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42 Pics of NFL Players You Won’t Recognize as Kids!


He’s A Dad Now!

This player has a son who is not loyal! As dad played for the Saints, this player’s sun rooted for the Giants. Honestly, he still has the same eyes!

Drew Brees

I guess blood is not thicker than water. At least his career wasn’t jinxed by his son.

Stomp the Yard

His mom keeps all the certificates her son earned as a kid, from being an excellent swimmer to a good citizen. She has pictures of him in varying stages of childhood, only many of them look as if a giant, serious head has been attached to a smaller body.

Ndamukong Suh

Michael grew up in Cameroon, where a young man talked to grown-ups only if he had something to say. His father was a large man who had a stuttering problem, so he hardly spoke. Ndamukong reminds Michael of his father. America is a tough place, Michael would tell his kids. Nothing comes without work and focus. Throughout his life, strangers have been afraid of Suh. He quit soccer because he was tired of being penalized for things he didn’t do. The football field was the one place where he was rewarded and loved for who he was. The joy Suh felt when he started football is still fresh in Michael’s mind. “He said, ‘Dad, you know what? Now I can hit people and not get blamed for it.'”

Career End: 2010

This cutie spent most of his career with the Green Bay Packers.

Brett Favre

Favre became the Packers’ starting quarterback in the fourth game of the 1992 season, stepping in for injured quarterback Don Majkowski, and started every game through the 2007 season.

Current Team: Packers

His 40 yd dash time is 4.71 seconds!

Aaron Rogers

Born in 1983, Rogers has grown up to become one of the most beloved players of our time! We don’t love that facial hair though.

Current Team: Bengals

This wide receiver played college ball at Georgia!

AJ Green

His 40 yd dash time is 4.5 seconds now! Much better.

Current Team: 49ers

Can you believe this kid would grow up to be 6’5″?

Blaine Gabbert

He’s 26 now, and can do the 40 yd dash in 4.61 seconds! Not bad

Cha Cha Cha!

This baby did a stint on Dancing with the Stars

Hines Ware

Hines has fired off at former teammates, sometimes criticizing them in the press.

No Helmet?

This future star of the Dallas Cowboys already had a pretty good grasp of the basics of the three-point stance as a youngster. And it’s no surprise he loves to run around without a helmet.

Jason Witten

This run helped inspire a rule change!

The Best Thing to Ever Happen to Von Miller

His teammates say he’s great at giving inspirational speeches to fire them up.

Demarcus Ware

Von Miller has nothing but amazing things to say about Demarcus: “DeMarcus … he just … DeMarcus was my idol. … DeMarcus just … I don’t know. DeMarcus … he’s just the kind of player, the kind of person … I don’t know, I have so many thoughts in my head. … DeMarcus, he just came here at exactly the right time,” Miller said. “I’m a totally different guy than I was a couple years ago. DeMarcus got here a couple years ago. The people around me, my family, my closest friends helped me do it. But so did DeMarcus. DeMarcus was big. Very big. Huge, really.”


This one is just too easy. How many families have this many players in them?

The Manning Family

One of these three kids would go on to be a huge, huge disappointment to their NFL-playing father, the other two are Cooper and Petyon.

Trophy Hoarder

This young NFL star had no problem racking up the trophies as a kid. But in two years in the league, he has come up just short in his quest of reaching the NFL’s top game, though his team frequently is a favorite.

Mark Sanchez

ey look, it’s Jets QB Mark Sanchez, who has the Jets primed to make another run at the Super Bowl

Never on the Winning Team

Having to play for the Little League Dodgers must have been good practice for this future quarterback to lead one of the NFL’s hard-luck franchises. And this might be a tough one to figure out because he looks older as a kid than he does as an adult. Seriously, who is this guy, football’s version of “Benjamin Button”? <

Matthew Stafford

These days I hear he likes to work out with Carrie Underwood.

Dynamic Duo

Better enjoy that hair while you can, guys

Matt and Tim Hasselback

Matt (left) might have had the better NFL career, but Tim Hasselbeck has done a pretty good job broadcasting. Also Matt seems to be under the Colt curse of injured quarterbacks.


This playmaking receiver showed that he had a sense of style even as a kid. Of course, the most fashionable jacket he ever put on was his gold Hall of Fame jacket that he received in 2007 after an outstanding career that saw him win three Super Bowl titles.

Michael Irvin

Michael Irvin was a famed member of “The Triplets” in Dallas and is currently an analyst on NFL Network.


These lil bros would both grow up to be NFL super stars!

Casy and Clay Matthews

Casey played for Oregon in college and went on to the Vikings in the 2011 draft. His brother, Clay, played for USC then went on to the Green Bay Packers in 2009. They are one tough family!

Tight End!

Here’s a clue: he went to Utah State!

Chris Cooley

He plays for the Redskins now, but you might have also seen him in the movie Ghosts Don’t Exist!

Running Back


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