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Mom Told Not To Sleep After 40 Hour Labor

Nicole and Matthew wanted nothing more than a baby to join their family. Her labor had lasted 40 hours, and Nicole was exhausted and desperately wanted to get some sleep.

In the midst of chaos in the delivery room, Nicole’s doctor demanded her not to sleep, thus depriving her of rest she so desperately needed. 

Nicole and Matthew were a team, and every second of Nicole’s pregnancy was carefully planned out. They covered every possible ground, from how they wanted to do their gender reveal to how Nicole was going to give birth. 

Nicole’s pregnancy went according to plan, that was until her water broke prematurely. 

Nicole’s water broke on a Monday evening, but Matthew acted instantly. He raced her to the hospital and tried his best to keep her calm. 

Nicole’s due date was not for weeks, and they were both consumed by worry. 

The hospital was over two hours away and Matthew had to ensure that his wife arrive safely, as the needed to driver her in a snowstorm.  Nicole could feel herself getting more and more anxious as the minutes passed. 

Even though the pair was surprised by Nicole’s water breaking, they were still determined to follow the necessary steps of their plan. 

The moment they arrived at the hospital Nicole turned down any offers for medication. She was determined to give birth as naturally as she could.  After hours of having dilated merely seven centimeters, their obstinacy shifted. 

Matthew observed something that made his heart drop while anxiously waiting with his wife… 

Matthew tearfully wrote on his Facebook wall, “We had another check at 11 am and she was still at 7cm and for the first time ever in my life, I saw the look of giving up in my wife’s eyes and it absolutely killed me.”

The couple’s plan was challenged when they made a difficult choice. 

Despite Nicole refusing any medication to help ease the process, Matthew knew he had to do something. Matthew suggested that she take Pitocin. After a lengthy discussion, Nicole agreed to take a low dosage. 

As a result, they were able to demonstrate to the couple exactly what they’re supposed to accomplish.

After Nicole took the medication, she started seeing progress with her dilation. She was dilated over 10 centimeters and she was experiencing terrible pain. Her screams echoed in the hallways.

The pain was unbearable, and Nicole was kicking herself for her beliefs. Then, she did the inevitable. 

 Nicole battled for more than four hours before decided to have an epidural. She could no longer endure the pain and needed the help. Nicole was in labor for forty hours, but finally she welcomed Blakely Faith Zeisemer. She was through the roof. 

Her daughter was beautiful, but Nicole needed rest after her tediously long labor. However, the doctor said something that stunned everyone in the room. 

Nicole was exhausted and eager to sleep and heal from the 40-hour long labor she had just endured. The doctor then exclaimed, “Push!” causing everybody in the room to stare at him in bewilderment.

He paid no attention to their confusion, and commanded Nicole, “Don’t stop! Push Nicole, Push!”

Putting her trust in the doctor’s hands, Nicole resumed pushing with tears of exhaustion running down her face. She did not understand what was going on or what she was even pushing out as she had already given birth.

Moments later, Nicole heard something that shocked everyone in the delivery room.

Cries of a second baby echoed in the room leaving the couple in complete shock. The two did not do an ultrasound and did not in any way see this coming. “Congratulations, you have twins,” the doctor said with a big smile on his face.

The couple looked at each other with mixed emotions.

Just like any parents, Matthew and Nicole wished they were prepared, for they only bought one of every baby item. Nevertheless, after meeting their son, they felt at ease knowing that no matter what they will make things work and will raise their children with so much love and care.

After telling their friends and family the news, they got a reaction that they did anticipate.

Once the news spread amongst their loved ones, the couple was surprised with baby presents that made most of their worries go away. Everyone pitched in to get the couple a set of items they needed for their unexpected baby making their hearts fill with the love and support they had for them.

Cade Matthew and Blakeley Faith continued to shock their parents.

As the twins grew up, the couple noticed the strong bond that existed between the two, as they almost took care of each other at times. The children’s strong bond brought the family even closer together, making them appreciate the everlasting tie of family.

Surprises are sweet and may be overwhelming at times, but Nicole and Matthew’s surprise was the best one that they have ever had or will have in their lifetime. 


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