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24 Everyday Things You Never Knew Even Had A Purpose

We go through life not questioning a lot of what is in front of our faces. Why do our jeans have that little pocket in the right hand side? Why do bottles of wine have that indentation at the bottom? Why does the pasta utensil have a hole in the middle? There are so many of these little things that we have in front of us that we do not question, or most of us do not at least. We, however, questioned it all and wanted to get to the bottom of these seemingly random quirks in our daily lives. Everything has a purpose on these products, whether you knew it or not. These mind-blowing facts about everyday things that you never knew had a purpose will change the way you look at everything from locks to underwear. 

First of all, no it is not drying out the pen. It is also not there to keep the delicate balance of pressure on the pen so it does not explode in your hand. The actual reason the ballpoint pen has a hole in its cap has more to do with the fact if a child decides to use that as a chew toy and swallow is by accident, the hole will prevent the child from suffocating in the process. 

The first time seeing that small hole in the airplane window sent us panicking to the flight attendant – how would the plane remain in the air if there is a hole?! However, the real reason there is a hole like that in the window is due to the fact that it needs to be there to compensate for air pressure. The hole is there to regulate the incredible difference in pressure from the outside of the plane and the inside of the plane. 

This one is brilliant and we are pretty sure most of the population does not know this. The extra fabric that you get with your new item of clothing is not to patch it up should you rip it, but rather to use fabric softener on it to test it out and make sure that it does not ruin the garment. How genius is that?! 

What could this little pocket be used for? The actual purpose of this cute little pocket has less to do with design and more to do with the fact that when jeans were first invented, men would have pocket watches and not wrist watches. This pocket was there to house the watch while they go about their day. Now we finally understand the concept of a pocket watch!

Again, when jeans were becoming more and more popular an item for the working individual, Levi Strauss saw that the seams of the pants would easily come undone due to how hard the people worked in the clothing. So they decided to put these studs in to reinforce the seams of the jeans. These studs, known as rivets, are there to make the pant all the more durable. 

There are two schools of thought about these holes. Originally, because these shoes were made for basketball players, there were those who thought that the holes were extra places where laces could go through. That is not correct and rather strange. The real reason the holes are there are actually for ventilation. Simple yet smart considering the shoe is made of non breathable material. 

The hole at the end of a tape measure is there so it can fit perfectly over the head of a nail or screw. That way, it was hold its place while you pull the tape measure down to measure whatever it is you are working on. The size fits the head of a regular screw and so perfectly designed to help you measure correctly. 

The hole was one thing, now the jagged edge of it. The reason for this one is so if you do not have another nail to use as a measuring tool, you can place the measuring tape over the wall and press down to mark up the wall ever so sightly so you know where your starting point was. You never know when a serrated edge will come in really handy. 

The hole at the end of the pot handle is more than just for beauty but for functionality! The main reason the hole is located there is to have a place to stick that pesky wooden spoon into so it is kept near the pot and over it so there is minimal mess and you do not have to go looking for the spoon mid-cooking session. 

For the longest time we saw the hole in the pasta spoon but never understood what it was for. Now, we finally get our answer! The main reason the hole in the pasta spoon is there is to measure out on serving of spaghetti! That is exactly what a serving size would be per person. We are not sure we agree with that considering it looks so small, but that was the original intention! 

You know how you drive into the gas station and forget what side your gas tank is on? Well, that is the whole point of the arrow that is located at the side of your gas gauge. The arrow on the right means that your car’s gas cap is on the right, same goes for the left. Never again will you need to question where the gas cap is located. 

We have been using bobby pins wrong for our entire lives and we are not sure we can get over it. The grooved side of the bobby pin is, in fact, the bottom part and it used to grip the hair better and for the top of it to be smooth and more appealing aesthetically. Now that we know that, we can go about our lives. 

The hole in the bottom of a padlock is multipurpose. The first reason it is there is if you use the lock outside and it is wet, the hole will allow water to flow through and prevent rusting. Another reason the hole is there is to allow oil to go into the lock so it remains in tip top shape and usable for longer. 

While these large and chunky bits of a cable are eye sores, they are very necessary for the functionality of the cable in question. The inside of these chunks are filled with magnetic iron oxide and are there to suppress high-frequency electromagnetic interference; say that three times fast. You know that sound you get when you are on the phone too close to a speaker? This is the kind of interference this is trying to suppress. 

A utility knife, also known to us as a box cutter, has many functionalities. For example, you see the lines on the blade? They are there because you can break off a piece of the blade each time to make room for a new fresh blade. In order to do this, you just need to remove the back cap, slide the blade forward and use the back cap to break off the blade (so you do not cut yourself). 

The spike is there to help you open the inside lid of the tube you are trying to open. The cap is perfectly created to fit the top of the tube and the spike is there to break through the seal so you can use whatever the tube was bought for. Design brilliance if we have ever seen it! Now, if only they did that for Advil bottles.

For those who blind type, this is a vital piece of information. The lines on the J and F keys are there so you do not need to look down and know where you are. The ten finger typing method has your index fingers rest on these keys. This saves vital time for those who need to type as fast as someone speaking or one is thinking. 

This is a simple one – the holes in the ruler are there so as to make it easier for one to hang the ruler up should they want to. Do you think the nuns that used rulers as weapons hung their rulers on the wall? Perhaps they did but they must have done it to remind children of the consequences should they think to get fresh with them. 

The wings are there for such a great reason, another Apple design win for the company. The wings are there so when you wrap the thicker part of the cable around the power block itself, you can take the tinnier part of the cable and wrap it around the wings, keeping the cords together and organized and secured with the small clamp that each charger has. 

Another brilliant design move on behalf of Apple, who do not do anything without having a purpose to it, is that little dot next to the camera on the back of the phone. Why is the dot there? What is the dot? Well, it is a microphone that is there to capture your voice should you use the back camera for any recording. 

The small indentation on the cap of a tic tac box is there to hold a tic tac – it dispenses the tic tac for you. The reason we do not know this is because we very rarely eat just one of them at a time and just hold the open tab over our mouth. This could be a lesson in moderation. 

The plastic little disc that is located under the bottle cap is there for a very important reason. While a cap will close fine without it, the disc is there to hold carbonation in place. Without this seemly innocent disc, your soda will be as flat as can be by the time you open it; and no one wants a flat soda. 

The blue part of this eraser is said to be used to erase pen – who knew? Well, it does say so on it but it only works if you are using very strong paper. The blue side is a lot tougher than the pink one, which means more paper will be removed along with the ink should you use it. 

No, it is not there so that the waiter has an easier time pouring your wine for you. The real reason the indentation is there is to compensate for the pressure that the occurs when the bottle of wine goes through its corking process. The indentation helps with the pressure that happens throughout the bottle in these moments. Champagne bottles have a much deeper indentation because of the carbonation. 


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