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27 Things You Didn’t Know About The Amish

When it comes to the Amish, most people only have general ideas of what these communities are really like. We found interesting facts that will help you better understand what the Amish population stands for and how they live.

27. Courtships Are Usually Short And Quickly Followed By Marriage

Once a couple starts “dating,” they will go out only a few times before deciding if they should marry. The church will then bless the marriage, and the engagement becomes official once it’s announced in their town’s newspaper.

26. The Amish Have Lower Cancer Rates In Their Community Than Other Demographics

The Amish not only produce their own food— free of pesticides and processing, but they also refrain from drinking and smoking. This healthy lifestyle means lower cancer rates for their communities.

25. New Couples Are Encouraged To “Sleep” Together

Surprisingly, young couples are encouraged to share a bed together prior to marriage. However, both parties are fully clothed and a board is placed between them to prevent contact. The idea is for them to spend the whole night talking instead of doing other things…

24. Their Dolls Are Faceless

If you’re ever lucky enough to get your hands on an Amish doll, you’ll notice that it’s faceless. The Amish purposefully make their dolls faceless to deter against pride and vanity.

23. Amish Beliefs Forbid Them From Using Technology

The Amish do not use technology even in the slightest sense. They go without electricity, phones, and internet due to their belief in “Gelassenheit,” which is a Christian word equating to keeping the earth as God created it.

22. Weddings Are A Simple Affair That Don’t Even Include Rings Or Flowers

Amish weddings are typically held at the end of fall, and are devoid of anything that they deem too extravagant. Instead of flowers, they commonly use celery, and the bride may not even wear a ring as it represents vanity.

21. Most Amish Communities Speak At Least Three Languages

Besides English, most Amish communities also speak German and what is known as Pennsylvania Dutch. They will use English in school and business, but speak German in church and Dutch for common daily activities.

20. Rumspringa

When Amish children turn 16 years old, they enter an age called rumspringa. This is the time for then to experiment and explore. They are sent out by their families to do things normally forbidden in the Amish community such as traveling, drinking Coca-Cola, going to the cinema and learning to drive!

19. They’re Not Allowed To Wear Bright Colors Or Jewelry

They wear the same plain clothes that tradition has dictated for many years. Amish are not allowed to wear bright colors or jewelry— not even to weddings!

18. Wedding Receptions Are Very Modest, As Is The Couple’s Wedding Night

Guests mainly talk and offer their blessings to the new couple following a wedding ceremony. Then, the bride and groom spend their first official night together at the bride’s parent’s home.

17. The Amish Are Known For Their Beards, But Never Have Mustaches

Amish men have beards, but no mustaches because of what the facial hair represents. Mustaches were once seen as a sign of wealth and military, and the communities wanted nothing to do with either.

16. “Meidung” Is The Act Of Shunning Someone From The Community For Breaking Rules

With so many rules, it’s not unheard of for someone to be banned from the community. Known as “Meidung,” the only way for someone to be un-banished is to beg, or to die and be buried back in the community.

15. Their Worship Services Are Surprisingly Modest

For such a religious community, the Amish do not see the need for extravagant churches or services. Instead, they show their faith in their work and how they live.

14. Children’s Educations End At The 8th Grade Level

Boys will pick a trade to go into, and girls are all pre-destined to be housewives. Because of this, they see no need for an education past the 8th grade level.

13. Mennonites And Amish Are Distinctly Two Different Communities

Both communities find it greatly insulting to be mistaken for one another. The Mennonites, pictured on the left, are not as strict as the Amish. Mennonites may wear brighter colors, drive cars, and even live modernly.

12. The Amish Came To America From Switzerland In The 18th Century

The Amish escaped persecution in Europe by immigrating to America. They found live more peaceful in their new country and decided to make it their permanent residence.

11. They Refuse Genealogical Testing Because Of Suspected Inbreeding

Despite living in small communities and reported inbreeding, the Amish refuse testing that would tell them who is related to who as they claim the testing is not of God’s will.

10. Jakob Ammann Is Credited With Starting The Amish Religion

Jakob Ammann, an anabaptist leader, began the Amish movement when he left Switzerland and other Christians decided to join him. Obviously, the word “Amish” comes from Jakob’s last name.

9. Women Are Considered Second Class Citizens

As their tradition and old-fashioned thinking dictates, women are treated as second class citizens. This means girls are only destined to become housewives to cook, clean, and raise children.

8. The Average Amish Couple Has Between Five And Seven Kids

Amish communities do not believe in or use contraceptives, which results in large families. It’s also said they aim to have as many children as possible!

7. The Population In Amish Communities Is Steadily Growing

Because Amish get married so young and have so many children, their communities actually see a yearly growth rate of 3.6%!

6. Their Modesty Extends To Their Opinions Of Others

The Amish are not arrogant people, as they see that as a sin. This being so, they do not judge or condemn people of the modern world for their lifestyle choices.

5. They Wait Until A Person Is Old Enough To Make The Decision To Be Baptized

Unlike some Christian branches, the Amish believe in waiting until a person is old enough, typically around age 16-24, before accepting the religion.

4. There Are More Amish People Than You Would Guess To Be Living In America

There are reportedly over 300,00 Amish people living in America! It would be hard for anyone not familiar with Amish communities to know just how many people actually reside in these communities.

3. The Amish Are Pacifists Who Will Never Serve In The Military

Not only are the Amish soft-spoken, but they are also against violence in any form. Because of this, no men are allowed to join the military. If they do join, they are banned from the community.

2. Building Barns Is A Form Of Fun And Socialization In Communities

Building barns is one way the men in Amish communities pass the time and socialize in large groups.

1. Contrary To Popular Belief, The Amish Don’t Mind Having Their Photos Taken By Others


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