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25 CREEPIEST Discoveries Ever Made

Many interesting things are discovered every year. We’re going to show you some of the most disturbing, terrifying, and disgusting discoveries that have ever been made. From decapitated gladiators to frozen mummies, here are 25 creepiest discoveries ever made.

Mass Baby Grave

One of the most gruesome recent archeological discoveries was made in Southern Israel. In the ancient seaport of Ashkelon, more than 100 infant skeletons were found. It was determined that the skeletons date back to the Roman era. Who the babies were and why they were killed remains a mystery.

Hobbit Skeletons

The Indonesian island of Florez became the sight of a spooky discovery in 2003 when scientists unearthed the bones of petite ancient hominin Homo-Floresiensis, also known as The Hobbit. At first, researched believed the bones may have belonged to humans with Microcephaly, a condition characterized by a small head or short height. But later discoveries of similarly sized skeletons suggested The Hobbit is not just a tiny human, it’s an entirely separate species.

Headless Vikings

In June 2009, archaeologists made a shocking discovery in the seaside town of Weymouth, in Dorset, England. While preparing for the Weymouth relief road, they discovered a mass grave containing the remains of 54 headless skeletons and 51 skulls in a pile within an abandoned Roman quarry. Experts think that these men were executed for treason of sorts, given the fact that they were all decapitated, execution style.

Jigsaw Skeletons

Okay, any discovery of a human skeleton is pretty creepy but what happened after 4 Prehistoric mummies were discovered in Scotland in 2001, is what nightmares are made of. Radiocarbon dating revealed that these mummies were made of body parts from several different people, arranged to look like one person. It appeared to be a Frankenstein-like act that we are sure had researches just as horrified as we are.

Moa Bird Foot

In 1987, a routine expedition was being carried out in a cave in New Zealand when they stumbled across a scary object. It was a severed foot that looked like it belonged to a dinosaur but preserved with its scales and all. It was so well preserved that those researchers were convinced it came from an animal that must’ve died recently. Further examination revealed that it was actually the mummified remains of the Prehistoric Moa Bird.

Site Of Mass Cannibal Attack

In 1994, deep within the depths of El Cidron, a cave system in Northwest Spain, scientists discovered the bones of 12 Neanderthal people. They were dated back to 51,000 years ago. They found the remains of three children, three teenagers, and six adults, all from the same family. Modern science revealed that this family was killed and eaten by another Neanderthal gang. Their bones and skulls had been brutally split open to eat the marrow, tongue, and brains.

Severed Human Feet

Over the past few decades, British-Colombia Canada has been home to some of the most frightening discoveries known to man. Since 2007, at least 16 human feet, wearing running shoes, have been found washed up on shore. Although some of the victims have been identified, it remains a mystery why most of them were severed in the first place, or why they were washed ashore by the sea. Could it be series of accidents or a serial killer with a history of habitual disposal?

War Trophy Grave

In 2015, a circular pit containing the remains of seven people from the Neolithic Era were discovered in Bergheim, Southern France. It was determined they were the remains of two men, one woman, and four children all killed in a raid or at least a violent event. It was kind of a dead giveaway that it was a violent act when they found their arms had been severed and placed aside as war trophies of sorts.

Calcified Ovarian Teratoma

When researchers from a University in Barcelona unearthed the remains of a 1600-year-old Roman woman, they had only seen the lesser of two spooky discoveries. They noticed a bizarre object in the skeleton’s pelvis, which was later revealed to be a calcified ovarian teratoma, which is a rare tumor that can form from germ cells. Teratomas sometimes contain things that you would normally think to find in a human body, like its own hair or sometimes even organs.

Snake Pit

When Ben and Amber Sessions bought their house in Rexburg, Idaho in 2009, they had no idea how short their stay there would be. Shortly after moving in, they discovered the house was totally infested with thousands of garter snakes. It was likely that the house was built on top of a snake sanctuary where the snakes hibernate together. The family said it was like living in a horror movie, and that’s definitely some nightmare fuel for you.

Fetus Inside Coffin Of Mummified Bishop

Researchers at Lund University, Sweden were in for quite the surprise when they conducted a CT scan of a mummified Scandinavian bishop. They found the remains of a tiny baby tucked underneath the bishop’s feet. It was guessed that it may have been a relative of the bishop or that it was a child born outside of marriage and that it was placed there by someone who wanted to provide a proper burial for the fetus.

