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30 Hidden Secrets Found In Disney Movies You Never Knew About


Over the years, you’ve probably realized that movie studios like Disney and Pixar will put some hidden secrets in their movies. (In fact, we have even discovered some before.) However, Disney just keeps hiding awesome secrets in their movies. They won’t stop the awesomeness. These hidden “Easter eggs” were found in some Disney movies (along with a few classic surprises). They’re easy to miss, so don’t be surprised that you won’t recognize ANY of these. Disney may be tricky, but now you know their secrets. And they are awesome.

We all love Disney and Pixar movies. For the super fans the movie studios sometimes include hidden secrets in various scenes to see if they are paying attention. It’s always fun to be able to spot these hidden treasures. Some are actually very hard to spot. Let us help you out.

1. Rapunzel in Frozen

Flynn Rider and Rapunzel visiting Elsa’s coronation in Frozen.

2. Frozen

Zoom in big time and you will see Tiana and Naveen from The Princess and the Frog were attending Elsa’s coronation.

3. Big Hero 6

Hans from Frozen is on the wanted poster in this scene from Big Hero 6.

4. The Goofy Movie

You never know who you will find in a crowd. That sure looks like Mickey Mouse in this scene from A Goofy Movie.

5. Frozen #2

In this scene from Frozen acan you spot Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc.? He is the small figurine.

6. Wreck-It Ralph

Maximus and Vladimir from Tangled did a guest appearance on Wreck-It-Ralph?

7. Frozen #3

Spot the little Mickey Mouse doll in this scene from Frozen?

8. Lady and The Tramp

Jock from Lady and the Tramp helping the puppies in this scene from 101 Dalmatians.

9. The Little Mermaid

Kermit the Frog makes a celeb appearance in the The Little Mermaid.

10. The Princess and The Frog

Charlotte proudly displays the book Rapunzel in her room, in a scene taken from The Princess and the Frog.

11. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Is that the shadow of Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas in the scene from The Princess And The Frog.

12. The Goofy Movie #2

Tick-Tock, the crocodile in Peter Pan pops up in this scene from A Goofy Movie concert.

13. The Great Mouse Detective

In The Great Mouse Detective, Dumbo appears as a tiny bubble toy.

14. 101 Dalmations

Pongo from 101 Dalmatians during a scene from Oliver & Company.

15. The Little Mermaid #2

Henry Limpet, the fish character from The Incredible Mr. Limpet, makes an appearance in this scene from The Little Mermaid.

16. Lilo & Stitch

Check out this Mulan restaurant in Lilo & Stitch.

17. Tangled

In the movie Tangled, you can see the spinning wheel from Sleeping Beauty in Rapunzel’s tower.

18. The Aristocats

Scat Cat from The Aristocats shows up in the animated movie for Robin Hood.

19. The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

In this scene from The Hunchback of Notre Dame the gargoyle looks awfully similar like the Lion King‘s Pumbaa.

20. Bambi

Bambi’s mom or Shere Kahn’s prey in the Jungle Book.

21. Wreck-It Ralph

Check out the bulletin board. Look closer. Wreck-it Ralph is referencing the animated short, The Paperman,in the image shown.

22. Meet The Robinsons

Ha. Check out those Jungle Book and Toy Story 2 posters in the background of Meet The Robinsons.

23. Aladdin

Directors do cameos too. In this scene from Aladdin, the movie’s directors, Ron Clements and John Musker, show up as Prince Achmed rides by on his way to the Sultan’s palace.

24. Aladdin #2

Above Jasmine’s head you can see an orange Mickey hanging out.

25. More Aladdin

Look closely. Can you find the hidden Disney character? Notice the Disney character in the Sultan’s toys?

26. Beauty and The Beast

Can you spot Mickey hidden to the right of Belle’s hand in the mottled bark on the tree trunk?

27. Frozen

In the movie Frozen, Olaf sees a Sand Girl, inspired by the famous Coppertone Girl.

28. Jungle Book

In The Jungle Book, a Hidden Mickey is found in the round carvings at the top of King Louis’ stone headrest.

29. The Lion King

Mufasa and Simba walk by a group of rocks where you can see a hidden Mickey.

30. Pocahontas


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