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35 Vintage Pictures That Prove Your Parents Are Cooler Than You

Looking at your parents’ old photos can raise all sorts of feelings– you might have stumbled across some interesting images, to say the least. But some of these photos can almost guarantee your parents had a decent sense of style, charisma or some side of them you’ve never seen before. Even if you don’t think your parents looked as cool in their youth as these photos, then they probably didn’t care much how they looked, which, in turn, makes then cool already.

This couple from the 1960s seems to be the rebellious type. Although youth indulgence was frowned upon, especially in those days, these two lovebirds don’t mind showing off their bad side in front of the camera.

The women in the photograph became known around the internet as “Camero Mom”. Her son posted the photo of his mom posing on a 1975 Camero and it went viral, accumulating over 5 million views on Imgur. This kid knew his mom looked cool in the 70s and thought that everybody should see this photo that does well to epitomize the 1970s.

This interesting photograph was taken by Steven M. on the beaches of Florida, mostly on the southeast coast, during the 1980s.

This photo may look like a professional model from today, but this photograph was actually taken in the late 1960s. The son of the photo’s subject uploaded the photo online and people were going crazy for this 60s heartthrob.

This photograph was taken in 1970 at Pensacola Beach in Florida. Although now Pensacola has the reputation of being a crazy party town, these teens make it looks laid back and fun with their sense of style. Just look at those sunglasses! Maybe they’ll make a comeback soon.

This photo was taken on Venice Beach in the 1970s. The two boys pictured above are named Kevin and Robbie, and they both portray the care-free lifestyle of Venice back in the day. 


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