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25 Secrets About ‘Starsky And Hutch’ You Didn’t Know

‘Starsky and Hutch’ was a legendary detective TV series that pioneered many of the topics and things we’re so used to today in television. Read on to see exciting things you didn’t know that will make you see the show in a completely new light.

The First Bromance

Aaron Spelling and the other producers of Starsky and Hutch referred to the American cop thriller as TV’s first heterosexual love affair. Their us-against-the-world attitude was not a normal bond that men had during the 1970s. It was not looked at as masculine.

The Iconic Car

The producer originally wanted a green and white Camaro rather than the red and white Ford Torino we all have come to love. Chevy was unable to help them with their request.

Cool Sweater, Bro

Starsky was played by Paul Michael Glaser and he was known for his trademark cardigan. However, he only wore the sweater three times during the four seasons including; Starsky and Hutch: Pilot (1975), Starsky and Hutch: Terror on the Docks (1975), and Starsky and Hutch: Running (1976).

Huggy Bear Brown

Instead of referring to the coolest guy around as his name, Huggy Bear, the French credited him “Huggy les bons tuyaux.” This translates to “Huggy good tips,” which is just strange for all of us!

Rev Your Engine

If you are a true diehard fan of Starsky and Hutch, you might be able to find one of the 1,000 special edition Gran Torino hardtops the Ford Motor Company created in 1976. It has the same paint job, but a different stripe design.

Smoking Guns

Throughout the seasons, the partners use different guns from a Beretta to a Smith & Wesson to a Colt. However, Hutch’s handgun is the same one used in the 1973 Dirty Harry film Magnum Force. They must have real weapons as Hollywood props, obviously.

Pardon My French

The reason why this particular TV series was so popular overseas, especially in France, was because the actors’ ad-libbed funny even absurd lines rather than sticking to the script. This dramatic flair made the characters even more lovable.

He’s Serious

Despite the fan’s love for the car, Starsky actor Paul Michael Glaser hated it in real life. He has spoken about it on several occasions.

The AIDS Epidemic

Paul Michael Glaser is a prominent AIDS advocate. His wife and daughter both died of AIDS and his son is HIV positive.

A Quick Character Change

The pilot debuted on April 30, 1975, but the first episode did not air until five months later. Captain Dobey was originally played by Richard Ward, but replaced by Bernie Hamilton for the first episode.

Now You’re Speaking My Language

Did you know David Soul is multilingual? He speaks German, Spanish, and English. He was born in Chicago in 1943.

A Double Threat

Hutch actor David Soul is not only an actor, he is a musician. He recorded four albums from 1977 – 1982. He even had a number one hit under his belt called Don’t Give Up On Us Baby.

On The Map

The show was filmed around Los Angeles, but the detectives worked for the fictional Bay City Police Department. There are several Bay City towns throughout the United States including one in Michigan.

He’s Not That Cuddly

Since Huggy Bear was so popular, the producers thought about giving him his own spin-off show. However, during a test pilot, it proved to be not as popular as they thought.

An Award-Winning Writer

William Blinn actually got the name Starsky because it was the name of his high school friend. Huggy Bear was also the same name of a local disc jockey that William Blinn knew.

Famous Cameos

During the second season, there is an episode called Long Walk Down a Short Dirt Road. It is based on the real-life incident involving country superstar Dolly Parton and a stalker. However, Lynn Anderson played the role on the TV show.

News These Days

Because of a rising concern of violence on television in 1977, the writers had to cut back on the action scenes. They turned to more romantically and socially-themed plots, which also allowed them to play-up the buddy-buddy aspect of the two main characters.

Contract Deals And Lawsuits

Paul Michael Glaser voiced several times that he wanted to quit the show. Before the third season, he went as far as to sue the producers to make them release him from his contract.

Sometimes You Need To Improvise

Because good ol’ Starsky was not supposed to return after the third season, Roz Kelly played Officer Linda Baylor to fill the void. Different scripts were drafted, but we will never know if they would have changed the name of the show.

A New Starsky?

Although he came back, during the fourth and final season Paul Michael Glaser again wanted out. This time, John Herzfeld was introduced as Nick, Starsky’s younger brother. This way, if he did bail, they would not have to worry about messing with the title.

He’s So Fickle

As we all know, Paul Michael Glaser stuck around to play Starsky until the fourth season. A fifth season was planned, but given his sketchy past, it was up in the air if it would last.

The Super Cops

Two real undercover police detectives in New York City actually inspired the ‘70s hit. These same men also inspired the 1974 movie The Super Cops.

Only The Strong Survive

The final episode was rewritten several times during the earlier drafts. As Starsky was gunned down, the producers decided not to kill him off and have him survive for rerun and syndication purposes.

Starsky And Hutch- The Movie!

2004 a movie adaptation came out for Starsky and Hutch. Paul Michael Glaser even had a guest role in the movie. The movie casted some pretty big names…

Paul Michael Glaser Still Acts


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