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Netflix Original Shows You Need To Binge-Watch This Summer

For many people, summertime means lots of barbecues, road trips, vacations, and spending a lot of time outdoors. For others, it’s more about relaxing, reading, or catching up on all the new shows everyone has been talking about. Luckily for those people, Netflix has a plethora of original television shows to choose from, some of which are either filming the next season or just dropped a new season on the streaming app. From sci-fi thrillers, to mysteries, to satirical comedy-dramas, here are some Netflix Original shows that are totally binge-worthy.

Santa Clarita Diet

You can never really go wrong with Drew Barrymore, and she seems to shine on the small screen in this Netflix Original Series entitled “Santa Clarita Diet.” Recently, Netflix released it’s second season, and hilarious comedy revolves around husband (played by Timothy Olyphant) and wife realtors who live in Los Angeles in the suburb of Santa Clarita. However, there’s a shocking twist that we’ll leave you to find out when you sit down to watch.

13 Reasons Why

With season 2 recently released, “13 Reasons Why” was the show everyone was talking about last year when season 1 became available on Netflix. It’s centered on a group of kids who try to figure out why their classmate Hannah took her own life after they listen to the 13 cassette tapes she left for each of them. The show stars Katherine Langford as Hannah and Dylan Minnette as Clay.


“Girlboss” is loosely based on the story of the founder of the fashion brand Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso, who is portrayed by Britt Robertson. With only one season on Netflix, Girlboss was inspired by the New York Times best-selling book #Girlboss, and it will inspire you to be your own girl boss this summer.

Anne With an E

“Anne With an E” is an adorable summer adventure show that is based on “Anne of Green Gables.” With only one season, it’s managed to capture young ones and older ones alike as they fall in love with the outsider who fights for her place in the world.

Dear White People

If you were a big fan of the 2014 film by the same name, then you’re really going to enjoy this series that takes place in a predominantly white Ivy League university where racial tensions are everywhere. Season 2 just dropped on Netflix, so get ready to have more than enough episodes to binge.

Stranger Things

If you are still confused as to why everyone is still talking about this show, then you need to watch it. After that, move on to the second season. Everything about this show is a big homage to the 80s, and has everything from top-secret government experiments and monsters, to one particular girl with superpowers.

Wet Hot American Summer

First things first, watch the hilarious 2001 cult classic about a group of teens on their last day as camp counselors, and then watch the 2015 prequel entitled “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp,” and then watch “Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later.” These films are full of an A-list cast with Amy Poehler, Chris Meloni, Chris Pine, David Hyde Pierce, Elizabeth Banks, Janeane Garofalo, Joe Lo Truglio, Kristen Wiig, Molly Shannon, Nina Hellman, Paul Rudd (swoon), Jai Courtney, Alyssa Milano, and that’s just some of the cast!

Orange Is The New Black

No binge-watch list would be complete without the lovely ladies of Litchfield. This show has six seasons right now, and the wrapping of season 6 just happened in February. It stars Taylor Schilling, Laura Prepon, Danielle Brooks, Taryn Manning and many more.

Masters of None

This comedy series, “Masters of None” is based on comedian Aziz Ansari’s life, and recently released season 2 of this show in spring 2018. You will certainly not regret it.


This is regarded as Netflix’s underrated originals that stars Kyle Chandler from “Friday Night Lights.” It’s third and last season came out in May 2018, so you have plenty of episodes to go through if you’re just starting. The show centers on a ‘close-knit family of four adult siblings whose secrets and scars are revealed when their black sheep brother returns home.


This Netflix show has one season available to stream and second season on the way at the end of 2018. It stars Alison Brie, Marc Aaron, Betty Gilpin and more. Glow is inspired by the real story of the 1980s female wrestling league.


Judd Apatow created this rom-com that explores the complexities of dating and relationships. The third and final season hit Netflix this year, anti stars Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust.


The description itself does not even cover how heavy this one is. “This raw, gritty series chronicles the gripping real-life stories of the drug kingpins of the late 1980s and the corrobative efforts of law enforcement to meet them head on in brutal, bloody conflict.” This show is perfect if you’re in the mood for some darker stuff. You can watch all three seasons on Netflix now.

Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie is a fantastic comedy about two former foes who form an unexpected (and hysterical) friendship. Jane Fonda plays Grace and Lily Tomlin plays Frankie. Both friends find out both of their husbands are gay and leave them for each other. You have to watch all four seasons.


If you’re looking for something with “Stranger Things” vibes, you will probably like “Dark.” It’s a pretty dark drama with a huge sci-fi twist. We’re going to leave it at that at the fear of giving too much away. It’s set in the 80s like “Stranger Things,” but it’s also in German, so get ready for subtitles!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


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