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40+ Celebrities Who Have a Ton of Kids

Many famous actors, actresses, musicians, and athletes all have large families with lots of kids. Some of these famous folks have adopted most of their children, while others had their kids the old-fashioned way. Several celebrities even have ten or more children with different people or through adoption. Who are the most famous people with a ton of kids? While Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt make our list purely out of popularity, you’ll be shocked to see how many kids the rest of these stars have. From Bob Marley to Willie Nelson, we have all the actors, actresses, athletes, and musicians with quite a clan of their own. Check out our list of the top stars you never knew had so many children!

Madonna has 6 children:

Lourdes Leon (born 1996) with Carlos Leon
Rocco Ritchie (born 2000) with Guy Ritchie, David Ritchie (born 2005) adopted with Guy Ritchie
Mercy James (born 2006) adopted by Madonna
Esther and Stella (born 2012) adopted by Madonna

Mick Jagger has 8 children:

Karis Hunt Jagger (born 1970) with Marsha Hunt
Jade Sheena Jezebel Jagger (born 1971) with first wife Bianca De Macias
Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Scarlett Jagger (born 1984), James Leroy Augustin Jagger (born 1985), Georgia May Ayeesha Jagger (born 1992) and Gabriel Luke Beauregard Jagger (born 1997) with ex-wife Jerry Hall
Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger (born 1999) with Luciana Gimenez
Child Eight, Boy (the name was not immediately announced; born December 2016) born to Jagger and girlfriend Melanie Hamrick, a dancer. At the time of birth, Jagger was 73, Hammick 29.

Eddie Murphy has 9 children:

Bria L. Murphy (born 1989), Myles Mitchell (born 1992), Shayne Audra (born 1994), Zola Ivy (born 1999), and Bella Zahra (born 2002) with ex-wife Nicole Mitchell
Eric Murphy (born 1989) with Paulette McNeely
Christian Murphy (born 1990) with Tamara Hood
Angel Iris Murphy Brown (born 2007) with former Spice Girl Melanie Brown
Izzy Oona Murphy (born 2016) with girlfriend Paige Butcher

Mel Gibson has 8 children:

Hannah (born 1980), Edward (born 1982), Christian (born 1982), William (born 1985), Louis (born 1988), Milo (born 1990), and Thomas (born 1999) with ex-wife Robyn Denise Moore
Lucia (born 2009) with Oksana Grigorieva

Angelina Jolie has 6 children with her partner, Brad Pitt:

Maddox Chivan (adopted 2002), Zahara Marley (adopted 2005), Shiloh Nouvel (born 2006), Pax Thien (adopted 2007), and twins Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline (born 2008)

Clint Eastwood has 7 children:

Kimber Tunis (born 1964) with Roxanne Tunis
Kyle Eastwood (born 1968) and Alison Eastwood (born 1972) with ex-wife Maggie Johnson
Scott Reeves (born 1986) and Kathryn Reeves (born 1988) with Jacelyn Reeves
Francesca Fisher-Eastwood (born 1993) with ex-partner Frances Fisher
Morgan Eastwood (born 1996) with ex-wife Dina Ruiz

Steven Spielberg has 6 children:

Max Samuel (born 1985) with ex-wife Amy Irving
Theo Spielberg (adopted 1988), Sasha Rebecca Spielberg (born 1990), Sawyer Avery Spielberg (born 1992), Mikaela George (adopted 1996), and Destry Allyn Spielberg (born 1996) with wife Kate Capshaw
Capshaw also has a child from a previous marriage, Jessica Capshaw (born 1976), with Robert Capshaw.

Marlon Brando had 15 children:

Christian Brando (1958) with first wife Anna Kashfi
Miko Castaneda Brando (1961) and Rebecca Brando (1966) with second wife Movita Castaneda
Simon Teihotu Brando (1963) and Cheyenne Brando (1970) with third wife Tarita Teriipaia
Ninna Priscilla Brando (1989), Myles Jonathan Brando (1992), and Timothy Gahan Brando (1994) with housekeeper Maria Christina Ruiz
Stephen Blackehart (1967), Michael Gilman (1967), Dylan Brando (1968), and Angelique Brando by unidentified women.
Brando also adopted Tariipaiia’s daughter, Maimiti (1977) and her niece, Raiatua (1982), and he adopted Petra Brando-Corval (1972), the daughter of his assistant.
He is also suspected to be the father of Linda Carroll (1944, given up for adoption) with novelist Paula Fox. Carroll is the mother of Courtney Love.

Bob Dylan has 6 children:

Jesse Byron Dylan (1966) Anna Lea (1967), Samuel Isaac Abraham (1968), and Jakob Luke (1969) with ex-wife Sara Lownds
Desiree Gabrielle Dennis-Dylan (1986) with ex-wife Carolyn Dennis
He also adopted Lownds’s child, Maria (1961).

