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61 Groovy Photos That Captured More Than Expected

When you think of the 60s, 70s, and 80s – one of the first things that comes to mind is how groovy everyone looked. During this era, you had some crazy great fashion styles such as hot pants, knee high leather boots, and feathered hair. Then you had a slew of celebrities, singers, and musicians that rocked our world. Need I mention Elvis Presley, Ann Margret, Sonny and Cher, and the Mamas and the Papas?

Imagine how cool it must have been to see Debbie Harry on stage for the very first time at the Whiskey-A- Go-Go as she fronted her band Blondie – or the thrill of watching Charlie’s Angels before it became an international sensation. Well, we got 61 photos that captures that groovy era – with a lot amazing shots we’re sure you’ve never seen before. So rub your eyes and get ready for a visual treat of some amazing shots from yesteryear. Ready? Let’s go! 

Bill Paxton, Liam Neeson and Patrick Swayze in the film, “Next of Kin” (1989)

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First of all, pretty great cast for this movie that I knew very little about: Bill Paxton, Liam Neeson and Patrick Swayze, as well as Ben Stiller and Helen Hunt in smaller roles. Simple movie fish-out-of-water premise: A Chicago cop, originally from some hillbilly town sets out to find the killer of his brother. Meanwhile, his other hillbilly brothers decides to find the killer himself. Action ensues. 

Alec Baldwin, Robert De Niro, Michael Keaton, Ray Liotta, John Malkovich, Jack Nicholson, Sean Penn, Ron Perlman, and Tim Robbins were considered for roles in this forgettable movie. . 

“To boldly go where no man has gone before.” William Shatner holds a strange yet familiar-looking rock in an episode of “Star Trek” (1966)

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Star Trek creator, Gene Roddenberry, first pitched the iconic TV show to Desilu Productions in early 1964. He compared it to the Western, Wagon Train…but to the stars. The show later got picked up by NBC – who commissioned the pilot episode, The Cage. The first regular Star Trek episode, The Man Trap, premiered on Thursday, September 8, 1966.  Still, the ratings for Star Trek at the end of the first season was to 52nd out of 94 programs. 

NBC was set to cancel the show – but fans thought otherwise, instigated a letter-writing campaign, and petitioning the network to keep Star Trek on the air. And the rest is Captain Kirk history. Here is a photo of the leader of the Starship Enterprise going where no man has boldly gone before – taking along his questionable favorite play-thing for the ride. 

Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!

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Maureen McCormick played Marcia Brady on the Brady Bunch – which ran from 1969 to early 1974, Friday nights on ABC. Her hot looks and perky personality made people scream, “Marcia Marcia Marcia!” Ma

But there was a dark side to this adulation. This came in the form of Jan Brady (played by Eve Plumb) who was not a fan of all the attention that was given to her older sister. Marsha was the popular girl to second fiddle Jan.

Did we mention that all the Brady kids had to share one bathroom and their dad was an architect who designed their house? What was up with that? 

Actress and model, Michele Carey in 1960s. 

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This 1960s hottie, Michele Carey, is best known for her role as Josephine “Joey” MacDonald in the 1966 film, El Dorado. Carey also appeared in numerous movies and TV shows throughout the 60s and 70s, such as The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Mission Impossible, It Takes a Thief, The Wild Wild West, and The Fall Guy.  

Some might also remember her from the 1965 kitsch- classic How to Stuff a Wild Bikini. I believe Carey is demonstrating that premise in the photo above – and the answer is ‘quite well.’ 

Princess Diana gets some personal yacht time off the coast of Italy

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The paparazzi loved to hound Princess Diana. No matter where she went on the planet  – photographers were sure to follow. For the paparazzi the Princess Di Holy Grail was a shot of her in a swimming suit. Here she is taking some personal time off the coast of Portofino in Italy – while holidaying with her partner at the time, Dodi Al Fayed. The yacht, which was named Jonikal, was owned by Dodi’s father, billionaire businessman Mohamed Al Fayed – who also owned Harrod’s department store in London. l Fayed’s former sea vessel, Sokarr, was one of the largest yachts in the world.

 Debbie Harry Dog Dance performing at the Whiskey-A- Go-Go in LA, 1977. Photo taken by Donna Santisi.

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THE 1977 Whiskey-A- Go-Go show was Blondie’s first gig in L.A.  The NY-based band performed a multi-night run at the venue. Adding to the amazing mix, the opening act that night was Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Sexy Debbie Harry walked on stage that night wearing a Humphrey Bogart beige trenchcoat, black beret, and holding a New York paper with the headlines ‘Freezing Weather.’ As Blondie’s set continued, Harry unbuttoned her coat to reveal a tiny black dress and thigh-high black leather boots. A dog dance followed…

In the crowd that night was Dee Dee Ramone who recalled: “Deborah Harry was smashing… all the boys were crowding the front of the stage, trying to get a look up her skirt at her white bikini briefs.”

Actress Jayne Mansfield marries bodybuilder, Mickey Hargitay, 1958.

