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3 Healthy Tequila Cocktails That Will Make You Say “Pour, Favor”

If you’re like me, you may associate tequila with wild nights and acute memory loss. But we’re older now, and cocktails with the right tequila can actually be quite sophisticated and delicious. Milagro has shared three healthy (and yummy) cocktails that can be made with tequila that you won’t feel guilty about drinking – and consumed in moderation, you just might even remember how much you enjoyed them.

Agua Verde (Avocado Margarita)

Agua Verde Avocado Margarita We’re still gaga over avocados and all its health benefits, and luckily they’re available year-round. Try this avocado margarita for a creamy tequila treat that’ll give you a little kick in the pants.


• 1.5 parts Milagro Silver tequila
• .25 parts avocado
• 1 part fresh lime juice
• .75 parts agave nectar
• 3 cucumber slices
• Garnish: 1 lime wheel


Combine ingredients and blend with one cup ice. Pour into a rocks glass and garnish with lime wheel.

Paloma Negra

Paloma Negra cocktail A great option for Halloween or Day of the Dead parties! The activated charcoal gives this drink its dark color, and contrary to what you might think, it’s incredibly healthful. Activated charcoal (not barbecue charcoal) has been used medicinally as a detoxifier and poison antidote for centuries.


• 2 parts Milagro Silver tequila
• 1 part ruby red grapefruit (FRESH)
• .75 parts agave nectar
• .5 parts fresh lime juice
• 1 capsule activated charcoal
• 3 parts club soda (top with)
• Garnish: grapefruit peel and charcoal, kosher rim salt

Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy with tequila Your kooky Uncle Todd may have told you that a hot toddy will cure your cold – and in some ways, he was right. Drinking hot beverages is recommended for clearing nasal passages and the alcohol (in moderation) can help you relax and get to sleep. The lemon will give you a vitamin C boost, and cinnamon boasts a number of health benefits. It’s also just fun to drink on a chilly evening.


• 1.5 parts Milagro Añejo tequila
• 1 part agave nectar
• 4 cloves each
• 1 whole cinnamon stick each
• 1 anise star each
• 4 parts boiling water
• 1 lemon wheel each


Combine agave nectar, spices and tequila in a heat-resistent snifter or mug. Add the boiling water. Squeeze in lemon, drop it in, and stir until agave nectar has melted. Recipes courtesy of Milagro Tequila


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