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25 Things You NEED To Eat Before You Die

This list is bound to make your mouth water. We’ve compiled a list of the best foods from all around the world– both for the health-conscious and the risk takers– and for those of you on a budget, this list will suit your needs.

Breakfast burger

This breakfast burger comes from the west coast breakfast joint called Egg Slut. This thing is loaded with egg, cheese, avocado, bacon and a burger patty. If You’re ever in LA or Las Vegas, You have to check out Egg Slut.


Like pasta, gelato is synonymous with Italy. It’s not only a favorite dessert for the Italians, but their creamy treat has made its way all over the world and has become a favorite dessert for many.


These are a local favorite for many places throughout South America. These little pastries are stuffed with meat, veggies and cheese and are fried until crispy goodness.

Deep Fried Big Mac

Although this wont be on the menu at your local McDonald’s, there is a recipe that instructs you how to deep fry a Big Mac, courtesy of Peep My Eats. If you’re the daring type, this burger is for you.


Chinese dumplings come with a bunch of different flavors such as pork and garlic, lamb with carrots, or pork with cabbage. These are usually complimented with soy sauce, chili oil and garlic.

Loaded Bloomin’ Onion

Although most of us may be familiar with Outback Steakhouse’s Bloomin’ Onion, many didn’t know Outback stepped their game up with the Loaded Bloomin’ Onion, which comes with cheese and bacon melted over the fried onion flakes.

Pastel de Natas

These little custard tarts are a favorite in Portugal. Lines around the block can be seen at the best cafes in Lisbon for a bite of these sweet, crisp tarts.

Deep Fried Ice Cream

This insane dessert can be found across the U.S. on some dessert menus. If you’re lucky enough to encounter deep fried ice cream, you have to try this crispy, sweet treat.

Fresh Caribbean coconuts

Coconut water is refreshing, but sipping if from the fruit itself has no comparison. Most beaches on St. Lucia sell coconuts for cheap and is a must for any visitor. Just slip a straw through the top and enjoy the sweet, refreshing water.

Triple Bypass Burger

This incredible beefy burger could feed a family of four, but at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas, Nevada, this burger is meant for one person to chow down. Unbeleivably, you can even this this burger with four patties!

NYC Bagels

Bagels may seem basic, but if you’ve never had a New York City bagel, you’re missing out. Some would say bagels go best with egg in between it while other say vegetables and cream cheese is the best way to go. Either way, bagel experts say leaving your bagel untoasted is the best way to go.

Al Khalas dates

Dates aren’t only a snack in the Middle East, they’re a staple of their diet. In a desert environment where few foods thrive, these dried fruits have prospered in this area. The traditional Omani greeting comes with a cup of coffee and a small plate of dates.


Back to Italy, and specifically the city of Milan, this ritual includes a cocktail and small finger foods. It goes best with creamy risottos, burrata and succulent strips of salami.

Crab Cakes

New England is known for their seafood, but their crab cakes top the list of mouthwatering seafood. This crispy breaded dish is a favorite all throughout the east coast of the United States.

Lingonberry juice

This sweet, berry juice is relatively unknown around the world but is fairly popular in Sweden. If you ever find yourself Northern Europe, try to get your hands on some lingonberry juice.

Viennese Sachertorte

This Austrian dessert is so dense and rich, it’s guaranteed to fill you up. But if you have any extra room in your stomach, this dish goes best with pudding or ice cream.

Sushi and sashimi

Most of us have eaten sushi, but most haven’t eaten sushi from Japan. Although sushi was not first invested in Japan, the Japanese perfected this delicate dish. It’s a great dish, but it’s even better in the country that perfected it.

Fried Grasshoppers

Insects may not be the best food for the squeamish, but grasshoppers are a favorite in Southern Mexico. Some nutritionists say grasshoppers are one of the most healthy insects to eat because they stick to grass, rarely touching the ground. You can either eat this Mexican favorite like a snack or toss them in a tortilla like a taco.

Ripe figs

Figs are becoming more and more popular every summer, but they’re best enjoyed picked straight from the tree, especially in Southern Spain.

Full Scottish breakfast

Nothing is more gut-busting than a full Scottish breakfast. This dish includes some interesting bites such as potato scones and black pudding. While it may not be an ideal breakfast for the health-conscious, it is one that should be enjoyed at least once in a lifetime.


We already know France does well with its sweets, but Guafres may be the best dish to come out of this country. These may look like your basic waffles, but don’t let that fool you because these treats are stuffed with a creamy vanilla filling.

Laal mass

This may be one of the spiciest dishes you try, but it’s definitely worth it. This curry dish goes best served over rice or flatbreads. If your ever in India, be on the lookout for this hot dish.

Peruvian Ceviche

Ceviche can be found on menus throughout Southern California, but nothing can compare to the fresh ceviche in Peru. This mix of raw fish, chili, onion and coriander is topped with lime juice and does wonders to your taste buds.

Sichuan hot pot

Across the Pacific Ocean to China, this hot pot of a dish is one of the best tasting dishes the country has to offer. Ingredients include slices of lamb or beef and a laundry list of veggies all thrown into a bubbling broth.

Tom yum soup

Just down the road the Thailand, this soup is a must-try when visiting this island nation. This dish can be whipped up by roadside vendors in seconds and is best when crab meat and chillis are included in the soup.

Alba white truffles

Back to Italy, Alba white truffles are the best when freshly grated over eggs. Known as the world’s finest truffles, Alba white truffles can be seen for sale at Italian markets during the months of October and November.

Pizza in Napoli

What would a list about food be without a mention of Italian pizza? In the city of Napoli, though, we believe that it’s the best place to enjoy the most authentic pizza.

Thuringian sausages

This closely-guarded recipe is hundreds of years old and includes finely chopped meat with marjoram and garlic. If you’re ever in Germany, be on the lookout for some of the most authentic-tasting sausages you’ve ever eaten.

Bunny chow

This dish brought by Indian immigrants has been one of the most popular South African dishes to date. This cheap, simple dish includes a simple meat or vegetable curry served up in a hollowed-out loaf of bread.



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