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In 1958, actress Jayne Mansfield married bodybuilder Mickey Hargitay. Mansfield was the blonde bombshell actress that became big in the 50s, and was said to be a Marilyn Monroe knockoff. She is best remembered for being Playboy`s Playmate of the Month in February 1955 and from her appearance in the 1956 movie, The Girl Can’t Help It.  

Meanwhile, her husband, Mickey Hargitay, was born in Budapest, Hungary and was Mr. Universe in 1955. The couple had three children together – and were later divorced on 26th Aug 1964. Oh well, love doesn’t last forever for a blonde bombshell and a Hungarian bodybuilder. 

Dan Aykroyd getting his dance groove on in “The Blues Brothers,” 1980. 

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Hell yes, The Blues Brothers is one the all-time great comedy classics – with the movie tagline: “They’ll never get caught. They’re on a mission from God.”  

Here’s Dan Aykroyd getting down with it in his portrayal of Elwood Blues. The movie was directed by John Landis, costarred John Belushi (as Jake Blues), and was released in 1980. The film was based on a music act devised for Saturday Night Live – and had cameos from some of the top blues musicians on the planet – including Aretha Franklin. 

On a lesser note, Aykroyd reprised his role of Elwood Blues in the horrific sequel, Blues Brothers 2000 – which came out in 1998 and costarred John Goodman. 

Yvonne Craig as Batgirl tries on the suit.

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It’s the 1960s, and Yvonne Craig is being dressed for her role as Batgirl for the campy ABC TV show, Batman. Though you can’t tell from this photo, Batgirl wore a purple and yellow outfit. It gets better, she also rode around on a purple motorcycle – just like Prince did. How cool is that?

Craig has been called a pioneer of female superheroes for television. She also appeared on Star Trek as the green-skinned Orion slave girl Marta in the episode “Whom Gods Destroy.” I haven’t seen the episode, but I assume she gets busy with Capt Kirk.

Elizabeth Montgomery during a photo shoot, 1970s. 

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Elizabeth Montgomery was the star of the popular TV show, Bewitched. She played a witch who was a suburban housewife and  could get away with anything by simply wiggling her witch nose. She was also the daughter of actor Robert Montgomery and began her acting career in the 1950s with a role on her father’s television series – which was conveniently named: Robert Montgomery Presents. 

Bewitched hit the air in 1964 and ran until 1972. The show had two different actors playing the Darin role. Off-screen the blonde beauty made her way through four tumultuous marriages and had romantic interludes with such Hollywood heavies as Elvis Presley, Dean Martin and Gary Cooper. 

16-year old Madonna contemplates her future

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Before she was the “Queen of Pop” – Madonna Louise Ciccone was once a 16-year old living in Bay City, Michigan. She was born to Catholic parents and her dad worked as an engineer designer for Chrysler and General Motors. Since she had the same name as her mother – family members affectionately called her “Little Nonni.”  

In 1978, Madonna dropped out of college and moved to New York City with $35 in her pocket. While pursuing her dream, she worked at Dunkin’ Donuts and took classes at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.  She formed her first band in 1979  – which was called The Breakfast Club. Before becoming the international superstar that she is today, Madonna also auditioned for a role in the TV version of Fame

 Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler in his mug shot photos, 1967.

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So what did the future Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler do this time? Here is the rock icon as a young kid posing for a mug shot on March 1967 after being arrested in Yonkers, New York. Back then, Tyler was going by his given name Steven Tallarico. The police busted the 18-year old for possession of pot. 

In a 1997 interview, Tyler couldn’t even remember the arrest – though he did recall an undercover narcotics officer in his high school ceramics class. Tyler’s life changed when in 1969, he attended a rock show in Sunapee, New Hampshire. That’s where he first saw future bandmates Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton, who were playing in a band, with the unfortunate name, The Jam Band.

Elvis drumming it up at a party, 1950s.

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How cool is this, you got young Elvis with a cigarette in his mouth, playing the bongos at a party. In the recording studio, Elvis Presley’s drummer D.J. Fontana set the beat for the rock ‘n’ roll king. Fontana started collaborating with Elvis in the mid-1950s and played on such legendary hits as Jailhouse Rock, All Shook Up, and Viva Las Vegas.

Elvis began attracting attention with his music in 1954, when he was just 19.  In 1956, he scored his first number one hit with Heartbreak Hotel – and became a international sensation. In 1957, Elvis received a draft notice, serving as a GI in the U.S. military until 1960. Now that’s something to bongo about. 

Wonder Woman wearing her patriotic colors on this 4th of July! 

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Wonder Women – we need you! The original TV show ran from 1975-1979 – and starred Linda Carter and Lyle Waggoner. Before getting the call to star on the show, Carter said she had $25 left in her bank account. She beat 2000 actresses for the part.

Debra Winger, from An Officer and a Gentlemen, also appeared on the show as Wonder Woman’s little sister. She spent a good chunk of money trying to buy herself out of her Warner Bros. contract – so she could go onto movie star fame. 

Carter controlled the iconic bracelet flashes flying from her bullet-deflecting  jewelry herself by holding a remote control device in her clasped hands.

