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25 Genius And Inventive Tips For Your Home, Kitchen, And More

Who doesn’t love to learn a new and creative solution to the tiny problems and inconveniences of life? From home improvement tips to creative methods for food handling, you’ll definitely find a few new ideas here. Read on for a roundup of useful tips and tricks that will make your life easier!


Freeze Coffee Cubes

If you’re an iced coffee drinker, pop a tray of coffee cubes in your freezer. Say goodbye to iced coffee with an extra shot of water!


Empty A Bottle For The Beach

Stash your money and keys in an inconspicuous container to hide them in plain sight. You can purchase bottles designed for this or create your own.

Rubber Band A Paint Can

Wrap a large rubber band around a fresh can of paint. You’ll finally say goodbye to drippy spills from wiping excess paint off of your brushes!

Core Strawberries With A Straw

Slide a straw through the center of a strawberry and enjoy the magic that takes place. This will keep the fruit intact and get rid of the leaves.

Lip Balm Wallet

If you’re traveling somewhere unfamiliar or sketchy, keep an empty tube of lip balm as a backup wallet. Pack it in your pocket and stay safe!

Toothpaste Your Headlights

If your headlights are dull and scuffed up, try taking some toothpaste to them. The super fine grit should help buff out any surface scratches.

Cheap Bag Clips

The clasps on plastic hangers will double as bag clips in a pinch. This is also a good way to reuse part of these hangers instead of tossing them out.

Slice With Unscented Floss

Use unscented dental floss as a super clean way to cut up cakes, cheese, and more. Triple-check that it’s unscented, though, because minty cheddar is just… no.


Pizza Directions

Lost in an unfamiliar place? If you need directions, any pizza place should be able to help you just as much as a gas station.

Fill Up A Bucket

If you’ve got a bucket that’s too big and a sink that’s too small, try to work a dustpan into the mix. It might just solve the problem.

Shuck Corn Faster

Try this method for prepping corn and skip the hairy, tassel-y mess. Set the ears aside to cool for a minute, then shuck away.

Quick Smartphone Lantern

The flashlight function on your phone will really light up a bottle of water—just make sure that the bottle is fully dry before trying this out.

Tab Your Tape

How many times have you had to demolish a roll of tape while trying to unwind it? Use the plastic tab from a bread bag to create a loose end.

Pancakes From The Bottle

Any old squeeze bottle can be revived and used for cooking breakfast. Pour pancake batter into the bottle—cooking breakfast will never be the same.

Pizza Warmers

The seat warmers in your car can heat up more than just your backside. Turn them on when you’re driving with pizza—no seatbelt necessary.

Stash Your Cleaning Supplies

A door-mounted shoe holder can double as an organizer for your cleaning supplies. This also keeps your stuff out of the reach of children and pets.

A Perfect Bagel Holder

Dig out one of your old CD holders for this one. The plastic container makes a fantastic package for transporting bagels.—and doughnuts too, perhaps?

Overnight Shower Head Soak

If your shower head is suffering from hard water deposits or scale, here’s a solution. Fill a baggie with white vinegar, tie it around the shower head, and let it soak overnight.

Pool Noodle Your Car Doors

If your garage is a tight squeeze, line your walls with halved pool noodles. You’ll never have to worry about dinging your door again.

Reheat Pizza With Water

Here’s a tip that’ll keep your pizza from drying out and turning to cardboard. Microwave the pizza alongside a small glass of water.

Microwave In A Ring

Another microwave tip: When reheating food, arrange it in a ring instead of a large pile. The food will heat quickly and evenly as a result.

A Fine-Tipped Nozzle

The toppers from squeeze bottles might fit over your vacuum’s hose. You can use this new nozzle to vacuum keyboards, small areas, and more.

Binder Clip Your Cords

If your desk will allow for it, here’s a tidying tip: Lay out a series of binder clips to hold your cords and cables.

Color Code Your Keys

Use nail lacquer to help distinguish among your keys. Or, you know, just get stylish and paint up your keys for the fun of it.

Skip The Hand Slicing

Skip the scissors and use a can opener to open up blister packs. You’ll never have to deal with sliced up and stabbed hands again.


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