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60 Vintage Photos for Mature Audiences Only


Remember the days before social media and climate change – when life was simpler, more carefree? The days when celebrities were not obsessed with clicks and retweets are long gone. But we can revisit the glory days thanks to these carefully selected vintage photographs. Revel in the golden years with these intimate portraits of the stars. This classic collection captures the effortlessly cool as well as the ‘I can’t believe they wore that’. From actors to comedians these pictures show the very best of yesteryear. Have a wander down memory lane with this brilliant collection of images that show past celebrities hard at work as well as hardly working; taking it easy and easily taking it off.   The 1981 comedy classic The Cannonball Run was packed with big name stars, think Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Adrienne Barbeau, Mel Tillis, Terry Bradshaw, Dom DeLuise, Jackie Chan and 007 himself, Roger Moore. But it wasn’t any of these celebs that had the cinemas packed day after day it was the steamy pair: Burt Reynolds and Farrah Fawcett. Reynolds was the it man of the late ‘70’s. He possessed a masculine energy combined with a goofy humor that made fans of all ages fall at his feet. Farrah Fawcett was best known as one of the sassy detectives from Charlie’s Angels. If you aren’t familiar with the show a team of very attractive and clever detectives capture crooks all without the help of any men. What made their scenes in The Cannonball Run so iconic is that they don’t’ need to fake any sexual tension or passion. The two were very publicly dating at the time of shooting. Another reason people flocked to the theatres was to see Dean Martin in one of his final on screen appearances. Cannonball Run was one of 1981’s most successful films at the box office.The film isn’t only known forming cash though. There was a serious accident on set that left stuntwoman Heidi von Beltz a quadriplegic. After the tragic head on collision during filming Hollywood adopted a policy of mandatory seat belts in all stunt cars. 

This classic pic captures Maureen McCormick as Marcia Brady at the height of her miniskirt-enabled powers. The shot is from the episode of The Brady Bunch, “Greg’s Triangle,” where her adopted brother Greg has to cast the deciding vote in the selection of head cheerleader and he’s torn between his new sister and his girlfriend-du-episode, Jennifer. In the end, Greg chooses neither of them, instead of giving the top job to Pat, who is played by Rita Wilson in her first TV role. Not without drama Jennifer, dumps Greg after the vote, but Marcia praises her brother for his decision.

Before Christoper Walken was a meme he was a boy. Pictured he well before he became one of Hollywoods most famous faces Walken was known as Ronnie and would perform as a clown for his neighbors. He later did song and dance routines in NYC nightclubs before making it bg on the silver screen. 

Sean Connery was the hottest Scotsman in Hollywood in the ’60s. This classic pic shows of the stud fooling around for Swiss actress Ursula Andress on the set of, Dr. No (1962). The film was the first James Bond movie, Andress played the character Honey Ryder who unforgettably emerged from the ocean in the white bikini pictured here. 

Jim Liberman the famous drag racer of the ‘70s who went by the nickname of “Jungle Jim” won a lot of races. But his fans were not only flocking to se his flamboyant personality and masterful driving. They were there to catch a glimps of “Jungle Pam” Hardy, Jim’s sidekick, who assisted Jim on the track. “Jungle Pam” won the hearts of many for her bravery and stunning good looks.

You almost need sunglasses to see through the glitter adorning Jesse “the Body” Ventura (at right), and  “Macho Man” Savage and the lovely Elizabeth “Miss Elizabeth” Hulette. Randy and Elizabeth married the following year, and she would later debut in the WWF as Macho Man’s mysterious, glamorous manager. Ventura actually served one term as governor of Minnesota and has since remained a popular political figure. Future president perhaps?

Cindy Morgan started her career as a radio journalist before stealing hearts on a series of TV commercials story.  She made her mark in on the silver screen as Lacey Underall, Judge Smails’ bad-girl niece, in Caddyshack (1980) and went on to play Lora/Yori in Tron (1982).  

It’s thought this picture was taken on Mick Jagger’s 29th birthday New York City, 1972.  The rare pic captures three of the most important humans of rock and roll of the 20th century. While the Rolling STone had quite different fashion sense from ole Dylan. It looks like they all got along.  Report Advertisement

Before the era of budget airlines, traveling by plane was luxurious and enjoyable. These adorable air stewards were just one of the perks. The 1967 “memoir” Coffee, Tea or Me? purported to spill the beans on the hijinks and sexcapades of two real-life airline stewardesses, but was later discovered to be written by Donald Bain who made up much of the book’s content. 

James Dean was the coolest guy in Hollywood but at the end of the day, he still had human needs to – like ice! He is here, looking suave while picking up some ice from the West Texas Ice Co., an ice house that may have been in or near Marfa, the Texas town where the 1956 film Giant was filmed. Giant was Dean’s last film, he was tragically killed in a car accident. On that fateful day, Dean was driving his 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder west on route 466 near Cholame, California when he suffered a head-on collision with an eastbound vehicle; he was taken by ambulance to the Paso Robles War Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. 

The Jackson 5 are one of the most famous bands on the planet.  Their legacy continued with the successful solo careers of Michael and Janet. Michael is obviously the most successful of the family going on to be an absolute global star with massive hits like ‘Thriller’, ‘Billy Jean’ and ‘Don’t Stop Until You Get Enough’.

Barbara Eden played a genie named Jeannie on the sitcom I Dream of Jeannie.  For a show shot in the mid and late 50s, the outfits were quite scandalous.  But there were actually really strict rules about what Eden could and couldn’t wear.  The actor was required to always have her navel covered in an attempt to tone down her sexiness.  

Loretta Lynn’s 24 chart-topping singles and 11 number-one albums make her the most successful female recording artist in country music.   The famous sing-along tune is the autobiographical and sentimental “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” released in 1970.  But  Lynn’s fans also love her feisty, rebellious songs that often carried messages of empowerment and independence.  The songs “You Ain’t Woman Enough (to Take My Man)” and “Fist City” are addressed to man-stealing women, while “Rated ‘X'” and “The Pill” discuss, respectively, double standards in male-female relationships and birth control.  

Raquel Welch named  “Most Desired Woman of the Decade” by Playboy in the 1970s.   Dick Cavett was considered the thinking man’s late-night talk show host. The pictured interview took place in 1972  just as Welch was also becoming more famous as a talented actress. Two years later, she would win the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy for her turn in The Three Musketeers.


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