Gregg Allman and Cher on their wedding day, June 30, 1975.

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The day was June 30, 1975. Cher tied the knot with rock star Gregg Allman – who was famous for co-founding the Allman Brothers Band. All this took place less than one week after Cher’s divorce from Sonny Bono became final. 

When Cher’s divorce became final, on a whim, the two boarded a Learjet from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and were married in a hotel suite belonging to Cher’s manager. But love didn’t last that long. Cher filed divorce from Allman just nine days later. Apparently, Allman abandoning Cher on their honeymoon and went on a drinking and drug binge. In a press statement Cher said: “I’ve always believed it best to admit one’s mistakes as quickly as possible.”

Still, it looked like they had a real fun wedding. Marriage doesn’t last forever  – but photos live on…

Hank Williams and Hank Jr pose with their guitars in 1950. 

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Hank Williams was the epitome of the hard-drinking, hard-living country musician – who ended up dying tragically at the age of 29. He wrote one of his most iconic songs, I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry, on some seedy hotel stationary with a shaky hand on the pen. 

His son, Hank Williams Jr. also went on to become the epitome of the hard-drinking, hard-living country musician. He was born in 1948 and began his career covering his father’s songs and imitating his style. He first appeared on TV in 1964 on an episode of The Jimmy Dean Show when he was fourteen.  Later that year, appeared on ABC’s Shindig! 

Being the son of such a legend is a hard act to follow. By the 70s – he changed his appearance and branched out into his own musical style. Here’s a photo of Jr. with his dad  – as the plot doing a double act. 

Ann-Margret in all her glory

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Ann-Margret went from being considered the “female Elvis” to being a mainstream Hollywood movie star. In fact, her movie career was even a little better than Elvis’ – if you look at the quality of films she appeared in. She starred in Mike Nichols’ Carnal Knowledge in 1971, and played the girlfriend of Jack Nicholson. Her performance netted Margret an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress nomination. 

One performance that’s unforgettable, in 1963 she was the voice of Ann-Margrock on the animated TV show, The Flintstones – and sang the tender balled, “The Littlest Lamb.” Years later, she sang a version of Viva Las Vegas for the live-action film version of The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas.

Dallas Star Linda Gray Walks Down This Upscale Staircase

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Linda Gray captured the imagination of not only Larry Hagman, but also America, when she costarred on the Dallas. The iconic TV show ran on CBS from 1978-1989. Gray played womanizing-rogue J.R.’s former beauty queen and alcoholic trophy wife, Sue Ellen Ewing. The role netted her  two Golden Globe Award nominations and a 1981 Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

Sue Ellen Ewing was known for her affinity for wearing clothes with big shoulder pads and staggering around Southfork Ranch while swilling vodka. A typical day on Southfork Ranch was filled with corruption and betrayal, lies, greed, affairs and scandal. 

Jaclyn Smith, Kate Jackson, and Farrah Fawcett – The original Charlie’s Angels, 1976.

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Meet the Angels. Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, and Jaclyn Smith were the three women working for the a private detective agency in Los Angeles for a man called Charlie – on the TV show, aptly titled, Charlie’s Angels. The crime drama show ran on ABC for five season – from September 22, 1976 to June 24, 1981. 

Their boss, Charlie Townsend (no relation to Pete) was always unseen and gave his direction via a speakerphone. The Angels fought crime – and seldom wore bras – thus the critics called the show “Jiggle TV.” Farrah Fawcett was the breakout star of the show and spawned the classic pinup poster of the 70’s – that became every teen boy’s fantasy. 

Joanne Woodward standing by her Austin-Healey back in the day. 

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Joanne Woodward is best known for being Paul Newman’s wife and an actress whose career has span over six decades. Woodward is best known for her role in the 1957, The Three Faces of Eve, which earned her both an Academy Award for Best Actress and a Golden Globe Award. Well done Joanne Woodward! 

Here she is lounging on a Austin-Healey. The British sports car came onto the scene in 1952 – and was a joint venture between the British Motor Corporation and the Donald Healey Motor Company.  Plus, the sleek vehicle looked really smart when mingling with one of Hollywood’s sexy elite. 

Actress Julie Ege looking swinging and hot!

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This beauty was a Bond girl. Julie Ege was a Norwegian-born actress and Penthouse Pet who is known for her appearances in numerous British films in the 60s and 70s – most particularly her role of Helen, the “Scandinavian girl” in the 1969 Bond movie, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Not the best of Bond movies; following the announcement that Sean Connery was retiring the role, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service starred unknown actor/Australian model George Lazenby. He was the only Bond to play the role just once. (If you don’t count David Niven in the Bond spoof, Casino Royale.) 

Meanwhile, in the 70s, Ege lived with The Beatles’ tour roadie Tony Bramwell. She later left the entertainment business and moved back to Oslo where she eventually became a nurse and worked in the public health sector. Quite a life for a Bond girl. 

John Wayne and son, Ethan, on the set of El Dorado, Old Tucson, Arizona, 1966. 