Brad Pitt has 6 children with his partner, Angelina Jolie:

Maddox Chivan (adopted 2002), Zahara Marley (adopted 2005), Shiloh Nouvel (born 2006), Pax Thien (adopted 2007), and twins Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline (born 2008)

Robert De Niro has 6 children:

Raphael (born 1976) with ex-wife Diahnne Abbott
Twins Julian Henry De Niro and Aaron Kendrick De Niro (born 1995) with ex-partner Toukie Smith
Elliot De Niro (born 1998) and Helen Grace De Niro (born 2011) with wife Grace Hightower
He also adopted Abbott’s daughter, Drena (born 1971).

Mike Tyson has had eight children with several different women

D’Amato Tyson (1990)
Mickey Tyson (1990)
Rayna (1996) and Amir (1997) with second wife Monica Turner
Miguel (2002) and Exodus (2005, died 2009) with ex-partner Sol Xochitl
Milan and Morocco Tyson with third wife Lakiha “Kiki” Spicer

Kevin Costner has seven children:

Anne “Annie” Clayton (born 1984), Lily McCall (born 1986), and Joseph “Joe” (born 1988) with ex-wife Cindy Silva
Liam (born in 1996) with Bridget Rooney
Cayden Wyatt (born 2007), Hayes Logan (born 2009), and Grace Avery (born 2010) with wife Christine Baumgartner.

Muhammad Ali has nine children:

Maryum (born 1968), twins Jamillah and Rasheda (born 1970), and Muhammad Ali, Jr. (born 1972) with second wife Belinda Boyd
Miya Ali (born 1972) with Pat Harvil
Khaliah Bolton(born 1974, now goes by Aaisha Ali) with Wanda Bolton
Hana (born 1976) and Laila (born 1977) with third wife Veronica Porsche
Asaad Amin (born 1987, adopted) with wife Yolanda “Lonnie” Williams

Charlie Chaplin had 11 children in his life and was married four times

Norman Spencer Chaplin (1919, died at three days old) with first wife Mildred Harris
Charles Spencer Chaplin, Jr. (1925) and Sydney Earl Chaplin (1926) with second wife Lita Grey
Geraldine Leigh (1944), Michael John (1946), Josephine Hannah (1949), Victoria (1051), Eugene Anthony (1953), Jane Cecil (1957), Annette Emily (1969), and Christopher James Chaplin (1962) with fourth wife Oona O’Neill
He was also named the father of Carole Ann Barry (1944) by Joan Barry, though a paternity blood test proved that he was not.

Kris Jenner has 6 children:

Kourtney (born 1979), Kim (born 1980), Khloé (born 1984), and Rob (born 1987) with ex-husband Robert Kardashian
Kendall (born 1995) and Kylie (born 1997) with husband Bruce Jenner

Willie Nelson has 7 children:

Lana (1953), Susie (1956), and Billy (1958, died 1991) with first wife Martha Matthews
Paula Carlene Nelson (1959) and Amy Lee Nelson (1973) with third wife Connie Koepke
Lucas Autry Nelson (1988) and Jacob MIcah Nelson (1990) with wife Annie D’Angelo

Bob Marley had 11 children:

Cedelia Marley (b. 1967), David “Ziggy” Marley (b. 1968), Stephen Marley (b. 1972) with wife Alpharita Constantia “Rita” Anderson
Robbie Marley (1972) with Pat Williams
Rohan Marley (1972) with Janet Hunt
Karen Marley (1973) with Janet Bowen
Julian Marley (1975) with Lucy Pounder
Ky-Mani Marley (1976) with Anita Belnavis
Damian Marley (1978) with Cindy Breakspeare
He also adopted Rita’s children Sharon (b. 1964 from a previous marriage) and Stephanie (b. 1974 from an extramarital affair).

Sting has 6 children:

Joe Sumner (1976) and Fuschia Katherine “Kate” Sumner (1982) with first wife Frances Tomelty
Brigitte Michael “Mickey” Sumner (1984), Jake Sumner (1985), Eliot Pauline “Coco” Sumner (1990), and Giacomo Luke Sumner (1995) with wife Trudie Styler

Kate Gosselin has eight children with her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin:

Twins Cara and Maddie (b. 2001) and sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel (b. 2004)

Mia Farrow has 14 children:

