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25 Misconceptions You May Have Heard About Luxury Life in Dubai

Living large is an understatement in Dubai. There are a number of unbelievable things you will see that you may never see again once you leave Dubai’s boundaries. What would you say if someone drove by you and their passenger was a cheetah or a tiger? In Dubai, amazingly ferocious scenes are possible.

Meat Is Not Allowed In Dubai.

Most supermarkets have non-Muslim sections in order to cater to the expat population and most restaurants have meat selling licenses. 

Public Displays Of Affection are Banned.

If you are married, public displays of affection like holding hands are allowed. However, if you are not married it is illegal under the UAE penal law of 1987.

You Only Get Paid In United Arab Emirates Dirham.

Surprisingly enough, Dubai is so diverse that workers often can choose to be paid in their native currency instead of Dubai’s.

People Only Speak Arabic.

Almost everyone speaks english in the UAE and so there is no need to learn arabic if you want to travel there. In addition, all of the street signs and directions are in english.

There Is No Culture.

Because of the long resilient history in Dubai, there is a lot of culture in the city. Because of the natural terrain and harsh living conditions their ancestors faced, Emirates are described to be hospitable, and loyal.

Women Must Wear Abayas or Cover Up.

The UAE is a multicultural country with many cultures and religions and tourists and so it is not uncommon to see men in women in traditional dress. This does in no way mean that it is mandatory for all women to do the same.

Dubai Forbids The Practice Of Other Religions.

Although Dubai is mostly a muslim country, the UAE is open to other religions and beliefs. There are catholic churches, Hindu temples, and other places of worship around the country.

All The Food In Dubai is Imported.

Because there are Deserts in Dubai, you may assume that all the food is imported. Although a lot of the food in Dubai is is imported from other countries, there has been a big increase in locally grown crops and produce.

It’s Hard To Earn And Save Money in Dubai.

There are many opportunities to become wealthy in Dubai.The residents of Dubai do not have to pay their personal income tax and so since the income tax is 0%, people are able to earn a lot of money and save it.

The Crime Rate In Dubai is High.

The crime rate in Dubai is virtually 0%. It is considered one of the safest cities in the world due to it’s law being so strict.

Dubai Is The Capital of Billionaires.

Although you might think that Dubai is populated by the most billionaires, there are actually only about 5,000 US dollar billionaires in the world, and only 20 of them live in Dubai. In fact, the world capital of billionaires is Beijing, followed by New York.

There Is No Poverty In Dubai.

Surprisingly enough, there are actually many poor people who reside in Dubai. The common salary of a worker is $200-$350. Life in Dubai is incredibly expensive, and so it is common for people to reside in small rooms with up to 5 people at a time.

Dubai Is a Perfect Place For Bringing Up Kids.

Many migrants will leave their children in their native countries because they are not able to pay for their education. Studying in a public school costs $100,000 for 11 years and so for many, attending university is out of the question.

Dubai Is A Country.

Dubai is actually a city in the United Arab Emirates while Abu Dhabi is it’s capital. There are 7 emirates in the UAE that have different leaders, or Sheikhs. However, 84% of the population live in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

There Is No Alcohol In Dubai.

Alcohol is allowed for both tourists and non-muslims. In order to buy it, you need a special card or a tourist visa. You can consume alcoholic drinks in hotels that aren’t labeled as “dry hotels”, all nightclubs, and bars. With over 500 hotels in Dubai, there are many nightlife options for tourists. 

There Is No Unemployment In Dubai.

Expatriates who do not obtain working visas are deported home within 30 days. Locals are able to change their work easily because the UAE pays for their education in any university of their choosing in the world.

Dubai Is An Ecologically Clean City.

Due to the constant rise of the population, lack of water sources, changes in natural landscapes due to architectural obstruction, absence of a waste system, and an enormous amount of cars, Dubai is not considered an ecologically attractive city.

It’s Always Summer In Dubai, And The Weather Is Always Good.

In spring and summer, the temperature reaches 48°С which is 118°F, and that’s not even mentioning the high humidity. Due to the large amount of dust in the air, the sky is a constant gray color.

It Took Many Years For Dubai To Reach It’s Current Level.

The Emirates united in 1971. Dubai is surprisingly a very young city that is constantly developing dynamically with its innovations and achievements in the financial sphere, technologies, and tourism.

The Police In Dubai Use Only Luxury Cars.

Although it’s common to see Lamborghinis and Bentleys used as police cars, it’s also common to see “modest” BMWs, Audis, and even Toyotas. Due to the large number of sports cars owned by the population, the police are obliged to have several super-fast cars in their garage.

Everything Is Automated In Dubai.

Although technology is everywhere in this city including things like robot-policemen and air-conditioning at bus stops, there are many simple systems like drainage that they lack. Due to this, a small rain shower can cause a huge problem for the city. 

Cheetahs And Lions Are Pets In Dubai.

Keeping wild exotic animals is a violation of the law in Dubai. If you are seen in public with one of these animals you can be imprisoned for 6 months and be fined a penalty from $2,700 to $138,000.

Dubai Consists Of Skyscrapers.

The city contains a mix in architecture statures with 163-floor skyscrapers, multilevel villas, apartment buildings, and one-story houses. Locals however, prefer to live in private villas so they are not surrounded by neighbors.

Mainly Arabs And Locals Live In Dubai.

Actually, 25% of the population in Dubai are Indians, while locals form only 9% of the population. A lot of Dubai’s population also consists of people from Pakistan and Bangladesh who usually work in construction sites and in factories. Surprisingly, 91% of the population of Dubai are people from other countries.

The Wealth Of Dubai Appeared Thanks To Oil.


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