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25 Ridiculous State Laws That Are Actually Real


In Alaska it’s illegal to hand a Moose a beer. Yeah. We’re not even going to get into how that became a law, or how you can actually hand a Moose a beer. Hey, on the bright side you can still throw them some bread or something.


Three words: Exploding golf balls. They’re not allowed in Massachusettes, so don’t take them there. First-time offenders can receive a fine up to $500, and repeat offenders could get thrown in jail.


If a frog dies during a frog-jumping competition in California, it legally can’t be eaten. We’re happy to know that all the brave frogs who lost their lives this way receive a proper burial.

New Jersey

In New Jersey it’s illegal for a man to knit during the fishing season. Sheesh. They’re taking away all of our rights!


There’s probably a lot of roadkill in Montana, seeing how there’s so much wildlife everywhere you turn. Because of this, Montana legislators made it legal for residents to take and cook roadkill if they so please. I’ve never had roast squirrel, but..

New Mexico

Let’s just say that New Mexico is REALLY fond of their state anthem. In fact, if you don’t sing it all the way through at events and ball games, you’ll face consequences. There’s reason 1,398 not to visit New Mexico.

South Carolina

Pinball is fun, right? I used to have a machine in my basement. Thank heavens I didn’t live in South Carolina, though, because I would’ve gone to jail. Apparently if you’re under 18 and you play pinball in South Carolina, you’ll be staring straight into the hard face of the law.


In Texas everything is bigger, except for the amount of beer you can drink while standing up. You can only legally take three sips of beer while standing up in Texas, so, just use that one as an excuse to keep your butt planted in a seat next time you’re chilling with the boys. In Texas.

North Dakota

Not that you’ll be in North Dakota anytime soon, but just make sure to take your shoes off before climbing in bed because it’s illegal if you fall asleep with them on.

South Dakota

Since we did North we might as well do South Dakota. If you sleep in a cheese factory, it’s illegal. I don’t know if you’d want to sleep in one anyway, it probably smells awful.


Utah has some pretty strict liquor laws, but one requires bartenders at restaurants to make drinks behind a “Zion Curtain” so children can’t see the alcohol. Crazy, right? What about when the drink gets to the table, though?


Trick-or-treating is fun. It’s a harmless national pastime. My children will do it one day just as I did it when I was a kid. HOWEVER. If you live in Virginia, any type of trick-or-treating is prohibited and against the law. They just really don’t like Halloween.


Washington is bigfoot country, which makes sense that there would be a law banning people from messing with sasquatch or bigfoot in those parts. You could even go to prison if anyone catches you harrassing these beasts.


Perhaps the first law on this countdown that actually make sense, it’s illegal to shoot a fish in Wyoming. I mean, why they need this law is beyond me, but I guess there were some pretty wild people up in that state at one point or another.


Ready for a law that should probably be enforced in every other state? It’s illegal to share your Netflix password in Tennessee. But hey, we don’t mind if it takes a long time for any other state to uphold this law. Neither do our TV’s.


If you so much as mispronounce the name “Arkansas,” you could actually get in trouble for it in this state. Here’s how you say it just in case you’re ever caught there: “Ar-CAN-SAW”


If you dare step foot in a cemetary while going hunting in Oregon, you better be prepared to pay for it. It’s illegal to go hunting in a cemetary here, so do yourself a favor and just arm yourself with some flowers next time you take a stroll amongst the dead.

New York

Home of the Big Apple, New York requires residents to refrain from wearing slippers after 10 p.m., which is a big problem because I wear them all the way up until I climb into bed myself. With that said it’s best to leave the slippers at home if you’re thinking about heading to New York this summer.


Feeding pigs garbage in any other state is completely fine, but if you’re living in Arizona you might want to get a permit for that first. BECAUSE YOU NEED ONE.

New Hampshire

Seaweed is pretty useless to me, but apparently it’s not to the people of New Hampshire. As of 1973, it’s illegal to carry away seaweed from the beach at night. I have absolutely zero clue why.


Mississippi will fine you if you use profane language in a public place. In fact, you could get a fine upwards of $100 for a simple swear word escaping your mouth. When you get home, though, you can let those curse words fly.


In Connecticut they take their pickles seriously. If a pickle’s going to be called a pickle there, it has to actually bounce when thrown against the floor.


Okay, so it’s illegal to keep your Christmas lights up after January 14 in Maine. We like that rule. That’s probably the only rule on this countdown that we actually legitimately like.


Bad news if you’re a magician living in Hawaii–you can’t place coins in people’s ears there. Looks like that trick goes right out the window in a hurry.


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