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Don’t get me wrong, but it would seem like a very hard task to follow to be the song of John Wayne. At least he didn’t name him John Wayne Jr. Here is father and son on the set of the 1966 movie, El Dorado. Ethan, as it turned out, followed in the family business and also became an actor. He started his career as a stuntman in 1979. His first feature film role was in The Blues Brothers and he also appeared in the horror movie, Scream. 

One of Ethan Wayne’s most rcent roles was that of a John Wayne memorabilia expert on History Channel’s Pawn Stars. Way to go, Wayne!   

Brigitte Bardot, photographed by Peter Basch in 1957. 

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Talk about being able to commend a camera. Here’s sex-kitten Brigitte Bardot, looking hot as ever, from back in 1957. 

She’s photographed by Peter Basch – who was a German glamour photographer, who worked for such magazines as Life, Look and Playboy. Talk about getting it easy, after attending UCLA, Basch’s parents decided that he should be a photographer – so they bought a photography studio for their son. Basch is best known for photos of celebrities, artists, dancers, actors, starlets, glamour-girls, and of course, Brigitte Bardot.  

Leonard Nimoy as Dr. Spock with his ride, a 1970 GTO the “Judge”.

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Just when you thought Spock from Star Trek couldn’t get any cooler. Here he is with his set of wheels – a 1970 GTO the “Judge.” Check out the license plates that read “GR-RRR!’ Imagine riding down the L.A. freeway and looking over and seeing Spock behind the wheel of this muscle car. 

The GTO was manufactured by Pontiac from 1964 to 1974. The vehicle was selected as the Motor Trend Car of the Year in 1968. GTO stands for “Grand Tempest Option” – and is one of the fastest cars ever manufactured by Pontiac. Meanwhile, Mr. Spock was First Officer on the Starship Enterprise. Their mission was to boldly go where no man has gone before – and if a muscle car could get you there, all the better. 

Luke (Tom Wopat), Daisy (Catherine Bach) and Bo (John Schneider) of Dukes of Hazzard television series, 1970s. 

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It doesn’t get anymore Southern good ol’ boys – than the Dukes of Hazzard – with their awesome car, The General Lee. And let’s not forget Daisy Duke. She’s the woman responsible for people sporting the Daisy Duke short-shorts. 

The Dukes of Hazzard ran on CBS from January 26, 1979, to February 8, 1985 – spanning seven seasons of Southern action-comedy. But did you knew the series was inspired by the 1975 movie Moonrunners – which featured many identical and similarly named characters? Well it was. 

The show follows the adventures of The Duke Boys who live on a family farm in Hazzard County. They would often race around in their customized 1969 Dodge Charger stock car. Spoiler Alert: The Dukes are always under the watchful eye of corrupt county commissioner, Boss Hogg.

Hotpants and lace-up boots back in the 1970s.

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As far as pants go, my favorite are of the “hot” variety. Here’s a publicity photo of British actress Madeline Smith – who is best known for the 1970 film The Vampire Lovers.

Hot pants emerged on the scene in the swinging 60’s. In fact, the swinging fashion staple was created by British fashion designer Mary Quant. In the early 70’s Southwest Airlines had their stewardesses decked out not only in hot pants – but also leather boots. The airline’s motto was ‘sex sells seats,’ and, in a vastly different era, stewardesses were hired on the eye-pleasing nature of their legs and looks.  In 1971, LIFE Magazine summed up the trend this way: “Hot Pants: A short but happy career.”

Lynda Carter and Loni Anderson in a promo for the television series, “Partners in Crime” (1984). 

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So what’s the premise of this 1984 Lynda Carter and Loni Anderson TV vehicle? Partners in Crime is a TV series that ran for one season on NBC – and was cancelled after 13 episodes. What? How could a show go wrong with this premise:  Two women with nothing in common except they share an ex-husband decide to run a detective agency. 

Imagine all the possibilities and conflicts that could occur with that crazy scenario? Plus you have Wonder Women and Jennifer from WKRP as the leads. The show was aired over seas with the  – Fifty/Fifty,  to avoid confusion with the British series, Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime.  

Making their ‘point’ in the fashion world- ‘Bullet bras’ from the 1950s.

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The pointy bullet bra was a big hit in the 1950s – and made women look like they had torpedo breasts. Yes, the look of giant triangle boobs were all the rage. A new circular sewing technique, which was fondly called the “whirlpool circle stitch” helped to create the missile look – which was complimented nicely when worn under the skin-tight sweaters of the time. 

Such big Hollywood stars of the 50s as Patti Page, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot, took to the bullet bra  like a horse to pointy boobed water.  Madonna later reprised the cone bra look in the ’90s. 

Marilyn Monroe on location in Canada while filming “River of No Return”. Photo by John Vachon, 1953.

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Here’s the legendary blonde bombshell, Marilyn Monroe on the set of the 1954 Otto Preminger film, River of No Return. Monroe’s costar on the film was the great Robert Mitchum. Though the movie was set in Northwestern  American in 1875 – the script premise was taken heavily from the  1948 Italian film, Bicycle Thieves. 

