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Girl Suspended For Playing With Stick

Caitlin Miller’s mother couldn’t understand why she had gotten a call from the principal. She was in trouble, but the reason behind it was unbelievable.

Caitlin was also shaken up, she couldn’t understand what she had done wrong, she was just playing a game like all children do during recess. Then she saw a stick.

Caitlin was in hot water because she was playing a game where she was a royal guard and had to protect the king and queen – two other children playing with her. So she found a stick and pretended it was a gun, play shooting other children playing with them.

When the principal caught wind of this she was immediately dragged into their office. They said she had threatened others.

Caitlin’s mother thinks the whole situation was blown out of proportion, Caitlin never threatened anyone. She was just playing a game with her friends.

People seeing her post seemed to side with Caitlin. But there were a few who opposed their argument and others who were on the fence. What do you think should have happened? Should Caitlin have gotten a one-day suspension?


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