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After 21 Years of Marriage Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Announced Shocking News

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are country music’s sweethearts who also recently surprised their fans with an announcement. Faith and Tim’s relationship has never been ordinary, and they celebrated their anniversary by sharing some information about their long and winding relationship by bringing us back to the very beginning.

Surprise Romance

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were simply two musicians who were trying to make it in the music business. At the time of their introduction in 1994, Faith had just divorced her husband at the time and Tim McGraw was already in a relationship. Their first meeting however, clearly left an impression on both of them.

Tour Team Up

After their initial meeting, two years went by before they met again. In 1996 they went on a conjoined tour entitled ‘Spontaneous Combustion’. Although Tim had now called off his engagement to Kristine Donahue, Faith was now in a relationship with Scott Hendricks, a record producer.

Undeniable Chemistry

The time spent together on tour caused sparks to fly between the pair and the chemistry between them was undeniable. Although Faith was interested in Tim, she decided to ultimately stay loyal to her relationship at the time.

Faith Was UN-faithful

After going back to Tim’s dressing room after one of their shows, the pair shared their first kiss. Soon after this, Faith called off her engagement to Hendricks.

A Power Couple Is Born

As they were touring together they realized their relationship was becoming stronger everyday. It was not long until fans found out about their whirlwind romance and it became public.

In Love and Unforgiving

Due to the backhanded way Faith had dealt with her previous relationship, many fans began to dislike her. She received a lot of negative backlash from fans and the media. However, through all the negativity, she decided to stand by her decision and her relationship with Tim.

Surprise News

In late 1996 it came to a shock to fans when it was announced that Faith and Tim were expecting their first child. Tim then decided to make their relationship official by asking for her hand and getting married before welcoming the child.

Wedding Bells

Much like how their relationship had started as a surprise, Tim and Faith wanted to surprise their friends and family with a wedding. They invited their guests to what they thought was going to be a softball game and concert in Tim’s hometown of Louisiana. Instead, they were greeted by Tim and Faith saying their wedding vows.

Baby On Board

In May 1997, Tim and Faith welcomed their little girl into the world. As a result, Faith took some time off from the music world to take care of their daughter, Gracie Katherine. It wouldn’t be long before the couple was ready to start planning for their second child.

Growing Up

Despite the fame, Faith and Tim tried their best to give their daughter a normal life and Faith was so happy with motherhood that she often gushed about it during interviews and added how homesick she was when she was away for too long.

Two’s A Crowd

After a four year long tour on the road, Faith again took three years off the music scene in order to welcome their second child, Mary Elizabeth.

Award Winning Couple

After Faith decided to make a comeback by releasing a duet with her husband, it was so successful that the song stayed at number one for six weeks straight. The song “It’s Your Love” won many awards at the Academy of Country Music Awards.

Media Madness

Romance in the spotlight is tough. Both Tim and Faith had to deal with the constant rumors that plague celebrity couples. The media painted the picture that they were separating but Faith had no problem firing back at the rumors proving their bond was stronger than ever.

Three Little Angels

Tim and Faith’s relationship stayed strong. Faith would often talk about Tim in interviews saying “Tim has given me confidence and strength and my foundation. He makes me feel like I can conquer the world”. In 2001 Faith and Tim gave birth to their third child, who they named Audrey. Tim told reporters that they want MORE kids, and even told interviewers that he wouldn’t mind having a son this time.

Patriotic Family

Tim and Faith were very open about their love for their country and displayed their patriotism publicly. When they were given the chance in 2003, they decided to perform at the Army Base in Fort Bragg located in North Carolina.

Bumps In The Road

In 2008, Tim began to open up about his rocky relationship with alcohol. He admitted that he took part in heavy drinking very often and could often not do a performance without some liquid courage first. Faith then gave him an ultimatum. She told him that if he did not seek help, she would take their daughters and leave him. Tim decided to take up martial arts to improve his coping mechanisms and made a radical change in his lifestyle.


It’s hard to maintain a healthy, happy relationship in the face of fame and fortune. However, Faith and Tim manage to make it look easy. After overcoming their hardships, they are still able to manage their careers, make time for one another, and make time for their family. Not only were they music superstars, but they began to break into the world of film with Tim receiving a role in The Blind Side, while Faith contributed with the soundtrack, Country Strong.

Trouble in Paradise?

When Tim released his album in 2013 entitled Two Lanes of Freedom it seemed to bring the wrong kind of attention to the couple. Rumors began to fly saying that there was trouble in the couple’s relationship. Tim fired back at these rumors and stated that ” seem to be running like crazy right now for some reason. It’s perplexing. I don’t know why ‘happy’ can’t be a story”.

Oh, Brother

In 2013, Faith came out to the public stating that her brother was fighting addiction to illegal substances. Zachary White stated in interviews after the dark period of his life that it was Faith and Tim’s support who assisted him in overcoming his addiction.

Daughters Dream

As Tim and Faith’s daughters grew older, they decided they wanted to follow in their parents’ footsteps and break into the music industry. However, Tim and Faith stressed that their daughters work hard for their dreams and said to them that “you don’t get things handed to you on a silver platter — you have to work for the things you want”.

A New Voice

Both fans of Tim and Faith were used to them merging their voices together, but in 2015 a new voice came to light. Tim invited his 18-year-old daughter Grace to sing a duet with him on stage. During the concert Faith became so emotional, she even joined them on stage as well.


It is common for artists to look up to each other and draw inspiration from each other. Who is Faith’s inspiration? None other than the Queen B of course! Even though they sing in completely different genres, Faith and Beyonce have a lot more in common when it comes to being married in the industry and raising a family in the public eye.

Health Scare

In 2017 Hill’s health came into question when she made quite a few public appearances looking scary skinny. Fans became worried that she was ill and health experts claimed that she was overworked from touring. A source close to Hill stated that she had increased her workouts and sometimes skipped meals.


You would think that after 20 years, things would begin to get stale between the two. However, this was not the case. Faith and Tim claim that performing together for so long has kept their bond strong and they find new ways to change up their duets for their fans.

Family of Fame

Little did Tim McGraw know but his birth father wasn’t just anybody. When Tim’s birth mother met Tug McGraw, he was pitching for the Jacksonville Suns. When Tim’s mother became pregnant, she was shipped off to relatives in Louisiana while Tug continued on to the major leagues.

Following Footsteps

Unknowing of his father’s legacy, Tim found himself drawn to the sports world. Tim earned himself a baseball scholarship to Northeast Louisiana University. However, after injuring his knee, he had to give up his dream of going pro. Tim’s injury led to him finding a different way to spend his time, and so he decided to pick up guitar.


Faith from an early age knew that she had a talent in singing and she was a regular performer at her local church. She formed her own band and began performing at rodeos and different venues. When she decided she wanted to be a country singer, she moved to Nashville at the age of 19 and auditioned to sing with country star Reba Mcentire. Unfortunately for Hill, she was rejected, but obviously that didn’t stop her from wanting to achieve her dream.

Shattered Heart

Faith had been raised by adoptive parents and after moving to Nashville, she married her first husband Daniel Hill. Hill was shy when it came to speaking about her first marriage but when she did, she said that meeting her birth mother shook her so deeply she had to leave everything in her past behind. She said of the marriage that, ” I was going through so much. I was like a flower trying to bud. Marriage wasn’t what I needed. It was a disguise”.

Back To Work

In Winter 2017, Tim and Faith got together to record a collaborative album together. Surprisingly, this was the first LP that they had ever recorded together and they titled it “The Rest of Our Life”. The album did exceedingly well, and debuted at number one on the country music charts.



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