Photographer John Vachon took this shot of Monroe. He worked for many years as a staff photographer for Look Magazine. He first worked as a filing clerk for the Farm Security Administration before being recruited to join a small group of photographers, which included Walker Evans. 

Monroe later injured her foot on the set of River of No Return. And Vachon captured shots of her in a swimsuit while on crutches. 

Maureen McCormick and Barry Williams hanging out together in 1973. 

Source: Reddit

How groovy is this pair. Maureen McCormick and Barry Williams were the epitome of 70s hip. Here they are from their Brady Bunch days. Though on the show they played stepbrother and stepsister – the actually hooked up in real life. 

Maureen McCormick wrote in her memoir: “It was our first kiss. It was wonderful, too, though a part of me — a tiny part, admittedly — said to myself, ‘Oh my God! I’m kissing my brother. What am I doing?'”

Barry Williams also had a crush on Florence Henderson who played his TV mom.  He once took her out on a date when he was 15 and she was 36. It didn’t go well. 

Michael Caine riding in style, mid-1960s.

Source: Reddit

“Hello, my name is Michael Caine.” Try saying that sentence with your best Michael Caine impression. 60’s era Caine was the coolest. He had that cool British swagger and that great East London Accent. My favorite Caine movie of that era was Alfie  – which he played a womanizer who gets gamed by Shelly Winters. 

Caine began his acting career when he was 20 – by responding to an ad in for an assistant stage manager who would also perform small walk-on parts for the Westminster Repertory Company. He originally went by the stage name: “Michael White.”  

“Hello, my name is Michael White,” just doesn’t have the same ring. 

Nai Bonet is an actress, singer and belly dancer who appeared in a handful of pictures and TV programs throughout the 1960s and 70s. 

Source: Reddit

Hello Nai Bonet! This hottie was a Vietnamese belly-dancer, singer and film actress – who was born in Saigon to a Vietnamese mother and French father.

She began her professional belly-dancing career when she was 13-years old – when she headlined the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. She was frequently seen in movies, TV shows, and commercials – cast in roles that involved belly dancing. But her big claim to fame came in 1966 when she released the novelty song called, Jelly Bean. A music video soon followed – which was featured on Scopitone video jukeboxes. The video has much, much belly-dancing, as you can imagine. 

Patrick Swayze, Scott Baio from Happy Days and Maureen McCormick from The Brady Bunch in an early movie ‘Skatetown USA’ 1979.

Source: Reddit

Talk about this triple-threat. You got Chachi, Jan Brady, and Bodhi from Point Break….ALL IN THE SAME MOVIE! Why didn’t Skatetown U.S.A win an Academy Award – or top Star Wars for box office records? This 1979 movie has a classic plot: 

“One evening at a Los Angeles roller disco called Skatetown, U.S.A., a rivalry between two skaters culminates in a contest, the winning prize for which is $1000 and a moped. After a game of chicken played on motorized roller skates, the two rivals become friends.” 

What more would you want from your cinematic experience. Imagine the crazy high plot tension when $1000 and a moped are on the line for the winner of a roller disco contest? Who won the moped? No spoiler alerts here – I’m not saying…

Ron Howard and Cindy Williams in American Graffiti, 1973.

Source: Reddit

This is a really great movie – and the first breakout project for George Lucas. The 1973 flick was actually based on Lucas’ teen experiences growing in Modesto, California in the 1950s. Ron Howard and Cindy Williams were cast as the leads – and it’s not surprising that they both went on to star in sitcoms set in the 1950s. (Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley.) 

The cast of American Graffiti is a regular who’s who of future Hollywood stars. Harrison Ford refused to cut his hair for his role – stating his part was too small. Instead he wore a hat.  

Samantha Fox and Lemmy Kilmister in the studio, 1980s. 

Source: Reddit

There’s nothing cooler than Lemmy from Motorhead. So how did these two become friends? 

At the time Samantha Fox was not yet regarded as an 80s pop star – she was more known for going topless on Page 3 of the British tabloid, The Sun. Lemmy met Fox when she was 17-years old. She told him how much she loved Motorhead, AC/DC, Van Halen, and Kiss. Lemmy was surprised at her musical tastes and said they should do a song together. They wrote a song called, Beauty and the Beast – which never ended up getting released.

The unlikely duo stayed friends over the years – and the rest is rock history.   

Samuel L. Jackson in his high school senior photo. (1966) 

Source: Reddit

I would give anything to see a young Samuel Jackson deliver the Exekiel 25:17 speech from Pulp Fiction – to his prom date. Jackson grew up as an only child in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Though he might be a badass in the movies, in high school he played the French horn, trumpet, flute and piccolo in the school orchestra. In college, he wanted to pursue a degree in marine biology. As a kid Jackson had a stutter. He got into acting to “pretend to be other people who didn’t stutter.” It worked. You don’t hear Jackson stutter at all during the movie, Snakes on a Plane, when he delivers the iconic line: “I HAVE HAD IT WITH THESE MOTHERF*CKING SNAKES ON THIS MOTHERF*CKING PLANE!”  