18th Century Cemetery

When a New Orleans man wanted to dig a hole for a pool in his backyard, he discovered an ancient cemetery that dates back to the 18th century. The men working on the hole where the pool was supposed to go, dug up 13 caskets. One thing’s for sure, this New Orleans man was going to be swimming in a pool of nightmares.

Decapitated Gladiators

In 2005, a set of skeletons were found in York, England. They were all decapitated and were dated back to Roman Empire to show that they were once gladiators and executed when they were young. They were buried with their armor and their bones were that of taller, stronger men of that time which was another indication they were gladiators.

Hanged Tenant

When the new owner of an apartment in Paris moved into his new home in 2013, he made a shocking discovery. He found the previous tenant hanged inside the apartment. The scary part is that the previous tenant had been left alone in his apartment, for eights years. He had been completely undisturbed all that time. The man was Cambodian and decided to end his life after he had been fired while up to his head in debt.

The Iceman

Two tourists, Helmud and Erica Simon, made headlines in 2001 when they stumbled upon the 5300-year-old remains of a hunter. Iceman was unusually well preserved. He was found high up in the Alps, on the border between Austria and Italy. It was reported this mummy is cursed and has caused the deaths of several people associated with it.

Frozen Child Sacrifice Mummies

In 1999 Argentinian scientists made a shocking discovery when they were exploring a volcano. They discovered three mummified children who were left to freeze to death during an old Incan child sacrifice ritual. This particular ritual was performed by the Incans to mark important events or to ward off natural disasters.

Dead Skier

In 2015, the remains of Gregory Barnes, a Canadian Skier, were found covered in the Italian Alps. The freaky part of this discovery is that he was buried under the mountain’s snow for 25 years before he was found. Italian authorities said that an unusually warm summer melted enough of the snow where the remains could be seen. He was found stuck in a crevasse of the mountain along with his passport, which helped confirm his identity.

Vampire Graves

Archaeologists excavating a medieval cemetery in the Poland discovered fourteen “vampire graves”. In that time, there were ‘ways’ to determine if someone was a vampire, and even cure them of vampirism. Some of them were decapitated, laid face-down, or weighed down with stones to prevent them from rising again.

Mummified Lung

A creepy archaeological discovery was made in 1959 when a mummified lung was discovered by archaeologist, Michelle Fleury. It was found in a stone sarcophagus at the Basilica of St. Dennis in Paris, France. This is the location where the Kings of France has been buried for centuries. The lung was found alongside jewelry, a copper belt, textiles, and a skeleton. Scientists believe that it was the copper belt that mummified the lung as it oxidized inside the sarcophagus.

Oldest Lepper

In 2009, a 4000-year-old skeleton was found with signs of Leprosy. It was found in Rajasthan, India. This shocking discovery was quickly identified as the oldest evidence of the disease. It was determined that this person was an exiled member of society because the skeleton had been preserved. It is tradition to cremate the deceased in their culture, and that those who are unfit weren’t allowed to be cremated.

Mass Animal Grave

In 1971, archaeologists discovered a mass animal grave in a cornfield in Idaho. It was determined that this site was once a watering hole as over 200 different animals were found here. It was likely that they were all killed by a deep layer of volcanic ash after the eruption, millions of years ago. This site is now known as the Ashfall Fossil Bed State Park.

Witch Prison

In the years leading up to the Protestant Reformation, St. Mary’s Chapel of the St. Nicholas church in Scotland provided a peaceful place for Catholic women to play. After the Reformation, this Chapel took on a much darker role. Historians found evidence here that this location was used a prison for suspected witches while they await their trials. In one of the wings of the Chapel, there was a large iron ring, used to tether the witches to the wall, which was a large clue in identifying the purpose of the Chapel.

Man Of Sligo

In 2014, a 203-year-old tree was blown over by a massive storm in Sligo, Ireland. It’s exposed roots revealed a disgusting scene as a man was tangled in the roots of this tree. He is now known as the ‘Man Of Sligo’. Further research showed that he was from the Medieval times and was between 17 and 20 years old when he died. It’s possible that he died a very violent death as there were several visible injuries on his bones. There were two massive cuts to ribs and one to the hand.

Surrey Ghost Car

Crashes are common on the A-3 Highway in England, so it seemed like a routine incident when it was reported a car had veered off the road there with it’s headlights blazing by at high speed. However, when officers arrived at the scene, they reported there were no signs of an incident. Further searches found that just 60ft away lay another crash site with the body of the driver still inside. It was determined he had crashed five months earlier.

Burnt Corpse In A Barrel


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