually true. It’s something worth pondering. 

It might seem like they’re enticing customers for some bad decisions. But, it’ll be much better to go to Casey’s bar instead. 

I bet there are a number of wives smiling out there. It’s just a place that really understands what you’re going through on a daily basis. Husbands can sometimes be similar to raising another kid. With every hard work, you always deserve a break. So, why not?  

So, if you want to go shopping, or have your nails done you know where to drop your beloved husband. The daycare center will take care of him. Along with other husbands of course. You can rest assured that he will behave in a wonderful way. It’s a sweet deal that will make lots of wives smile. 

This bar owner might have some beef with bread. But, if you think about it he got a point. Each bread that you buy is a grain that got prevented from becoming a beer. There’s nothing to worry since we have enough grains to make beer and bread in our lifetime. 

I wouldn’t support that guy’s opinion. That’s because we love bread and there’s nothing wrong with it and the same goes for beer. I just thought that the owner was just someone who prefers beer rather than bread. So do I. 

It seems that this bar has a solution to the world’s biggest problems. If you’re hungry, you will be fed. Thirst? They will get you drunk. Importantly, if you’re lonely, they will still get you drunk. But, it seems they have only two solutions to three questions.

While it will not solve loneliness, a company while you drink will lessen the alienation. Plus, drinking is one of the fastest ways to make friends. Although it’s a short term solution, as long it works, it’s worth the try. 

It sums up one of this generation’s problems. There have been a lot of cases that showed people pulling their smartphones to take videos before calling 911. We would like to extend our appreciation for the person who did this. 

A lot of people tend to share their life on social media. Make sure to get yourself to safety before you Tweet about it. 

This sign is funny as it is true. Even with the help of Google, why is it that people are getting dumber? So, how did our parents survive without Google? It might be best to ask them in person.

Imagine your parents they have to carry around a bag full of books to school. They started to do that in preschool. Is it fair to say that the hard-bound encyclopedias work better than the software version? No matter what their answers are, they deserve every respect. 

This sign is very relatable. Don’t say you haven’t done something similar. I know the writer and I are not the only people who did that. For those who are having difficulty making the transition, wearing your yoga pants while sipping your favorite whiskey might just be the first step you need. 

Drinking whiskey is the fool-proof way we have dealt with stress. But, maybe yoga is the most effective way. However, sipping whiskey while dressed for yoga is the best way to get started. 

Mondays are the worst day of the week. Maybe not. If you love what you’re doing, there’s no bad day in a week. But to those who don’t, it just might be the case. Trying to go to work after spending a great weekend with friends and family can be daunting. 

As I was saying, why not make the move to do what you love? I’m sure you have something you would want to spend your whole life for. All of us deserve the life that we want. So, why not make the transition? I hope every day will feel like Friday! Cheers.

Sure, barbecue needs time to prepare. Unlike McDonald’s, you can get your order in minutes. If you want fast-food make sure to hop into a real fast food store. But if you want some real BBQ, make sure you have the time to wait until it gets cooked.  

Although it consumes more time than cheeseburgers, it’s guaranteed that once it’s served it’s worth the wait. If you decide to get your food in this store, you’ll be delighted once the food is served. Well, it’s just as it is. Masterpieces take time to finish. 

This is good news for bartenders and it’s relatable. There will always be customers who will leave the bar a bit more than tipsy. And it’s unfortunate that the creep has had the most drinks. I know, it’s very uncomfortable until he gets kicked out. We’re hoping this will keep him from coming back. 

Sadly, most creeps would just try to forget everything when they’re sober. I guess the owner’s next step might just place a picture in the sign or write his name on it. Make sure the creep is not you though. 

This is a funny sign but it’s true. Who would want that to happen, right? While the sign is placed in the men’s comfort room, this Irish pub surely said it best. If you own a bar or a restaurant, or if you’re working on one you might have seen people have other agendas. 

There is a guy who comes in for lunch with his wife and kids but later comes dating another girl. I don’t agree with this behavior, I do appreciate the humor. For the guys out there, stay loyal to your wives. 

This is a funny sign for people born after the 90s. But it’s so true for those born in the 90s and earlier. That’s because they’re born in a time when technology hasn’t overcome society. To those living in this generation, you might as well follow the sign. 

You’re living in a fictional world. Take a lesson or two from the 90’s kids. They’re used to talk to each other physically. You have already noticed that people today are trying to talk to their friends in another place than those who they are with. It might just be funny but it’ll give you more benefits if you follow it. 

This is a funny sign that best describes this generation. It’s silly that this generation doesn’t know how to talk to people. They’re so full of technology that they don’t know how to strike a conversation. 

People used to go to bars to hang-out and meet new people. Back then, it was a common way to meet someone. But dating apps changed all that. But this bar is introducing the old school way. This clever sign just might be what young people need to get back to reality. 

This is for the math-wiz out there. This sign is as literal as it is. The best part is, it’s true. “According to chemistry, alcohol is technically a solution.” This far uses science and facts to draw customers in. 

If it doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will. Alcohol has been the go-to drug for people who are suffering emotionally. Since there’s a place that makes you feel comfortable and offers the most literal solution, I would come in. 

This restaurant offers the most at home pizza experience. In other words, it’s the only thing that understands and doesn’t judge your desire. We’ve struggled with eating 2-3 slices when we want the whole thing. 

Go to this place if you want the whole thing for yourself. I promise you’ll never get humiliated. If ever you need reassurance, come by visit. Eating the whole plate will never let you feel shame. 


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