Sandy Duncan posing for the camera and is ready to dance, 1970s. 

Source: Reddit

Sandy Duncan could do it all. She was a singer, dancer, comedian and actress of stage and screen. Originally from Henderson, Texas, her big claim to fame was her performances in the Broadway revival of Peter Pan and appearing as the mom in the sitcom The Hogan Family – which also starred a young Jason Bateman. Also weird, the show was originally called Valerie’s Family – which starred Valerie Harper. But when Harper didn’t come to an agreement on her contract – the producers killed off the Valerie character, replaced her with Sandy Duncan, and rebranded the show. 

Roseanne – please take note!  

Stevie Nicks and her gypsy look on stage, 1970s. 

Source: Reddit

In the 70s, Stevie Nicks was the ultimate cocaine-queen, gypsy songstress. She was propelled to musical heights as the lead singer of Fleetwood Mac and as a solo artist with over 40 top-50 hits which sold over 140 million records – making her one of the best selling musical acts of all time. 

Drugs were the norm at the time – but Nicks confesses that she was the worst when it came to the partying lifestyle. There was always the rumor that Nicks had to have her nose reconstructed due to all the cocaine she was doing. On another trivia note, Nicks is only 5’1. 

Tom Petty just hangin’ cool and looking groovy, 1970s.

Source: Reddit

Tom Petty was one of the coolest cats around. He and his band, The Heartbreakers, traversed the musical spectrum of both Southern and indie rock. His band came onto the scene with gigs in Gainsville, Florida in 1976. Before The Heartbreakers, Petty’s early bands Petty’s were The Sundowners, The Epics, and Mudcrutch.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers first achieved big success in the U.K. before hitting big on these shores. Recalling an early 1976 gig, Petty said “The audience just jumped up and charged the stage and were boogieing their brains out. It was such a rush. Wow, we had never seen anything like that, man.”

Who remembers the famous Pepsi commercial starring Cindy Crawford? 

Source: Pinterest

The year was 1992, and supermodel Cindy Crawford filmed a Pepsi commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. The premise was simple: Crawford sipped a Pepsi at a gas station – while wearing a white tank top and jeans. That’s all you needed back in 1992 to create Super Bowl advertising excitement. 

In 2018, 26 years after the original commercial aired, Crawford recreated her Pepsi role – but this time she sported a denim shirt.  Crawford’s 18-year-old son, Presley Walker Gerber appeared in the ad as well. The updated ad also featured of Michael Jackson’s Pepsi commercial from 1984.

Ann-Margret sitting pretty, 1970. 

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Ann-Margaret – hell ya! She is a Swedish-American singer/actress who is known for her roles in Bye Bye Birdie, The Cincinnati Kid, Carnal Knowledge, Tommy, and Grumpy Old Men. This fiery redheaded beauty starred opposite of Elvis Presley in Viva Las Vegas; in fact, she was once billed as the female version of Elvis Presley. Trying to capitalize on the ‘female Elvis’ she recorded a rendition of “Heartbreak Hotel.”

In her prime, Margaret was the triple-threat, who could dance, sing and act. One thing I never knew, Ann-Margaret’s last name is Olsson. And she was born in Sweden. Viva Ann-Margaret!

When Henry Kissinger met Dolly Parton in 1985. 

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I wonder what two things are on former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s mind as he meets legendary entertainer Dolly Parton? In the ’80s, Dolly Parton gained super-stardom when she starred in the movie 9 to 5. Parton wrote and performed the title song as well – which netted her both an Oscar and Grammy nominations – and topped the pop charts at #1. 

Strange thing about this photo – Parton and Kissinger look like they are the same height. When in reality, Parton is only 5’1 while Kissinger is 5’9. Talk about a meeting of the minds. 

Marlon Brando as ‘Johnny Strabler’ in the classic movie, “The Wild One” (1953) 

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Marlon Brando’s role in the 1953 movie, The Wild One, inspired leather daddies everywhere.  The film was directed by László Benedek and produced by Stanley Kramer – and was considered to be the original outlaw biker film – a genre which later flourished with such films as Easy Rider. 

The screenplay was based on a short story in Harper’s Magazine called “The Cyclists’ Raid.” It’s based on a 1947 4th of July weekend in Hollister, California that ended with a motorcycle gang riot. The Triumph motorcycle that Marlon Brando rode in the movie was actually his personal bike.

Phoebe Cates holding ‘Gizmo’ on a colorful Japanese “Gremlins” promo photo in 1984. 

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The deal with Gremlins is, you’re not supposed to feed them after dark. So what do they do in the movie? They feed them after dark. And then all hell breaks loose. Why didn’t you kids listen?!? Phoebe Cates was hot off her appearance in Fast Times at Ridgemont High and looks hot here as well. 

Gremlins was set in the fictional town of Kingston Falls. If you look closely, many of the locales are similar to the ones used in Back to the Future. Both movies were filmed in the Universal Studios backlot. The theater that blows up in Gremlins was also smashed into by Marty McFly.

Gremlins was released in 1984 on the same day as Ghostbusters. Scary. 

