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27 Facts About Threes Company You Didnt Know

Based on the British sitcom Man About the House, Three’s Company starred physical comedy champion John Ritter in his breakout role as Jack Tripper, a culinary student who crashes a party and wakes up in Janet Wood (Joyce DeWitt) and Chrissy Snow’s (Suzanne Somers) bathtub. Janet and Chrissy and Jack end up becoming roommates, with Jack posing as a gay man in order to keep the coed living situation going. Here are 25 facts about the classic ABC sitcom that will impress your friends over at the Regal Beagle.

The Show Was Attempted Before

It took writer/producer Larry Gelbart three tries to get his show ready for air. The first two attempts were clearly not working for execs. The third pilot premiered on March 15, 1977.

Suzanne’s Role Was An Accident

The day before production, Silverman came across Suzanne’s tape and loved what he saw. Long story short, she came into the studio, blew everyone away and landed the part.

TC Is Connected To “Sesame Street”

The theme song to “Three’s Company” was composed by Joe Raposo, the guy who wrote the theme song for “Sesame Street” and “Electric Company.” Mind. Blown.

The Pay Was Unequal

Sommers was asked to leave the show after she asked for a pay raise equal to what Ritter was making ($150,000 per episode). They declined and wrote her out of the show. #Rude

Heather Locklear Didn’t Nail It

Locklear was sweating profusely before her audition, so she stuffed tissues under her arms. After she left the room, she heard laughter and realized a tissue was coming out of her shirt.

Priscilla Barnes Was Too Blonde

Barnes played nurse Terri Alden, who replaced Cindy for the last three seasons of the show. She told CNN: “If my hair was too blond, I’d get called up in the office.” Harsh.

Ritter’s Kid Had A Debut

Remember the child who ran up to Janet while she was at the zoo? That was Ritter’s one-year-old son, Jason.

Someone Saw A Lot Of Jack Tripper

One viewer claimed they saw a lot more of John Ritter than they bargained for in “The Charming Stranger.” Nickelodeon edited out the scene.

Did Suzanne Lie About Her Age?

Rumor has it, Suzanne told John and Joyce that she had her son (who was 11) when she was 17. She claimed to be 28 and the year was 1974-75. Unfortunately, she was born in 1946. The show didn’t start until 1977. #Oh

Jeffery Tambor Played Many People

In “The Ropers,” he played arrogant neighbor Jeffrey P. Brookes, Wealthy man Winston Cromwell III in “Three’s Company,” psychiatrist Dr. Tom Miller, and Dr. Phillip Greene, the insane dentist.

John Larroquette’s Face Was A Hit

Originally, no one was supposed to see the police officer’s face in “Jack Moves Out,” but Larroquette was having none of that and changed the script so he could have his 30 seconds of fame on camera.

The Cast Didn’t Meet Before Taping

After Somers was chosen for the part, the cast didn’t meet each other until the night of their first taping.

The Director Stole The Show

At the end of the episode “Friends and Lovers,” you can hear the director yell “Annnddd.” He stole the show.

The Actors Almost Sang The Theme Song

The producers wanted the cast to sing the theme song, but that didn’t happen, so they hired other people to do the job.

The Name Was Last Minute

Apparently, “Three’s Company” was not the chosen title until the pilot was made. Fascinating.

Joyce Loved Leggs

In The NBC production, there’s a short music clip that features Joyce shooting a Leggs commercial, but she wasn’t a spokesperson for them until years later.

There Was A Spin-Off

The Spin-off was called “Three’s a Crowd” and it lasted one season.

Billy Crystal Wanted In

Billy Crystal auditioned to play Jack Tripper but didn’t get the role. Very upsetting. He did go on to get the part of Jodie Dallas in “Soap” though.

So Did Loni Anderson

You know who else wanted a part in “Three’s Company?” Loni Anderson! Sadly she did not get the part, even though she thought she had a great audition.

Stanley Roper Is A Real Human

Norman Fell based Stanley Roper, the landlord, on someone he knew back on the mean streets in Philly. The real life version thought he was an OG, but clearly, he was not.

Fell Could Have Returned

Long story short, Fell didn’t want to leave “Three’s Company,” so producers promised him that if the spin-off only lasted one year, he could return to the show. “The Ropers” lasted 1.5 seasons, so he did not return.

A Bonus Goof

In the same episode, Vicki’s father asks Jack where he attended school, and he said San Diego High, not LA Technical College. #Embarrassing

There Were More Filming Mistakes

 In “Itching For Trouble,” Jack is in the park with leaves all over him, but change to new leaves halfway through the scene. No one knows why.

They Reused Props

The same typewriter Janet used is the same one Chrissy typed with on earlier seasons.

One Costume Was Significant

In “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow,” Jack wore the same black shirt that was in season 5’s “Dying to Meet You.”

What’s Goin’ On With Larry’s Name

Larry’s Last name is Dallipoulos, DALLAS in short. Mind. Blown.

Filming Was Always Spot On

There’s a filming goof in the episode where Jack brings home a puppy in a box. The box was placed at the end of the couch and at one point falls over, but was later scene back in its place although none of the actors could has technically picked it up.

When Was Their First Kiss?

After Larry gives Cindy and Janet a present for allowing him to move in, Janet plants a kiss on Larry. However, in the “Friends and Lovers” episode 3 seasons later, Janet and Larry kiss at Janet’s wedding. Larry responded by telling Janet that it was the first time they ever kissed.

The Address Changed Regularly

The famous apartment got not one, not two, but three different addresses throughout the show’s entire run.

Pay Attention To The Opening Credits


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