With ex-husband André Previn
Matthew Previn (b. 1970)
Sascha Previn (b. 1970)
Soon-Yi Previn (b. 1970, adopted 1978)
Lark Previn (b. and adopted 1973, died 2008)
Fletcher Previn (b. 1974)
Summer “Daisy” Previn (b. 1974, adopted 1976)
With ex-partner Woody Allen:
Moses Farrow (b. 1978, adopted 1980 )
Dylan “Eliza” / “Malone” Farrow (b. and adopted 1985 )
Satchel “Ronan” Farrow (b. 1987)
Adopted alone:
Tam Farrow (b. 1979, adopted 1992, died 2000)
Isaiah Farrow (b. and adopted 1992)
Gabriel “Thaddeus” Farrow (b. 1989, adopted 1994)
Kaeli-Shea “Quincy” Farrow (b. 1993, adopted 1994)
Frankie-Minh Farrow (b. 1989, adopted 1995)

Marie Osmond has 8 children:

Stephen James Craig (born 1983) with first / third husband Stephen Lyle Craig
Jessica Marie Blosil (b. 1987, adopted), Rachael Lauren Blosil (b. 1989), Michael Bryan Blosil (b. 1991, adopted, died 2010), Brandon Warren Blosil (b. 1996, adopted), Brianna Patricia Blosil (b. 1997, adopted), Matthew Richard Blosil (b. 1999), and Abigail Olive May Blosil (b. 2002, adopted) with ex-husband Brian Blosil

Nadya Suleman, aka “Octomom,” has 14 children, all conceived through IVF:

Elijah (2001), Amerah (2002), Joshua (2003), Aiden (2005), twins Calyssa and Caleb (2006), and octuplets Noah, Maliah, Isaiah, Nariah, Makai, Josiah, Jeremiah, and Jonah (2009).

Kirk Cameron has 6 children with his wife, Chelsea Noble:

Jack (b. 1996, adopted), Isabella (b. 1997, adopted), Anna (b. 1998, adopted), Luke (b. 2000, adopted), Olivia Rose (b. 2001), and James Thomas (b. 2003)

Billy Ray Cyrus has 6 children:

Christopher Cody Cyrus (b. 1992) with Kristin Luckey
Destiny Hope “Miley” Cyrus (b. 1992), Braison Chance Cyrus (b. 1994), Noah Lindsey Cyrus (b. 2000) with wife Leticia “Tish” Finley Cyrus
He also adopted Finley’s children Brandi (b. 1987) and Trace Cyrus (b. 1989)

L. Ron Hubbard had 7 children:

L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. / “Ronald DeWolf” (b. 1934) and Katherine May Hubbard (b. 1936) with first wife Margaret “Polly” Grubb
Alexis Valerie Hubbard (b. 1950) with second wife Sarah Hollister
Diana Meredith de Wolf Hubbard (b. 1952), Quentin Hubbard (b. 1954, died 1976), Mary Suzette Rochelle Hubbard (b. 1955), and Arthur Ronald Conway Hubbard (b. 1958) with third wife Mary Sue Whipp

Rod Stewart has 8 children:

Sarah Streeter (b. 1963, given up for adoption) with Susannah Boffey
Kimberley Alana Stewart (b. 1979) and Sean Roderick Stewart (b. 1980) with first wife Alana Hamilton
Ruby Stewart (b. 1987) with ex-girlfriend Kelly Emberg
Renee Cecili Stewart (b. 1992) and Liam McAllister Stewart (b. 1994) with second wife Rachel Hunter
Alastair Wallace Stewart (b. 2005) and Aiden Patrick Stewart (b. 2011) with wife Penny Lancaster-Stewart

T.I. has 5 biological children:

Messiah Ya’ Majesty (2000) and Domani Uriah (2001) with Lashon Dixon
Deyjah Imani (2001) with Ms. Niko
Clifford “King” (2004) and Major Philant (2008) with wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle
He is also stepfather to Cottle’s daughter, Zonnique Jailee Pullins (1996).

Don Ho Had 10 Children

Don Ho had 10 children with first wife Melvamay Kolokea Wong: Don Jr., Lei, Dondi, Dori, Dwight, Hoku, Kea, Kaimana, Kealii, and Dayna.

Lauryn Hill has 6 children:

Zion David (b. 1997), Selah Louise (b. 1998), Joshua Omaru (b. 2001), John Nesta (b. 2002), and Sarah (b. 2008) with partner Rohan Marley
Micah (b. 2011) with an unknown father

Duane Lee Chapman, aka “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” has 12 children:

Christopher Michael Hecht (given up for adoption) with ex-girlfriend Debbie White
Duane Lee Chapman II (b. 1973) and Leland Chapman (b. 1976) with first wife La Fonda Sue Honeycutt
Zebediah Duane Chapman (b. 1980, died 29 days later), Wesley Chapman, and J.R. “James” Chapman with second wife Anne M. Tegnell
Barbara Katie “B.K.” Chapman (b. 1982, died 2006), Tucker Dee Chapman (b. 1983), and “Baby” Lyssa Rae Chapman (b. 1988) with third wife Lyssa Rae Brittain
Bonnie Joanne Chapman (b. 1988) and Garry Chapman (b. 2000) with wife Beth Barmore
Chapman also adopted Barmore’s daughter, Cecily (b. 1992).