The cast of the TV series, “Airwolf” that aired from 1984-87.

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With Airwolf, not only do you have Jan Michael Vincent but also Ernest Borgnine in the leads. Yes, Vincent and Borgnine – as you never seen them before. What you got with that formula is a renegade pilot who goes on missions in a hyper-advanced battle helicopter – as he looks for his missing brother. 

During production – the crew needed special permission from the FAA to let Airwolf fly. Even though the helicopter weapons were props – they still could freak people out. When the series ended – Airwolf was sold to a  German company and was used as an air ambulance. Sadly Airwolf saw it’s last real-life mission in 1992 when it crashed during a thunderstorm. 

Watching “The Ten Commandments” at a drive-in, 1958. 

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Holy Moses, I love drive-ins. And what could be more epic than sitting in your car and watching Charlton Heston in the lead role of The Ten Commandments – getting all biblical? And an epic movie, indeed. At least 14,000 extras and 15,000 animals were used in the filming of The Ten Commandments. Just under 5% of the film was actually filmed in Egypt. 

Meanwhile, the first drive-in movie theater opened its gates in 1933 and was located on Crescent Boulevard in Camden, New Jersey. The concept was the baby of Richard Hollingshead, who not only loved movies but was a sales manager at his father’s company, Whiz Auto Products, in Camden. And the rest is drive-in history

 Check out Johnny Cash’s Cadillac, ‘One Piece At A Time’ -1982.

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No way! This was the awesome ride of “The Man in Black”? Not only does this Cadillac look like a piece of art – but check out the words ‘One Piece At A Time’ on the roof. You certainly knew that Johnny Cash was in town when you saw this psychobilly Cadillac rolling down the street. The words come from a country novelty song written by Wayne Kemp. Cash recorded the tune with the Tennessee Three back in 1976 – and it reached number one on Billboard’s Hot Country Singles chart. 

Cash’s producer phoned him up in April of 1976 and said he thought “One Piece at a Time” was going to be a hit. So the idea was to build a car for publicity shots.  And the rest is cool automotive history. 

Ad for the very first episode of “Saturday Night Live.” 1975 

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Hell ya! Carlin hosting the very first episode of Saturday Night Live on Oct 11th, 1975. And what a crazy great lineup they had. Not only was Paul Simon the musical guest, but there was Albert Brooks doing a short film – and comedy genius Andy Kaufman on the bill. Plus George Carlin as the host! 

Richard Pryor was one of the original choices to host the first show, but he was a little erratic back in those days due to drug use – so they went with Carlin for the hosting duties. The show went on to launch the careers over almost every great iconic comedy performers – and a few duds such. Rob Schneider – we’re talking to you. 

Ike and Tina Turner pose by a painting of themselves in their home. (1974) 

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This does not look like a happy household. Ike and Tina look much happier in the painting they have of themselves on the wall right behind them. The two composed music together and were considered one of the hottest, most durable and potentially most explosive of all R&B ensembles.

Don’t be fooled by this scene of domestic bliss. In her 1986 autobiography, I, Tina, the singer wrote years of domestic abuse by the hands of Ike – who broke her jaw during a bloody fight in a Las Vegas limo. Tina finally left Ike in 1976. The tale of the couple’s turmoil relationship was turned into the 1993’s What’s Love Got to Do With It.  

The cast of “Taxi” in 1980.

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It’s the cast of Taxi! And no, the TV show was not a spinoff of the movie, Taxi Driver. What a crazy great ensemble cast. Almost everyone had a breakout role. Where do you start? Andy Kaufman? Danny DeVito? Tony Danza. Christopher Lloyd!? Not featured in this photo is Jeff Conaway; fresh off his success in the movie Grease – he originally thought he was going to be the star of the show. He wasn’t – and didn’t even get featured in this cast photo. 

Andy Kaufman, who played Latka Gravas – a rendition of his “Foreign Man’ character from his stage show – became bored with filming the show and would later come to set as his crass alter-ego, Tony Clifton.  

The Schwinn ‘Stingray’ hit the 1 million mark for sales in 1968. 

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Oh, cool-ass bike! This two-wheeler would make any hipster in Williamsburg pop a wheelie. The Schwinn Stingray was manufactured from 1963 to 1981. It was known as “the bike with the sports car look,” and featured a short frame, high rise handlebars and long, bucket shaped saddle.  And it captured the imagination of kids across America –  and sold like hotcakes with over 1 million bikes purchased in 1968. And look at all the squares who were behind its inception. 

The bike originally sold for $49 – and the design gave riders an exciting combo of features for quick maneuvers, fast starts and short radius turns. 

‘Where there’s life, there’s Bud!’ (1960s)

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Not to say this man in the ad seems like an alcoholic – but according to the ad’s philosophy, “where there’s life..there’s Bud.” So why not just pour yourself two glasses while eating popcorn for dinner in your studio apartment?

In 1957, Budweiser was the #1 beer on the market. The premise of this “breakthrough” ad campaign was to show real people in casual situations – such as drinking two-fisted on their own. This advertisement marked the first time that Budweiser used its nickname “Bud.” 

