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52 Most Unbelievable Images Found on Google Streetview

Feel free to guess for yourself what’s going on in these weird photos!

These People in Strange Masks in the Desert

Kids Attack Gumby

shoes thrown at gumby

This Naked Man Climbing Out of a Trunk

Cat as a hat

cat hat

This Man Picking His Nose

When Scuba Divers Attack

scuba divers

This Man Having a Lovely Brunch With His Alpaca

Post-It Prank!

post it car

This Man, Catching Up on the News

Dead Girl Photographed by google is a joke

girl playing dead

This Dog in a Bind

Building Explodes (No, it’s just bird poop)

buiding exploding

This Baby, Alone Outside of a Gucci Store

Ghost Town or Google Maps Glitch?

ghost town

This Man Carrying a Sex Doll on the Sidewalk

Wipe Out!

man falls off skateboard

These Girls Laughing at Their Fallen Friend

Jail Break

jail break

This Shirtless Man Watching a Van Burn


man in trash can

This Kid Biking the Wrong Way

Weird Rainbow Plane is Actually a Google Glitch

rainbow plane

This Woman, Doing the Worm on a Sidewalk

Hot Tub Party

roadside party

These Two Suburban Samurai

Lovely Legs in San Francisco

the legs

This Tough Gang of Middle Aged Segway Riders

27. Dumpster full of mannequins


This Car That Didn’t See the Fork in the Road in Time

Scary Birds in Japan

bird masks

This Man Being Robbed by Toddlers

Mysterious Man in a horse hat

man horse

This Dog Pooping

This Other Dog Pooping

This Odd Street Toilet

This Shirtless Man Giving His Dog a Ride

This Couple Having Sex on the Highway

This Woman Searching for Car Keys

This Public Sex Act

This Man Peeing on a Car

This Google Employee Cleaning His Camera

This Dog, Looking Into Your Soul

This Man, Getting a Feel for Today’s Weather

This Guy, Stretching His Leg Out the Window

This Guy, Mooning the World

These People Getting Arrested

This Woman Hitching a Ride

These Two Guys Going Really Fast

This Man Drinking Beer and Lying in a Truck Bed

This Woman Who Forgot Most of Her Clothes

This Drunk Guy Wearing a Crown


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