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37 Animals That Make Millions for Their Owners Bank Accounts!

With the growing hype on Social Media these days, anyone and everyone can become internet sensations in one night. A lot of viral posts today involve unique animals doing the craziest of things. Some of these creatures appear next to the biggest stars in Hollywood and are known to be superstars in their own way. Oh yes, these animals earn millions and they can probably have better saving accounts than their humans! Let’s take a look at 20 pets who made their owner’s bank account very very happy.

Grumpy Cat – Net Worth: $100 Million

Tabatha Bundesen’s cat made waves online for being the famous cat with the grumpy face. That notorious feline or The Grumpy Cat went viral in a span of less than 48 hours when Tabatha’s brother posted a video of it. The cat is said to have placed around $100 million in Tabatha’s bank account. This was earned from appearances, modeling, book deals, and ads.

Manny the French Bulldog Philanthropist – Estimated Earnings: Over $100,000

Chicago’s favorite Bulldog Manny called The Frenchie, besides being cute, also plays a significant social role given his charitable activities like selling different items on social media (clothes, accessories, mugs, etc.) to help the less fortunate. It all started spontaneously when the owners, Huang and Chavez, were posting random photos of the dog, attracting a huge fan base. Meanwhile, Manny has his own Instagram profile, and he raised more than $100,000 for charity.

Street Cat Bob – Estimated Earnings: £500k

We can say that Bob the cat and James Bowen rescued each other. Bowen found the stray cat in his building, wounded, in 2007, and decided to take him in for a while. Meanwhile, he was battling his heroin addiction, and Bob kept him company. Many fell in love with the Internet duo whose videos and photos entertained masses. Not long after, Bowen wrote the bestseller A Street Cat Named Bob which together with the spinoffs earned £500,000.

Jiff The Pomeranian – Estimated Earnings Per Post: $17,500

Jiff (@jiffpom) is an extremely talented bundle of joy by being able to walk on the back and front legs, backward, and skateboarding is not excluded. With over 3 million followers, the celebrity dog earns $17,500 per post. Jiff can be seen in a Katy Perry video, different commercials, and he even got his own day approved in LA called the Jiff Day.

Chris P. Bacon – Estimated Earnings: $8,000

Conveniently called Chris P. Bacon, the disabled pig is a big-shot YouTuber. Moving with the help of an improvised pig wheel made of toys, Bacon attracted many viewers that resulted in 4-digit earnings. The pig landed an astonishing career with millions of views, 115 Facebook followers and two books in his honor. The owners must be very proud of their pet that brings home the bacon.

Juniper The Fox – Estimated Earnings Per Post: $5,000

Juniper the Fox (@juniperfoxx) is a domesticated and tamed fox that is kept as a pet. It is unusual to have a fox as a pet, but what is more astonishing is a fox that has her own clothing line. Attracting 1 million followers, Juniper plays in the big league and participates in sponsored posts worth $5,000 each!

Jill The Squirrel- Estimated Earnings Per Post: $2,000

Jill (@this_girl_is_a_squirrel) lost her nest during Hurricane Isaac but was rewarded with fame afterward. The cutie is easy to hang out with as her friendships with the other pets like the dog and the bird prove. Her Instagram account lists all her hobbies and activities which make the cutie sound like a person. It seems to pay off for $2,000 per sponsored post.

Toast Meets World – Estimated Earnings Per Post: $1,850

Toast (@toastmeetsworld) is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and her floppy tongue is the trademark that brought her over 370,000 followers. The toothless puppy was rescued from a puppy mill in 2011, a story that touched many hearts. Therefore, Toast is now cashing in $1,850 regularly per sponsored post. The dog is often campaigning for charity causes and raising awareness on and money for issues like AIDS.

Venus – Estimated Earnings Per Post: $6,000

Venus (@venustwofacecat) is a special cat that turned her specific characteristic into cash. Namely, the cat’s face is truly unique with one-half being black featuring a green eye and the other being orange with a blue eye. A post that features Venus is worth $6,000 since she has 1.2 million followers that can spread the word further. Her face is a consequence of the genetic trait known as chimerism.

Rhea The Naked Birdie – Estimated Earnings Per Post: $895

Who says that a disadvantage cannot be turned into an advantage? Just look at naked parrot Rhea (@rhea_thenakedbirdie) who suffers from the Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease virus which makes her look like this. The parrot uses the spotlight for raising awareness about the disease and gets paid $895 per sponsored post. Her fan base counts 182,000 followers and the birdie has her own collectibles store. Well done!

Daisy Underbite – Estimated Earnings Per Post: $1,000

The adorable Daisy girl (@underbiteunite) was almost euthanized, but luckily, she was rescued just in time. The dog suffers from a congenital disease which left her shoulder and back hips dislocated. The underbite dog got prosthetic legs to get the pressure off her troubled spine. It seems that life is making up for her mishaps and Daisy earns $1,000 per sponsored post in the meantime. Like a true celebrity pet, she also has a T-shirt line that is doing great.

Tara The Hero Cat – Earns $55,600 – $463,700 Annually

Tara the Hero Cat is one of those animals who went viral for saving a life. A video of Tara rescuing her caretaker’s child from being attacked by the neighbor’s dog caught the attention of many people. We hope Tara has a checking account or online savings account because she is said to earn between $55,600 to $463,700 a year (!)

Boo – Earns $1 Million Annually

Boo definitely puts a smile to its owners’ face for he earns them a total of $1 million per year. Boo is a spokesdog for Virgin America airlines. It is also said that his owner worked for Facebook and Boo had a successful facebook page that had more than 5 million followers. Boo was given his own book that was printed in 11 languages!

Lil Bub – Earns $30,000 A Year

Lil Bub is a famous cat and Youtube star known for its very unique look. Its owner Mike Bridavsky earned an instant fortune as soon as his cat went viral. It was said that he donated a total of $200,000 to charities for animals. Lil Bub is said to be earning $30,000 a year.

Maru – Earns $180,000 Annually

This Scottish Fold cat makes a good businessman for he earns a lot from various platforms. Maru is known for his love of boxes. He has starred in two books, a DVD and a few commercials in Japan. It is said that the cat’s bank account gets blessed with $180,000 a year from YouTube’s partner’s program, a book, merchandise and endorsement deals in Japan.

Pudsey – Net Worth: $1.57 Million

Pudsey became an instant trending topic ever since he had a remarkable performance on Britain’s Got Talent. The dog and owner, Ashleigh Butler, reached instant success after conquering the talent show. It is said that they have earned around a million pounds and Pudsey has ventured out in becoming a Hollywood star.

Keyboard Cat – Earned $21,100-$175,800 Annually

Last 2007, the Keyboard Cat video made waves on the internet. Even if the video file was from 1984, the cat’s video became an immediate trending topic with 71 million views. Seems like going viral on the internet can make anyone an instant millionaire. The Keyboard Cat was said to have earned $21,100 to $175,800 annually.

Colonel Meow – Earns $5,000 Annually

Colonel Meow was the title holder of the Guinness World Record for the cat with the longest fur. This Himalayan-Persian mix went viral on Facebook and Instagram last 2012. Even if the cat only lived for 2 years, no money transfer or insurance was needed for his earnings of $5,000 a year went straight to its owner.


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