1970s Girls Making Middle-Of-The-Night Phone Calls In Their College Dorms

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Raquel Welch wears stars and stripes in 1970.

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Nothing makes you want to chant “U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!” more than Raquel Welch wearing a red, white and blue bikini and white cowboy boots.  

Welch was born Chicago and her dad was an aeronautical engineer from La Paz, Bolivia. She gained fame in her role in the 1966 movie, Fantastic Voyage – where she was shrunk down to miniature alongside screen baddie, Donald Pleasence. She went on to dazzle fans with her shapely curves in such movies as One Million Years B.C.,  Bedazzled, Bandolero!, and Myra Breckinridge. She made several television variety specials.

Playboy ranked Welch No. 3 on their “100 Sexiest Stars of the Twentieth Century” list – while  Men’s Health ranked her No. 2 in its “Hottest Women of All Time” compilation.  

Vintage 4th of July pin-up. 

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Okay, nothing phallic here. Just a woman straddling a long rocket – while looking pleased as punch. The model in the photo is named Carole Wells. She did things other than straddling rockets. Originally from Louisiana, Wells appeared on numerous TV shows, such as  Father Knows Best, Bachelor Father, Maverick, Fury, The Donna Reed Show, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, Wide Country, Laramie, National Velvet, Wagon Train, Leave It to Beaver, Ben Casey, Arrest and Trial, Perry Mason, Pistols ‘n’ Petticoats, The Virginian, The Sixth Sense,  and The Brian Keith Show. 

Slightly off the curve, Wells also partnered with Bemer Group, a manufacturer of devices that boost blood circulation. Well done Carol! 

Barbara Klein aka Barbie Benton, 1970.

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Among many other things, Barbie Benton is known for being Playboy founder Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend; not currently, but in the 60s. When she was 18, she appeared on the TV show Playboy After Dark. Once Hefner fell for her – her role elevated to co-host. 

42-year old Hefner asked the Benton out on a date. She replied, “I don’t know, I’ve never dated anyone over 24 before.” Thus Hefner replied, “That’s all right, neither have I.” Born Barbara Lynn Klein, she also appeared in Playboy magazine and was a series regular on the comedy series Hee Haw – where she popped out from behind corn stacks and told corny jokes for 4 seasons. 

Benton also recorded several successful albums in the 70s.  

Clint Eastwood poolside in the late 1950s.

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Here’s hunky Clinton Eastwood lounging by the pool – back in the days when he was a bit-player on TV shows. Eastwood was born in San Francisco and got his start in 1954 on the TV western, Rawhide. 

Eastwood stood tall at 6’4 and was an imposing figure. His initial contract was for a whopping $100 per week. Early on, Eastwood’s performance style was criticized for being stiff in manner and delivering his lines through his teeth, – which ironically later became his trademark that he’d make millions off of. Notes on his early acting ability were, “He was quite amateurish. He didn’t know which way to turn or which way to go or do anything.”

Lemmy and punk rocker Gaye Advert aka Gaye Atlas of ‘The Adverts’. (1977)

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Lemmy, as we know, headed the metal rock band Motorhead – and had some hard living. Gaye Advert was part of the punk band, The Adverts – which she started with vocalist Tim TV Smith. The Adverts came into prominence in 1976 at the celebrated London punk venue the Roxy CluFronted. They toured with the legendary punk group, The Damned, and got a recording contract from Stiff Records. The Adverts were one of the first punk bands to enjoy commercial success and the quartet also boasted the first female punk star in Gaye Advert.

I wonder what Lemmy and Gaye Advert are discussing. My guess is gardening. Or how to make a delicious Chicken Kiev dinner.

The groovy-ness of Sonny and Cher in the 1970s. 

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Here’s the former mayor of Palm Springs with his then-wife, Cher. The musical powerhouse first met at a Los Angeles coffee shop in November 1962 – when Cher was sixteen and Sonny was 27. Nothing weird there. At the time, Bono was working with musical crazy-man Phil Spector at Gold Star Studios in Hollywood. 

Sonny and Cher married in 1964 and had a child that we all know as Chasity.  Cher started her career as a session singer and sang backup on several of Spector’s recordings, including “Be My Baby” by the Ronettes. In the 1970s, they launched the TV shows, The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour and The Sonny & Cher Show. The couple divorced in 1975 – and thus ended their career together. 

The Mamas & The Papas, 1966. 

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There was some hard-living among the Mamas and the Papas. The group was started by husband and wife team: John and Michelle Phillips and Denny Doherty and Cass Elliot who were previously in a band called the Mugwumps. John Phillips had initial concerns that Cass Elliot’s voice was too low and that her overweight appearance would put fans off. It didn’t. They became very famous. 

The group was originally going to call themselves the hippy-dippy name, The Magic Circle, but  switched to the Mamas & the Papas – which took a nod to the Hells Angels motorcycle gang – who called female associates were called “mamas.” They recorded and performed from 1965 to 1968. It’s an urban legend that Mama Cass died while eating a ham sandwich. She didn’t. 


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