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23.5 Olympic Fails That Will Make You Feel Bad For Laughing

These Olympians are achieving feats we could never dream of, and we have nothing but respect for their sport, their determination, and their accomplishments. But that doesn’t mean that when there’s a slip-up, it doesn’t look funny. I think we can all agree that falling is never not funny. Nobody was seriously injured in the making of these GIF’s (hopefully), so here’s 20 Olympic Fails that will make you cringe and laugh at the same time.

This Had So Much Promise at First

This Tragedy

This Guy That’s Really All of Us On Ice

These Suspicious Bubbles

This Face Plant

This Momentary Lapse of Concentration

This Devastating Moment

This Terrifying Amount of Enthusiasm

This Poor Girl

This Guy Who Doesn’t Know His Own Strength

This Quiet Carnage

This Snowboarder, Thwarted by Snow

This Evil Pole

The Cruel, Cruel Agony of Race Walking

This Expert Miss

This anti-climax

This Wipeout Train

This Bumpy Ride

This Landing Just a Bit Too Short

This Daydreamer

This Spin Too Far

This Polo Girl Playing Dirty

This Wardrobe Malfunction That Went Unnoticed


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