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40 Filthy Rich NBA Players And The Women Behind Them

They say that behind every successful man is a determined woman. This probably holds true in the case of filthy rich NBA players. With their million-dollar contracts, fame, superior skills on the court and love of the game, there is bound to be a woman with whom they share all their successes. Here, we will take a look at some of the top NBA superstars and the special woman in their lives.


Playing power forward and center for the Houston Rockets, Brazil native Nenê started his NBA career in 2002. He was first selected by the New York Knicks where he was part of the NBA All-Rookie First Team just a year after joining the league. According to, Nenê has a net worth of an estimated $81.9 million.

Lauren Prothe

In 2009, Nenê married Lauren Prothe. If Nenê is 6’11”, Prothe is definitely not lacking in the height department, standing tall at 6’1”. She used to play volleyball at the Colorado State University, and she speaks fluent Portuguese. These are probably the traits which made her and Nenê a perfect match.

Jamal Mashburn

Fondly called Monster Mash, Jamal Mashburn started his basketball career in college. He played for the University of Kentucky and in 1993, he got drafted for the Dallas Mavericks. From there, he went on to play for the Miami Heat, Charlotte Hornets, and the New Orleans Hornets. Since his retirement, Mashburn earned a lot from his contracts, making his net worth amount to around $45 million.

Michelle Mashburn

The woman with whom Jamal shares his success is Michelle Mashburn. She’s a personal trainer who has established businesses in the fitness industry. Between them, the couple manages several business ventures including Outback Steakhouse and Papa John’s franchises, as well as car dealerships.

Chauncey Billups

Another retired basketball player whose net worth is around $45 million is Chauncey Billups. His lover for the game started way back in high school where he was an All-State first team pick for four years. He also played college hoops until he was finally drafted for the NBA by the Boston Celtics. From there, he went on to also play for eight other teams including the New York Knicks in 2011. After 17 years of playing professional basketball, Billups announced his retirement on September 2014.

Piper Billups

The woman behind the success of Billups is a woman named Piper. The two met when Chauncey was just 17 years old – and they’ve remained a couple ever since. They have three daughters: Cydney, Ciara, and Cenaiya.

Vlade Divac

Now working as the VP of basketball operations and GM of the Sacramento Kings, Vlade Divac is a 7’1” center who first played for the Los Angeles Lakers. Born in Yugoslavia, he was drafted to play for the NBA in 1989. From there, he went on to win numerous awards including the NBA All-Star and the NBA All-Rookie First Team. His net worth is around $45 million.

Snežana Divac

From the start of his career to announcing his retirement in 1996, the woman who was with Vlade Divac every step of the way is Anna. The couple has two sons and one adopted daughter.

Stephon Marbury

You’d think that someone who swapped a lucrative NBA career with playing for the Chinese Basketball Association would not have accumulated millions. But Stephon Marbury is as savvy with money as they come, having accumulated a net worth of $45 million. It was in 1996 that he was first drafted for the NBA by the Milwaukee Bucks. His career as a player for the CBA started in 2010 and he now plays for the Beijing Ducks.

Tasha Marbury

A celebrity in her own right, Tasha Marbury is the wife of Stephon. The two married on September 2014 and they have two kids together. Tasha is part of the reality show Basketball Wives on VH1 which is now on its fifth season.

Michael Redd

Drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks in the year 2000, Michael Wesley Redd eventually became a member of the national basketball team. Despite suffering from injuries which limited the number of games he played, Redd was still paid every cent of his initial $90 million contract, although he had to suffer from a drastic pay cut later on. The shooting guard has a reported net worth of $45 million these days.

Achea Redd

Six years after his entry to the league, Michael Redd married Achea and together, they went on to establish the Michael Redd Foundation. Its goal is to work alongside government departments and schools to promote academic achievement.

Larry Bird

Larry Bird is practically a legend in the NBA. Starting as a small forward and power forward when he was drafted by the Boston Celtics in 1978, he has built quite a stellar career for himself. He’s a 13-time NBA All-Star, a 3-time MVP, a 3-time NBA champ, and a 2-time NBA Finals MVP. Post-retirement, he also won Coach of the Year and Executive of the Year. Unsurprisingly, he has a net worth of almost $45 million.

Dinah Mattingly

It was in 1989 that Larry Bird married Dinah Mattingly. Together, the couple has two adopted kids while Bird has a daughter from his first marriage with a woman named Janet. Mattingly is frequently seen with Bird sitting in the box when he’s watching games.

Chris Bosh

During the 2003 NBA Draft, Chris Bosh was drafted by the Toronto Raptors. In 2003, he teamed up with Dwayne Wade and LeBron James to form what was dubbed as the ‘Big 3’ of the Miami Heat. There, they earned two NBA championships from 2012 to 2013. With his multitude of endorsements and million dollar contracts, Bosh’s net worth is estimated by to be around $110 million.

Adrienne Bosh

In 2011, Chris Bosh tied the knot with Adrienne Williams. Mrs. Bosh owns a boutique located in Miami Beach called Sparkle and Shine Darling, which specializes in sparkly-shiny fashion pieces for women.

Scottie Pippen

His years with Michael Jordan stamped Scottie Pippen’s presence in the NBA. He played for the Chicago Bulls from 1987 to 1998, then transitioned to the Houston Rockets, Portland Trail Blazers, then back to the bulls in 2004. His career highlights are quite lengthy to mention, and according to TheRichest,com, Pippen’s net worth amounts to around $50 million.

Larsa Pippen

Scottie Pippen was married to Karen McCollum from 1988 to 1990, with whom he has a son. In 1997, he married Larsa Younan and they have four kids together. Younan starred in the hit reality show The Real Housewives of Miami.

Ray Allen

Walter Ray Allen, Jr. started his basketball career at the University of Connecticut. In 1996, he was drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves. He joined four other NBA teams since then, notably the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat, with whom he won championships for 2008 and 2013, respectively. Allen has a reported net worth of $50 million and is now a free agent.

Shannon Walker Williams

Ray Allen married Shannon Walker Williams in 2004. The soap actress appeared in CBS’ As the World Turns. Together, they have five kids named Tierra, Wynstan, Walter, Wynn, and Walker.

Baron Davis

His grandmother’s encouragement pushed Baron Davis, born in Los Angeles, to pursue a career in basketball. From high school to college, all the way to when he was drafted in 1999 by the Charlotte Hornets, he has established a solid career in sports for himself. The two-time NBA All-Star player has a net worth of $60 million.

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