DMX Has 13 Children

DMX was known to have multiple affairs, and it is believed that he has 13 children. His four children with ex-wife Tashera Simmons are Xavier, Tocoma, Shawn, and Praise.

Evander Holyfield Has 11 Children

Boxer Evander Holyfield has 11 children:Evander Jr., Eve Elizabeth, Evette Ashley, Ewan Ezekiel, Elijah Jedidiah, Elijah Esaias, Eli Ethan, Eleazar Evan, Emani Winter, Eden Eloise, and Ebonne Esheal

Flavor Flav has 7 Children

Flavor Flav has 7 children: Shaniq, Karen, and William Jr. with first wife Karen RossDazyna, Quanah, and Kayla with second wife Angie ParkerKarma with girlfriend Elizabeth Trujillo

Jon Gosselin has 8 Children

Jon Gosselin has 8 children with his ex-wife Kate Gosselin: Twins Cara and Madelyn (born 2001) and sextuplets Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Joel, and Leah (born 2004)

Master P has 9 children:

Percy “Lil Romeo” (b. 1989), Vercy (b. 1991), Tytyana (b. 1992), Veno (b. 1992), Inty (b. 1993), Hercy (b. 1996), Cymphonique (b. 1996), Itali (b. 1999), and Mercy (b. 2003)

Jim Bob Duggar and his wife, Michelle Duggar, have 19 children:

Joshua James (b. 1988)
Jana Marie (b. 1990)
John-David (b. 1990)
Jill Michelle (b. 1991)
Jessa Lauren (b. 1992)
Jinger Nicole (b. 1993)
Joseph Garrett (b. 1995)
Josiah Matthew (b. 1996)
Joy-Anna (b. 1997)
Jedidiah Robert (b. 1998)
Jeremiah Robert (b. 1998)
Jason Michael (b. 2000)
James Andrew (b. 2001)
Justin Samuel (b. 2002)
Jackson Levi (b. 2004)
Johannah Faith (b. 2005)
Jennifer Danielle (b. 2007)
Jordyn-Grace Makiya (b. 2008)
Josie Brooklyn (b. 2009)
Michelle also miscarried a daughter, Jubilee Shalom, in 2011.

NFL star Ray Lewis has 6 children:

Ray Anthony III, Rashaan, Diaymon, Rayshad, Kaitlin, and Ralin Lewis

Jermaine Jackson has 9 children:

Jermaine La Jaune “Jay” (1977), Autumn Joi (1978), and Jaimy Jermaine (1987) with first-wife Hazel Gordy
Jeremy (1986) and Jourdynn (1989) with Margaret Maldonado
Jasmine (1988) with an unidentified woman
Jaafar Jeremiah (1996) and Jermajesty (2000) with Alejandra Oaziaza
He is also reported to have adopted Donte Jackson, one of a set of twins Oaziaza had with his brother, Randy Jackson.

NFL player Marshall Faulk has 8 children:

Marshall Faulk, Jr., Jaden Faulk, Brooklyn Faulk, Presley Faulk, Farrah Faulk, Mahlik Faulk, Kwuan Faulk, and Hakim Faulk.

Singer Ginuwine has 8 children:

Tiffany Nicole
Elgin Lumpkin, Jr. (1991)
Story Asaundra Lumpkin (2001) and Dream Sarae Lumpkin (2002) with Tonya “Solé” Johnston
He is also parent to Johnston’s daughters, De’jan (1992) and Cypress (1995), as well as Tahjere and Ginel.

Joe Jackson has 11 children

With wife Katherine Jackson:
Maureen Reillette “Rebbie” Jackson (b. 1950)
Sigmund Esco “Jackie” Jackson (b. 1951)
Tariano Adaryll “Tito” Jackson (b. 1953)
Jermaine La Jaune Jackson (b. 1954)
La Toya Jackson (b. 1956)
Marlon Jackson (b. 1957)
Brandon Jackson (b. 1957, died at birth)
Michael Joseph Jackson (b. 1958)
Steven Randall “Randy” Jackson (b. 1961)
Janet Damita Jo Jackson (b. 1966)
He also fathered Joh’Vonnie Jackson (b. 1974) during a 25 year-long affair with Cheryl Terrell.

Michelle Duggar and her husband, Jim Bob Duggar, have 19 children:


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