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50-Year-Old Mom Gives Birth To Sons Baby

Kayla Jones had always dreamed of having children. However, when she was 17, she had surgery that would make it very difficult for her to conceive. Kayla was told she would never be able to birth children, and it broke her heart. 

She met her future husband at 29 and married him. They had pets, but they always wanted more. They desperately wanted to start a family. That’s when her mother-in-law made an offer they couldn’t refuse. 

Kayla’s husband was aware of her health problem, but he reassured her that she could still have children with him. 

However, after months of trying to conceive, it became clear to them both that they needed to consult an expert about this. They had no idea things would get even more complicated. 

Kayla’s doctor ran several tests on her and confirmed that she was still infertile. Kayla, who always believed in miracles, was devastated. 

“Are you sure?” she cried. “Maybe I can treat it somehow?” Sadly, there was nothing the doctor could do for her. 

Kayla felt that her dreams of being a mother were slipping through her fingers. Her husband, Cody, was also upset, but he didn’t want his wife to know. So, he hid his feelings and pretended that he wasn’t bothered by the news. 

The couple really wanted to have children, but it seemed that adoption was their only option. They had no idea at the time that Cody’s mother was planning something big.

Kayla felt terrible that she couldn’t give her husband what they both wanted. She feared he would eventually leave her and find a woman who could give him children. 

She knew she needed to have a serious conversation with him. But she wasn’t prepared for Cody’s reaction.

Both Kayla and Cody knew they needed to know where they would go from that point. Having children was very important to them. 

The talk Kayla was about to have with her husband would make or break them. They had a long conversation about children, and then Cody finally told her what he thought they should do. 

Before the trip to the doctor, the couple believed they would be able to have children someday. Kayla was sure that her illness would pass and that she would become a mother. 

Cody told her he didn’t want to end their marriage and instead suggested they consider adopting. But would Kayla agree to it?

Kayla didn’t want to try adoption because she had always dreamed of having a child of her own. However, eventually, she decided to look into adoption as she didn’t have another option. 

They started to research it online, but they could have never guessed what was about to happen to them.

Kayla and Cody decided they weren’t going to give up on having children so easily. However, after doing some research on adoption, they were faced with yet another problem. 

They knew adoption wouldn’t be easy, but they had no idea how difficult it was. They felt like they couldn’t do it, but that’s when they received the unexpected news.

Kayla and Cody couldn’t afford the legal fees for adoption. So, they had to drop the idea of becoming adoptive parents.

They decided to look into IVF instead. But would this option be costly, too?

“At the age of 17, I had a partial hysterectomy,” Kayla explained. “Doctors found a tumor that was believed to be cancerous taking over my uterus.”

“My uterus was removed, and the biopsy came back benign,” she continued. “My ovaries did not have to be removed, so I am still able to have a child biologically mine, but I am unable to carry the child myself.”

With IVF not being a suitable option, Kayla and Cody began to think about surrogacy. This was their last option. 

Cody told his mother, Patty, about their struggles with trying for a baby. Patty loved her son’s wife like her own daughter, and her heart broke for them. 

Patty was there for them through thick and thin. She wanted nothing more than for her son to have a child and was willing to do anything to make that happen. 

Little did the couple know what she was about to do. Patty was going to make their lifelong dream come true.

Fortunately for Kayla, her ovaries were still viable. However, after a few tries with several different surrogates, nothing worked. 

Cody’s 50-year-old mother had begun to joke that she would carry their baby, but only after a few more failures did the couple agree to take her up on her offer.

The doctors were initially skeptical because of Patty’s age but eventually gave her the green light. “After much testing, my mother-in-law was cleared to carry our baby,” Kayla said.

The couple began the IVF process in the fall of 2016 and had an embryo transferred to Kayla’s mother-in-law’s womb in March 2017. Sadly, it didn’t work.

Two months later, after another round of treatment, Patty gave another urine sample at home before she went to work. Kayla and Cody picked it up and tested it at home. 

The test result was positive. Patty was pregnant! 

“I cannot describe the feeling of seeing two pink lines,” Kayla recalled. “I just knew it was going to work.”  

After the pair learned that they were going to have a baby, they surprised Patty at work with the fantastic news. 

“We told her we had not tested yet and drove to her work. We laid that test down in front of her, and the tears started flowing,” Kayla said. 

But even though Patty passed all the medical examinations, the couple was still worried. What if she gets sick? What if she loses the baby?

She was 50 years old, after all. Women aren’t advised to have children at this age as they are more likely to have abnormalities. Patty was in great health but carrying a baby was a big risk, and Cody and Kayla wanted to make sure she was absolutely sure about her decision. 

Patty assured them she wanted to be their surrogate, and it paid off.

On December 30, 2018, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy Kross Allen Jones. Cody and Kayla were on cloud nine when they saw their son for the first time. 

“I am so amazed at this sweet miracle,” Kayla recalls. “Having him via surrogacy was not always easy, and definitely not easy for Patty, but having him here makes all the hard days worth it.” But how did Patty feel about carrying her grandchild for nine months?

Patty said her pregnancy was in no way easy but that she would do it all again in a heartbeat if she had to. 

Having a family member as a surrogate worked out perfectly for this family, and it was also much cheaper.

“I’ve recently had the privilege of doing one of the most rewarding things: to carry my own grandchild for my son and daughter-in-law,” Patty said.

“This is something that has blessed not only me and my family but also Kayla’s family.”

“A child is a lifetime commitment, and I knew there weren’t two more deserving people than them,” Patty continued. 

“To see them with Kross and see the parents, they’re already becoming thrills, my soul.” Not every grandmother would agree to surrogate their child’s baby, but it looks like Patty doesn’t regret it.

Patty didn’t experience any health problems after birthing her grandson, either. Although their case is very rare and unique, it is not recommended for a family member to be a surrogate. 

It’s best to find someone who isn’t related to the couple. 

Kayla is eternally grateful to her mother-in-law for birthing her baby boy. She had given them a life-long gift, and they will never forget it. 

Their son is happy and, most importantly, healthy! But how are Kayla and Cody finding parenthood?

The couple is still getting used to parenthood but loving every second of it. Kayla and Cody are happy with how things worked out for them, and their marriage has gotten even stronger since Kross was born. 

They encourage other parents to never give up and keep fighting for their dream.


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